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Let Your Creativity Flow & Give It Space

For me, creativity is a kind of basic necessity of life. Just as I use my own insecurity, creativity also sets me in motion to create new things and discover solutions to the challenges and opportunities that come my way. As a life coach I need creativity. It is precisely by being creative during coaching sessions that I can serve my clients even better.

Creativity needs space

However, creativity can only flow when I give it space. To do too many things at the same time, too many people want to please, and a crowded agenda is deadly for my own creativity. For creativity, you have to take the time and therefore also make time for it. For me, this means deliberately scheduling a time to undertake activities (or even no activities at all) that stimulate my creativity.

This means consciously living and sometimes distance yourself from things that may seem necessary in the short term, but that they are not. Checking my e-mails too often, surfing the Internet too long or watching TV too often are like those activities that do not promote my own creativity.

Only when I give my own creative process space, something beautiful arises. This way I get the best ideas when I do not do anything at all. When I am on vacation, go to the sauna for a day, take a beach or forest walk or take time to meditate. This gives me energy!

Creativity and coaching

Last week I had an interesting conversation with two other coaches. We talked about executive coaching and what makes me unique as an executive life coach. One of the points that emerged was that I can give people back their creativity, precisely by making them aware that there is more than just working.

As a coach, I do not only stimulate my own feeling and creativity, but also that of my clients. A coaching session is a perfect opportunity to give space to the creative process. During a coaching session, there is no time for other matters, just for the client. This is a time that many people usually do not or do not pay much for. But it is precisely through this full attention that there is room for creative ideas and insights that would otherwise be lost.

Make room for your own creativity.

Creativity therefore only arises when you give it space. Up to now, this article was mainly about myself and my own creative process. But how much time and space do you free for creativity? Below you will find some tips to promote your creativity. Use it to your advantage:

  • Create a few moments for yourself every day. Plan this in your diary if necessary.
  • Look critically at your own time spending. What is really necessary and what is not?
  • What gives you energy and what does your energy cost? When you do things that provide you with power, this will also stimulate your creative process.
  • Provide adequate (night) rest.
  • You can not always go on forever. Relaxation is just as important as work.
  • Ensure sufficient movement. Exercising is the balance between body and mind.
  • Provide a stimulating environment and deal with inspiring people. Do something different than you would normally do.
  • Listen to your feelings and your own body.
  • Dare to dream and listen more to your own intuitive thoughts. Give them a chance. Too often good ideas are pushed aside with the thought: “that will never succeed”.

I wish you a lot of creativity. Gives it the space it deserves.

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