3 SEO Trends That Will Be Important In 2019

3 SEO Trends That Will Be Important In 2019

2019 is in full swing and along with it are a new years worth of SEO strategies and techniques looking to make an impact. As we see in every new year, SEO is an ever-changing sector that continually grows and adapts to fit the demands of advancement in Internet marketing.

While it’s true that many SEO tactics remain useful throughout the years, each year will have an individual set of trends that will allow you to ensure that your website remains relevant and optimized. Among many of the important trends in SEO this year, there are three specific strategies that will likely become more important over the course of the next year.

Focused Content

Content marketing has changed and search engines along with it. Google’s algorithms no longer reward sites for purposeless content simply meant to fill space through continuous posts. The demand for content has become highly focused on emphasizing quality over quantity.

In August of 2018, Google rolled out a major algorithm update known as the medic update that fine-tuned the search engine to promote content of value over content of volume. Research for the medic update studied over 300 sites affected with low performance in terms of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Of these sites, 41.5% were found in the health, medical, wellness and fitness industries. The harsh realization of the amount of unreliable, low quality content in these industries, and across the web, led Google to swiftly shift gears before poorly curated content is able to produce a negative impact on a reader’s life.

For 2019 and the years to come, content creation should be primarily concentrated on putting forth information that is beneficial to the target audience while also providing an accurate representation of the brand’s purpose and desired voice.

Simply put, without highly focused content, sites will find themselves on the third page of search engine results. Focused content will target specific topics aiming for valuable information rather than focusing on competitive keywords.

Structured Data

As artificial intelligence becomes more important in digital marketing, so much structured data. Structured data organizes data into a format that is easily processed and analyzed by search engines. Search engines easily identify this markup and at times use it to display enhanced results, known as rich snippets. These snippets provide the searcher with beneficial information detailed directly on the results page. Thus providing searchers with a preview of the specific information they’re hoping to find and increasing the potential that they will click on your result.

In order for search engines to efficiently understand the additional details from a markup on a webpage, it must be added through standardized formats or syntaxes and standardized classifications of the concepts and vocabulary used. For SEO benefit, greater value comes from the vocabulary markups found through Schema.org and Microformats.org. Schema.org provides a collection of structured data markups supported and encouraged by search engines.

Through structured data, Google’s understanding of the site or page’s purpose is facilitated and your rankings are improved. Structured data should be available for both mobile and desktop versions of a website to encourage the best results.

Image Optimization

Google’s image search can yield a significant amount of traffic for a site given that images are properly optimized with the keywords and meta data needed to get them noticed. Images are used throughout a website and are typically embedded into blog posts or other forms of content and can attract the attention of readers before they even read the words on the page. By optimizing images, a website can benefit from a faster page load speed and enhanced user experience in addition to improved SEO rankings as search engines continue to improve in their ability to recognize the elements of an image.

Images can be optimized through a number of ways including

  • Choosing the best format for its application
  • Condensing an image’s file size, dimensions, and resolution to improve site speed
  • Properly titling the image
  • Including all pertinent alt tags
  • Adding a short, yet detailed caption or description
  • Adding image structured data
  • Properly aligning image with text

At 1 Source Media Group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, our commitment to providing the highest level of comprehensive SEO services drives us to stay up-to-date with the growing trends and tactics of the industry. For Internet marketing services that will reshape your business online, contact us today.

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