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What is FLOW? Peak Experience & Passion

Flow is a peak experience that I have when I do something that I really enjoy. Something that I am passionate about and that is very close to who I really am. It does not always happen, but when it happens, I go into an extra gear. It is like magic.

When I am in flow, I am 100% focused on the things that I do. Nothing and nobody can disturb me: I live in the moment, in the present. The things I do go naturally and with ease. Ideas are generated with ease, one after the other, without effort. I do not even think so; they just come to me. Nothing can go wrong. Time does not seem to exist anymore; I do not have to bother with it. It is as if the universe is helping me in every way possible. My body and mind are perfectly aligned. Flow gives me energy.

Flow and our natural state

Flow is very close to who we are naturally; our true, authentic self. Flow is a very powerful state to experience. We feel good when we are in flow and it is an indication that what we do is good for us. We must cherish it because flow is an indication that we are on the right track; on the way to the goal of our existence.

Almost everyone has had a flow experience, even if only once. It is a compelling experience to experience. It feels like you are invincible. Athletes are (often) in flow when they know they are going to win; they know for sure. They know that nothing can go wrong and no one can beat them.

Experience Flow

Would not it be nice to experience flow more often?

As discussed above, we experience flow when we do (and think) things that are good for us. Our body and mind are the perfect indicators for this. Our natural state is that of peace and pleasure. We experience resistance and stress when we are further away from this state. Things then become more difficult, if not impossible, to do. Stress is the opposite of flow. Stress makes you tired. For most people, unfortunately, this is the state they are most interested in.

Flow as a “guide”

Never ignore the flow and do not take it for granted. Listen to what your body tells you. If you have a flow experience, make a habit of discovering what you have brought into this state. See if you can recognize a pattern. Chances are that there is a direct link with the things that give you pleasure, your passion.

Concentrate on the passions in your life, spend more time with the people you care about. Do more things that you are good at and that you like to do. Do fewer things that give you stress; things you are not good at and that you do not feel passionately about. This is the recipe for a better life: a life with more flow.

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