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    Perfecting Search Engine Optimization in 12 Easy Steps

    A few weeks ago, we posted a blog post about content optimization, where we explained how you could use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your content for search engines. Maybe you have already started with our tips, but maybe not. The vast majority of SEO optimization resolves around optimizing your content, but it isn’t all! If you want a search engine friendly website, you should not forget all the SEO techniques. In this blog post, we will explain all the important features concerning the technical side of the SEO. What is SEO technology is not? Many online entrepreneurs tried blackhat tricks to make their website easier to find in…

  • google algorithms - panda, pinguin, pigeon and hummingbird

    Full Guide to Google’s 4 Top Ranking Algorithms

    Forget the old saying – “search engine optimization is useless”. And, just for the record, Google can now decide the distinction between a website that “deserves” to rank high versus one which wouldn’t, (more than earlier)! Gone are the times of rating manipulation techniques that aimed to extend key phrase positions in SERPs. As a substitute, right now, Google makes use of its portfolio of “algorithms” and “machine studying applications” to seek out, digest and show related pages of search results that match the necessity of a person’s pressing questions. Whether or not you assist a bunch of businessmen or run your websites all by yourself, a deep understanding of…

  • one page website is good or bad for seo
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    Is One Page WordPress Website Enough for Your Business?

    Do you need a website? Probably, yes. Without a website, it is almost impossible to compete with other companies on the internet. Nevertheless, a website requires an investment. An investment that you may not be ready to make because you do not see any point in creating a website for the success of your business. For people like you, a one-page website can be the perfect solution. A professionally looking website for very low price and minimum effort, but at the same time, which does deliver the desired benefit. Why should you choose a one-page WordPress template? As the term implies, a one-page website consists of a single page only.…

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    How To Prioritize SEO Keywords in 4 Easy Steps

    This blog post is about performing a good SEO keyword research. We will go through this process step by step with you, so don’t worry, if you don’t know everything, yet. This blog post will help you find the most suitable SEO keywords for your SEO campaign, so without further ado, let’s get started. When conducting a keyword search, many bloggers often use only one source. So they choose Google Ads, Suggest or SEMrush. These SEO tools all have an enormous database, however… Each of them draws only from one source, with one type of data. It becomes much more interesting when we combine these tools and can see data…

  • Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

    Setting Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics

    Insight into the online paths that your customer makes to the final conversion. If you use Google Analytics to measure your conversions, then you are most likely focusing on the standard reports. You can find a lot of information about how your customers ended up on the website (information about the last interaction before the conversion takes place). But did you know that Google Analytics also makes it possible to look further than just the last interaction before the conversion took place? Focus on all interactions with your company/brand before the conversion It is very likely that customers will encounter your brand/company online in several places. For example in a…

  • seo in 2017 and linkbuilding

    Link Building in 2017 – What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

    Anyone who wants to get higher in Google’s search results with his or her website cannot ignore the one thing that influences the game like nothing else: link building. Even in 2017 link building (literally “link building”) is still one of the most critical methods to optimize your website (s) for search engines. What is link building and what are the essential points of attention nowadays? In this article, we share our knowledge and experiences! What is link building? To put it simply, link building is the placement or acquisition of multiple links to your website, so that search engines like Google will rate your site higher in the search…

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    SEO Audit: The Beginning Of The SEO Cycle

    Search engine optimization is a cyclic process. In this series about the SEO optimization cycle, I cover all the steps of SEO projects that focus on customer questions. In this first blog post: the SEO audit or inventory. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps organizations answer questions from customers at every stage of the customer journey. The echo of the ‘ Friends of Search ‘ conference still sounds like: “All a conversion process is a series of questions asked by a customer.” As a content specialist or web editor, you can make smart use of SEO to recognize and answer customer questions. A good marketer, of course, knows which questions are…

  • Yoast seo plugin
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    The Yoast SEO plugin: a handy tool for bloggers

    If you know that you have to do something about SEO for your blog, but you do not know very well, let Yoast’s free SEO plugin help you. Yoast SEO plugin SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite an abstract concept for many bloggers. Incidentally, not only for bloggers but that is not the point here. What matters is that many bloggers want to do something about search engine optimization, but they do not know where to start. Fortunately, if your site is running on WordPress, there is a handy plugin that can help you on your way to SEO. WordPress SEO: what can you do with it? The plugin we…

  • blog commenting
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    Commenting is The Art of The Blog

    You can write fun, blog about interesting things, and actively promote your blog via social media. And yet it does not really want to raft in terms of visitor numbers. Blog commenting In other words, do you want more visitors on your blog, but do not you know how well? Then respond to someone else’s blog. What is blog commenting? For anything that should sound somewhat interesting, we like to use the English term, and so I’m going to talk to you about ‘blog commenting.’ But do not worry: if it’s good, the following really has some value for you. By blogging comments, we mean in old-fashioned Dutch simply the…

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    Why Is It So Essential To Have A Fast Website?

    When developing a website, the speed of sites is not always considered. Functionality and layout have a higher priority for most projects. Sites are also becoming more and more extensive: beautiful large images and videos as background, lots of information and functionalities such as links with social media and animations. This trend can be at the expense of speed, which can have significant consequences on your website’s visibility. From the moment a website is requested via the address bar or clicked at Google, the server goes to work with a lightning-fast calculation to generate the page and send it to the user. During this time the user is waiting for…

  • on page seo factors to consider

    On-Site SEO Tips For Bloggers

    As a blogger, you will probably have heard of the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But which issues within SEO are actually important specifically for bloggers? In this article, we will go deeper into the concept of on-site SEO, and how you can do this as a blogger. The best SEO tips in a row! Seo tips As the name actually says, on-site SEO is a collective name for all SEO matters that you arrange on your website itself. We discuss a number of methods of optimizing your blog on site, in order to get a better starting position in the search engines and to work towards a higher…