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Why Email Marketing & SEO Go Hand In Hand?

At first glance, it might be a little bit strange, the idea that SEO and e-mail marketing are closely linked. The content you write in e-mails does not have any influence on your ranking in the Google search results because technically it’s not even displayed on the web. Conversely, the number of e-mails that you send monthly does not count towards the online visibility. Why is it so powerful when both marketing channels join forces?

In this article, Daniel our expert in e-mail marketing software, MailChimp explains why you can use SEO in combination with e-mail marketing.

Email Marketing Strategy 1: E-mail as a promotion tool

Suppose you wrote a new blog post about an interesting topic. The extensive text offers relevant information and contains images, bullet points, and various headings. In other words; This article that is very useful for the reader.

Ideally, your article is displayed at the top of the search results when searching for a specific keyword. The ranking is, of course, influenced by the content, but also the number of reactions and how often the article is shared on social media – all counts in the evaluation of SE ranking.

This is where email marketing comes in handy.

We use the following free newsletters software to promote the article. You can also ask your newsletter subscribers if they can leave their opinions or questions about the article in the comment field. Or motivate them to share the article via social media. Also, any companies or influencers mentioned in the article can be contacted by e-mail to inform them about the article. Another idea is to run contests, where people are entering a contest based on the number of social interactions (comment on the post, share on Twitter, share on Facebook, etc). This encourages social interaction, which in due time helps your ranking, but you use email marketing software as a tool to reach to those people and initiate the intercommunication.

Email Marketing Strategy 2: Keywords in emails

Although placing specific keywords in your email absolutely does not help to get a better position in Google, it does have a positive influence on the ease with which your e-mail can be found. Many readers have various folders in their email app or leave the email until a later time. In order to make it easier for the reader to find your e-mail, it is useful to include some keywords in your e-mail.

The right keywords, like SEO, can also help you improve your click through rate. Test various topics and discover what kind of keywords and word combinations have the most positive effect on the open ratio and the CTR (click through rate).

Email Marketing Strategy 3: Email landing pages

The magic of an email list is that you can personally reach the contacts. A website visitor is valuable, but a website visitor who subscribes to the newsletter is much, much, much more valuable. When an “event” takes place a month after the visit or the sale season starts, you can send an email to ensure that the customer is informed about this. With targeted emails, you can transform website visitors into a paying, returning customer.

A page that is well-visited thanks to the effort you put into SEO, can be raised to an even higher level with the help of email marketing. When you place application forms in strategic places on the page, you can collect new newsletter subscribers without any extra effort. A so-called lead magnet – a gift/freebie in exchange for registration – helps you motivate visitors to leave their e-mail address.
Once in the address book, you can then create personal newsletters for your subscribers, send them at the right time and accompany the reader in the buying cycle. Start with relevant newsletters with useful information in this type of e-mail campaign and then gradually move on to more sales-oriented newsletters.

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