15 Tips For Better Physical & Mental Health

Who would not want a better physical and emotional condition, which will enable us to live longer, happier and better? Today, I gathered 15 random tips, which in my opinion can contribute to your better well-being, one step at a time. So, let’s begin…

1. Do not compare yourself with others.

Everyone follows his own path. Walk your own path without comparing it with others. Comparing yourself with others simply does not make sense. You often compare yourself with people you are jealous of. Know that jealousy is a disguised diversion route to your own ambitions. What ambition is this and can you get started with it today?

Be happy that these inspiring people are there. That they do not do nothing all day but show their efforts to the world, just like you. That they are working on these issues just like you and that they are committed to this. Enjoy their success and the happiness they give the world. Embrace and involve them in your life. Who knows what beautiful things you can come together. We are all different, unique and wonderful. And besides: life is too beautiful and too short to be jealous.

Or as Jiddu Krishnamurti says so beautifully in his book ‘Free from the known’:

If I am all the time measuring myself against you, struggling to be like you, then I am denying what I am myself.

2. Eat mainly vegetables

Eating is more important than we think. If you structurally agree with eating unhealthy food then you accept that everything in your body becomes unhealthy. The body then no longer has time to heal. The junk flows with waterfalls in and through your entire system.
A tip in the field of vegetable food is Dr. Daily’s Daily Dozen app. Greger. This is an app that lets you see very clearly what you should eat every day according to the vegetable diet where Dr. Greger stands for. In his book ‘How not to die’ there is more about this pattern that, according to his sources, leads to the least long-term illnesses.

3. Treat emotional and physical wounds the same

For a physical wound, you immediately do your best to heal him as quickly as possible. Do this also with emotional wounds. Sometimes we head violent things that we experience and let it simmer in our personality. The best way to heal these emotional wounds is to talk a lot about them. With friends, family and people who have studied specially for it (psychologists).

4. Move 90 minutes lightly or 40 minutes intensively every day

The Daily Dozen app says that every day you can move the best 90 minutes with average intensity: cycling, walking or 40 minutes with high intensity: running, push-ups, pull-ups. A tip for the push-ups and pull-ups: the Quick Fit app. You can also see that 90-minute walk as 10,000 steps per day if you like it better. You can keep track with the Moves app.

5. Tooth burning

Stoking is more important for the hygiene of your mouth than brushing your teeth. It keeps your gums healthy and takes food out of the narrow places where your toothbrush can not reach and some water can not wash away. If you do not do this, it will result in bad breath in the long term. Make sure you burn at least three times a week.

6. Alternate cold and hot showers.

Try to alternate cold and hot showers because they have several advantages. In general, we are too used to hot water. What helps very well after exercise, is cold (errr…) showering when the body is very hot. Try to choose a colder temperature that your body likes, instead of switching automatically to warm again. Compare it with the temperature of a nice cool pool.

In cold showers it is good not to do this too extreme but to gradually build up. Immediately cold shower is much more difficult than starting small and slowly making a habit of it.

Advantages of cold and hot showers:


1. Relax the muscles
2. Reduces the tension in the body
3. Reduces migraine, swelling and anxiety
4. Acts as a medicine for the airways (think of steaming)
5. Removes bad substances from the skin
6. Open your pores


1. Stimulates the immune system
2. makes you more alert
3. Good against colds
4. Stimulates anti-depression hormones
5. Better metabolism
6. Liberate the mind
7. Firms the skin
8. Reduces hair loss

Alternate and take advantage of both benefits!

7. Try to be rejected every day.

A few examples why you are not afraid of rejection helps you:
Are you single and looking? Then this is a good way to break the wall around you. Make it a daily goal to be rejected and see it as a way to filter the people of your life who are not interested. See rejection as a tool rather than a dent in your ego.

Are you looking for a job? Then going for your goal and not being afraid of rejection is also very useful. Request advice from someone who already has that job or simply dare to go somewhere where you would like to work. You miss so much by asking nothing and not showing balls. Make sure you do not get too pushy.

8. Make ‘wanting more’ less every day.

The less I needed, the better I felt. — Charles Bukowski

People who are extremely attached to possessions will feel horrible if things are taken away from them or disappeared. Ultimately, it is the possessions that will dominate you, not the other way around. Become a person who needs less and you will be satisfied sooner. Few possessing is fine, but wanting less is even better. The best way to want less is to remove from your life what you do not need, do not use, or what does not add value to your life.

9. Experiment by living a week without ‘something’.

A time without doing something makes you more aware. Why are you doing it? To fill a void or because you grow from it? It loosens you for a while from that one and you learn why you need it or not. Living without dairy, meat and sugars. Or alcohol, television, your smartphone and social media.

10. Live your habits every day.

One of the reasons people fail in life is that they have no clear goal. Decide where ‘your consciously chosen life’ consists and start taking steps that lead to that. Do this with the help of habits and start small. Running a marathon runs for 5 minutes every day and a blog with a large range is written every day 100 words.

11. Meditate.

‘Meditating is the best gift you can give yourself’ writes Jan Geurtz in his book ‘Addicted to Love’. Totally agree, but why? We sometimes make meditation too insignificant. We already have so little time and why should we sit still? We think ‘wasted time’. Yet experience shows that after each meditation the brain is calmer and you have a clearer plan. In addition, a meditation can also give you a lot of creativity and ideas.

The best way is to discover this yourself. GROWTHINKERS wants to give you tools that you can use immediately. If you are open to this, plan a meditation in your agenda now.

12. Keep a diary.

The Five-Minute Journal is a valuable addition to your life. A small diary with a ‘weekly challenge’ and questions such as what are you thankful for, what would make a beautiful day today. By taking the time every day to think about the day you build a document with data about yourself. Useful to keep track of your growth and way of thinking, but also to be able to consult what you have done on a certain day.

13. Take long walks.

Do you feel cold or do you feel unmotivated, sad or angry? Take a walk: it’s a great way to press the reset button and return to a positive mindset. We all like to be warm, while you get really warm from walking.

14. Help others but do not become ‘help-a-holic’.

If you help someone you strengthen the relationship with this person and it is the most satisfaction-giving action on earth. It feels great physically but you also feel like a ‘good’ person. You have helped the other person in life.

But beware, do not become someone who can not set limits for himself. Do not become a ‘help-a-holic’ that has no time left for itself. Your own time for the things that make you happy is even more important. You can only help someone on the plane when you have your own mask.

15. Always be honest.

Lies lead to problems. Becoming known as someone you can trust is a great quality to preserve and is essential to your integrity. A personality based on lies crumbles slowly.

16. Do not take life too seriously.

Learn to laugh at small things and the ‘serious existence’ becomes a lot lighter. Try to laugh as quickly as possible about the things that go wrong.

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