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How To Start Your Own Bullet Journal in 6 Steps?

You will need a bullet journal and a pen.

1. Choose a notebook: Select a notebook that you like and that will be easy for you to carry around with you.

2. Create an index: At the beginning of the notebook, create an index where you can organize and keep track of your pages.

3. Set up a key: Create a key that you will use to mark important events, tasks, and notes.

4. Create a future log: Set up a future log where you can plan out your future events and appointments.

5. Create monthly spreads: Each month, create a new spread where you can organize your tasks, events, and notes for that month.

6. Create daily spreads: Each day, create a new spread where you can record your daily tasks, events, and notes.

Note: These are the basic steps to start a bullet journal. You can customize it as per your requirements and preferences. Also, you can refer various bullet journaling tutorials for more detailed information.

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