10 Popular Questions & Answers About Instagram Stories

instagram stories - questions and answers

Someone loves Instagram Stories, and thinks it’s the funniest feature. Others hate it and think it’s foolish and useless. No matter what camp you belong to, Instagram stories are coming to be, and something you should definitely consider using if you do not do so already.

Instagram stories have been around for a couple of years now, but there are not too many guides on how to use it. Tips and things tell you what’s wise to do, and what’s not. It allows you to ask many questions and get some answers.

I often get questions about Instagram stories, and I see that there are many of the same issues that go on and on again. We often wonder the same things. That’s why I’ve collected the most common ones in this post so you can get answers to what you’re wondering!

Here are 10 quick questions and answers about Instagram stories:

1. How can I get the a feature?

It becomes available when you reach 10,000 followers. Unfortunately, it is not available for accounts with fewer than that. Besides, you must have a company account, not a private one.

2. Is there any point in using Instagram stories?

Yes. Stories lead to greater involvement. Instagram likes using stories, and will, therefore, reward you with more visibility. Both on your stories and for your photos. In addition, you engage your followers differently, giving them insight as to who you are.
Stories are becoming more and more important on Instagram, and you’ll see Instagram’s updates over the last couple of years. Almost everything has made stories more prominent. They show them new places and constantly provide new features. Stories do not disappear with the first one, to say that way.

3. What kind of content is good for stories?

Videos are popular, but in terms of both videos and photos, you should have text, preferably with a colored background. It has been shown that it increases commitment.

Behind the scenes works well. Are you going to bake something? Show off the process. Do you have a live mission on Facebook? Showcase how you set up the equipment.

Show a page that’s a little more personal. Stories do not look so styled, so share things that do not fit your feeds.

Also, share tips on new posts in the feed, many people do not see your photo in their feed. By saying you’ve shared a new photo and providing some short info that tempts them to go in and see, you’ll get them to go to your profile. It increases the chance that they will get your photos in their feed later on.

4. Can I pre-schedule Instagram stories?

Yes. Not directly on Instagram, but if you use external services like Planoly you can.

5. Can I use hashtags?

You aren’t forced to, but you should, even in stories. Without hashtags, your post will appear to your followers, but not to new people. Hashtags in stories give you new viewers and hopefully more followers. It will probably not give hundreds of new followers, but it does not hurt to have it as a possibility to obtain more.

6. Should I use Geotags?

Yes. Geotag is the place name you find by selecting stickers, and then “location.” Just like for hashtags, Geotag makes you appear in the feeds for that place, and new people will see your story.

Super-hack: Do you not like to show the place’s name, or do you not think it looks pretty? You can minimize the tag until it’s almost invisible and hide it in the picture, and it counts anyway!

7. How can I add longer videos?

The limit for videos in Instagram stories is 15 seconds. There are three solutions to making longer videos.

Create more clips. Talk for 15 seconds, share, and talk on a new clip.
Send as “live ending” instead, and then you can talk more.
Use an app to split the video. So, record a regular video with your mobile, use the app to split it into 15-second clips, and upload. The most popular app on Android is called Story Cutter. It works on both stored and live videos. On iPhone, it’s CutStory.

It’s only the live sending option that gives you physically longer videos. With tips 1 and 3 you still need to upload 15-second cuts.

8. Can I share Instagram stories to Facebook?

Yes. That is if your version of the Instagram app has that feature. It is rolling out gradually, such updates are always being done, and not all have it yet.

If you have it, you’ll find the feature in settings and then at the bottom of the history settings. Scroll down, and you’ll see it.

Whether you will choose to use it or not is up to you. But I would discourage you to do so. You should share your own content on each of the different channels. It’s annoying for your followers to get the same content in several places, and it’s not all content that works just as well on different channels. Why are they going to follow you on Facebook and Instagram if they get the same content on each channel?

9. Can I have a company profile on Instagram?

You aren’t forced to, but it definitely has many advantages. Among other things, you get several valuable features with a company profile.

10. How often should I share a story?

At least every day, often more than once a day. Stories work so that when you share something, it ends up in the series of stories we see. So, if it’s a couple of hours since the last time you shared something, it’s on the longer back of the line.

Thus, you may want to share something in the morning, midnight, afternoon and evening, for example. That way you are still moving forward in the line. Being active in stories will also affect how often your account appears in general, including the photos you share.

Now, don’t forget to check out my Instagram, where I regularly post new stories, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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