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Black Friday 2018 – Top WordPress & Web Design Deals

This is the time of the year when Black Friday finally hits the market, and we sweep away the goods from the shelves like crazy. It’s not that we are insane, but it’s just that most companies offer big discounts only on Black Friday.

We are not going to discuss physical goods in this post, because places like Walmart has long been known for their 80% OFF price tags on electronics, and we all had seen the famous YouTube videos, where people fight and scream trying to take that last flat TV screen from the shelves. This is crazy, and we are not going to go into that.

In this blog post, we are going to concentrate strictly on internet deals, and there are dozens of companies, as I mentioned earlier, that offer discounts on Black Friday only. If you miss the deal, you seriously have to wait for the next year or pay the full price.

I personally wanted to purchase a few WordPress plugins, and I had to wait for the Black Friday because I know that this is the only few days when I can get a good deal. So, without further ado, let’s see the best 10 WordPress and web design related deals that you can grab this Black Friday and seriously save a lot of money!

1. NameCheap – 98% OFF.

Epic Black Friday Savings – Up to 98% Off!

Black Friday is Coming Get Your Customers Ready

Ok, 98% off hosting packages and domains is a really, really good deal. Since I often register new domains, I regularly buy new hosting packages, SSL certificates and recently I also started purchasing managed WordPress hosting for most of my newly registered domains. Either way, NameCheap offers by far the deepest discount and provides the best quality for that price tag. This very blog and all my other projects are all hosted across different hosting packages, but all at NameCheap. If you want to avail of their deals, which their release every hour, you need to be logged in and grab the deal as soon as possible because it’s only limited to a few minutes.

For example, if a coupon code is released at 10:00 AM, it would probably be sold out by 10:03 AM, (the new one will be published at 11 am, so don’t worry). So, log in, grab a snack and a lot of patience, and wait for the coupon! What can you look forward to?

Domains – up to 98% off, including ‘.com’ domains. SSL certificates – up to 90% off. Hosting packages – up to 97% off. Private email – up to 95% off.

Save up to 98% on Domains, Hosting and SSL with Namecheap!

2. Elegant Themes

elegant themes black friday sale

If you have been running a blog for some time and ever considered getting a new premium design, you must have come across Elegant Themes. As being one of the most prominent WordPress themes creators, Elegant themes club membership offers more than just WordPress themes. Depending on the membership level you choose, you can also get access to exclusive social sharing or email marketing plugins, which will make your life a lot easier, when it comes to managing your online business. Just like many other WordPress premium themes, ElegantThemes only offers discounts on Black Friday.

This is literally the only opportunity to grab their themes and plugins with a discount. As an affiliate I know, that they make 10% of their annual profit just on Black Friday, which can obviously tell you that this is a great opportunity everyone is making use of. Also, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to purchase a high membership plan (for example – the lifetime access), so you not only going to get a discounted price but also, your plan won’t expire and you won’t need to pay a full price again next year just to renew.

If you do the math, the lifetime membership pays out more, so get the discounted price and get a lifetime membership, which will cover all your web design marketing needs for a long time to come.

3. Webmaster Deal Special

Another good place to take a look on Black Friday is the Webmaster Deals website, where you have plenty of web design and web development deals gathered all under one roof. However, they also have an extraordinary Black Friday deal of their own, which you should definitely check out:

You won’t need to visit every merchant separately to look for a sale event, because Webmaster Deals aggregates all the deals related to web design in one place. You will find plenty of WordPress themes deals (from various vendors), WordPress plugins, Photoshop tools, presets, plugins, add-ons, and plenty of other goods. Here are just a few that grabbed our attention…

4., WooCommerce & Jackpack

WordPress deals won’t be complete without mentioning JetPack, the plugin that tackles your entire blogging experience in an easy way. Depending on the plan you are going to choose, you can have unlimited CDN image and video hosting, SEO optimization inbuilt in your theme, approval of their monetization system, and many other benefits, such as off-site daily backups.
You may feel (and justly so) that you can get a free SEO plugin and even get free daily backups from various separate plugins, but the reality is, no one wants to stuff their website with dozens upon dozens of plugins and wait for a security flaw to pop out. Jetpack is sort of a guarantee that you have everything inbuilt in one plugin, so you don’t need to add any further plugins with doubtful security settings (we all remember that AMP WordPress plugin was hacked a few days ago, and no one wants to see the same happening on their own site.

The rule of thumb is, the more plugins you have, the higher is the chance of something going wrong. Plugins can become incompatible with your current version on WP, and they may cease to exist. I personally use JetPack for many years now, because I enjoy the stats, the mobile app that allows me to manage all my websites, comments, and even write posts o the go. I also think the inbuilt SEO tools are better than having an external plugin for this task. As for monetization, to be honest, don’t hold your hopes high, their ads program won’t pay you millions, and in my personal experience performed worse than Adsense. But it’s worth a try.

5. Samsung Galaxy S9+ Giveaway

Yes, Black Friday is not only a time for a discount but also a giveaway. The guys behind Android Authority are giving away their best phone of the month – and it happened to be Samsung galaxy S9+ Giveaway – yes, absolutely free. All you need to do is enter the giveaway here (which is free) and share it on social media (which is basically the way this giveaway works – you share and promote their website on social media and get a chance of entering the giveaway. The giveaway is both international and honest. You don’t need to actually worry about not being in the US, which is the case with most giveaways nowadays, especially when it comes to electronics. Why not try your luck?

6. Win A New iMac Pro!

The Divi Black Friday Sale Countdown

Black Friday is going to be marvelous, but what about the period between then and now? The guys behind Elegant Themes chose to kill time by starting an incredible giveaway that’s totally free to join! One blessed winner will get a brand new iMac Pro that retails at over $5,000. With a blazing fast CPU, tons of RAM and a gorgeous 5k Retina display, it is the ultimate Divi design engine.

Enter the giveaway for free!

7. Grammarly – free

Best Plagiarism Checker & Proofreader – download free as an extension to Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Grammarly has ambitious plans to perfect English all the world’s 1+ billion English speakers. It is a small, but exceptional, team with a passion for life and language, impeccable technical skills, and tremendous drive. Our San Francisco headquarters is centrally located in a shared office space with startups, and our vacation plan and benefits are very competitive.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy our collection of Black friday 2018 deals. Let us know, in the comments below, which Black Friday deal you enjoyed the most!

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