3 Tips for Using Technology in Law Firms

3 Tips for Using Technology in Law Firms - illustration

Technology is part and parcel of everyday life, and for the modern-day law firm, this is no exception. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to using technology in a law firm in order to make the most of opportunities with clients.

  • Staff training to stay ahead of the curve

Looking further into the future, there are big changes on the horizon. The integration of AI and the law industry is already upon us. Regardless of industry, AI and Machine Learning will become an increasingly more relevant aspect of our working lives. Although invisible to many, AI and Machine Learning already dictate much of what we see on a daily basis. Getting ahead of the curve will no doubt stand those in the Law industry in good stead, and there are many firms taking this on board already. Considering this, it’s important to appreciate that staff will need time to get to grips with this emerging trend and training will be essential. Any respectable law firm in 2019 will rely on being found online by prospective new clients. Therefore, having a member of the team who is well-versed in website management will be invaluable. Thankfully, Codeacademy has been training via its unique online learning platform and boasts the bold claim of learning how to code in just 3 months. Make the most of your existing team and have someone on-hand and in-house to help maintain your website.

  • Effective communication with online chat 

You wouldn’t dream of running a business without a phone number, so why should live-chat be seen any differently? Online chat has revolutionised the way in which we use websites. For the modern law firm, it’s a critical advantage to have over the competition. There are numerous simple applications that can be installed on your website which provide users with live-chat functionality. Often the most impactful solutions are the simple ones, and live chat represents a simple way to use technology to communicate with clients easily. Redbrick Solutions provides conveyancing solicitors with a simple software platform which makes the legal process seamless for all involved. 

  • Staying abreast of data & privacy laws

It might sound strange to suggest that a law firm should be mindful of their legal obligations, but in the constantly moving world of data, the law never stands still for long. One sure-fire way to end up in a troublesome situation is to fall foul of privacy and data regulations. Ensuring staff and partners all attend relevant training sessions will minimise the risk of any problems. This is particularly important when handling sensitive client information such as address history, passport information and financial details. This, in the wrong hands, could be a problem for their clients. Whilst technology certainly makes storing and sharing this type of information much easier, maintaining high standards of security is of the utmost importance.

All things considered, the use of technology in a law firm can be a huge advantage and there is a whole host of platforms and software to experiment with. It really is a case of working out what works best for your firm and being mindful that sensitive data requires strict procedures in place for security. 

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