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“Happy publishing” With WordPress 5.1!

WordPress 5.1 will replace the famous “Happy blogging” in wp-config-sample.php with “Happy publishing.” “Start blogging” will be replaced by “Start writing.” The next big WordPress update will also include some other blog “references replaced by the word” site.

“These changes ensure that a lot of tutorials and documentation need to be updated. WordPress contributors are currently working to adjust the new wording in different files so that they reflect the extensive possibilities of WordPress as a “publishing platform.”

A new era for WordPress

“By recording this change, WordPress is no longer a simple blog platform; It is now a comprehensive publication solution.

wrote Gutenberg and WordPress core contributor Gary Pendergast.

It may seem unimportant that the word “blogging” is replaced by “publishing,” but this change symbolizes the end of an era. An era that has actually ended a while ago, but is now formally recognized in the language of software. Of course, WordPress can still be used for blogging. But it is now much more dynamic than before. Nowadays, WordPress blogs can be easily converted into e-commerce shops, professional business websites or online magazines, without having to migrate to a new platform.

“Happy blogging”

Now that Gutenberg has been in the hands of millions of users since the launch of WordPress 5.0, publishing different types of content has become even more accessible for WordPress users who have little or no knowledge of programming. The new era of “Happy Publishing” in 2019 naturally has more improvements in store for us. This gives us a more uniform user experience for other aspects of content management, including widgets and menus. Because the fact remains: WordPress 5.0 is only the beginning of the Gutenberg project.

When WordPress 5.1 is rolled out exactly, it is not known yet. But we will keep you informed!

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