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My 3 November Challenges!

Yes, November has arrived! A month in which we get used to the winter time, we can enjoy beautiful autumn days, chocolate milk will be drunk and we’ll sit down with the warm blankets to look at the stars. Sounds that good or sounds that good? It’s getting better because I’m never learned and I’d love to work on the following good intentions and challenges for this new month. So nice to set it up and see if it’s going to work. Do you join? What intentions and challenges are you going for this new month? Maybe you read mine and think so: this sounds recognizable, I want that too! And can we get started together. Enjoy the new month, good luck!

☆ Less stuff, more space to live

Recreation is very high on my wish list, because I feel that there are many things that surround me which I’m not happy about. They like energy, and so I keep a big clearance throughout the month in November. Room for room I take care of to make room. I am currently reading a lot of books, so I will soon be discussing an article. The tips shared in them gave me insights on how to really get it. The best eye opener was still losing cleanliness and cleaning so you literally move things from one place to the next, but what do you often use? The spaces are bulky, but you are building your house so full. An ordered environment provides more peace and space to live!

☆ Listen to myself

More consciousness is a nice endeavor, but it sounds so … abstract and not concrete. But I’ve found a solution, I’d like to learn to meditate every day and practice exercises for my body. Because I experience a lot of pain due to fibromyalgia, I am currently being coached by a physical therapist who gives me exercises to strengthen. Here I would like to work in the coming days to get used to it everyday. Meditating helps to come closer to myself, to feel and listen to my body. I am curious because it is a completely new experience for me, which I read a lot about. I look forward to sharing my findings with you.

☆ Feeding instead of filling up

These are more often seen on my list with good intentions, but… this challenge has been returned! “Feeding instead of filling up”, I use the right food to get stronger and get energy. It actually starts when doing the right groceries. Less ready-to-cook, because with attention and love cooking, can eat and enjoy food at rest. You could name it ‘attention with attention’, and you’ll have a lot more flavor in your skin. If I can begin by making it a start for a month, I hope that this intention will become a habit.

What are your intentions and challenges to work in the new month?

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  • Reply Jennie November 15, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    What a wonderful goal, which are worth the effort to pursue. I recognize your frustration of the amount of stuff. I also notice more and more that I actually want to spend a lot of stuff to create space in my house and head. Step by step I try that too and that feels very good! My good intention for November is to leave empty times in my agenda more often and not to plan everything. What more rest is needed to function optimally, so I’d like to get started.

  • Reply Emilie22 November 15, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    What are the most valuable goals for this month? What good to hear meditating brings you a lot of good and helps to listen to your body, just now that the pain is sometimes needed so much. I am very curious about your article about it, just because I was always skeptical about meditating. Recreation is also one of my goals for November. It feels so good to slowly dump my piles of stuff a bit.

  • Reply Francs November 15, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Nice to read. I started meditating through the app ‘Calm’ three weeks ago and I really think it’s life-changing. Was even willing to pay for money (you can do a lot of free to see if you think so). For meditation, I really should choose an app that lets you go through it a bit. Have done it yourself for a while (just breathing and body scan), but I think it’s a nice guide.

    Good luck with everything!

  • Reply Kicky Tricky November 15, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    Wow these are some well-defined intentions! I’m going to think I’ll start with less stuff & space! That really brings so much more rest!

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