500+ Demonstration Speech Topics & Ideas: A Complete Guide

Demonstration Speech Topics

Demonstration speech topics are step-by-step demonstration speech subjects and procedures for developing hundreds of demonstratives for successful public speaking. Follow the instructions and read the advice. The goals could be varied, such as demonstrating a process and providing information to the audience while employing visual aids or explaining how to do something or how something works.

This post will offer you over 500 demonstration speech ideas, demonstrative speech topics, process speech topics, and how-to speech ideas.

  • Begin your writing process by gathering some resources for demonstration.
  • Choose a topic you know, making your presentation much more successful.
  • If you can’t think of any good public speaking cases for a presentation, look at the topics below for ideas.
  • Before we get into the demonstration speech topic, let us know what it does.

A demonstration speech explains how to accomplish something or how it works. The presenter’s objects or physical activity are displayed here.

It is also regarded as one of the fundamental types of presentation. They are typically assigned to students in high school and college.

This sort of speech is common in commercial and adult training settings. They are among the most common types of speech.

A demonstration speech is a type of educational speech. The presenter’s primary goal is to teach the audience about the task or procedures in steps.

Because of its popularity, the presenter must deliver the demonstration speech forcefully. The main goal of a demonstration speech is to practice expository speaking abilities.

It is also beneficial to present a process or steps through the use of items or physical activity.

How to Select the Best Topic for a Demonstration Speech

You probably have a lot of procedures and abilities that you believe others might benefit from knowing how to accomplish, but that doesn’t mean that any topic you choose will be appropriate for your situation. You must examine the demo’s intricacy and whether your audience can properly understand the process in the allotted time. Here are a few topics to think about while selecting a topic for a demonstration speech:

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  • Interests: When choosing a topic for a demonstration speech, consider both your own and your audience’s interests. Your energy and enthusiasm are required to pique the audience’s interest in what you are teaching. If your speech piques the audience’s interest, you will almost certainly be asked questions afterward. Choose a topic about which you are educated and confident.
  • Audience demographics: Consider what is acceptable for the group you are speaking to. Aim to provide a skill that will be useful to them, but be careful not to choose a topic that is either extremely easy or overly complex.
  • Setting: Consider the layout of your presentation venue. Will you be indoors or outside? What kind of space do you have? These things will help you figure out which themes are better than others in the given situation.
  • Time constraint: Think about what you can realistically teach in your allotted time for your speech. While one topic may be very interesting to you, you may not be able to cover it in five minutes fully.
  • Visual: While your demonstration is a visual aid in and of itself, many how-to talks might benefit from movies, PowerPoint slideshows, and handouts. Consider the technology or props you’ll need for your speech.

However, most of you may be unfamiliar with the fundamentals of delivering a successful demonstration speech. This essay is designed for you if you rely on one.

In this essay, I’ll talk about demonstration speech topics and give you some good ideas for making them better.

When you’ve decided on a topic for your demonstration speech, come up with an appealing and effective opening. It is preferable to begin with an introduction.

To achieve the best results, follow these steps:

Give a brief summary of the topic you are about to offer. Explain why you chose the topic and why your audience should understand how to do it. Give them a sneak peek at some retaliation.

Tell them that they will do it themselves after a while. The only thing your audience has to do is follow your instructions.

Outline of a demonstration speech:

A demonstration speech can be delivered in a variety of ways. Some of them are as follows:

1. Begin with “why.”

A demonstration speech instructs the audience on how to complete a task or the entire procedure. It can be useful, just like any other informative work, when your audience is eager to learn.

It is essential to explain to your audience how they will benefit from the information you are about to offer. When your audience understands why they should learn a new skill, they are more motivated to do so.

There are numerous techniques to motivate your audience. However, one of the most effective approaches is to begin the speech with a “why” or some inspiring stories. Make a mental picture of how their lives will improve due to their newfound understanding.

3. Go through each step one by one.

The heart of your overview that is set for you is one of the best aspects of a demonstration speech. You only need to go through the phases of the work in order here.

Make the sequence of steps as simple as feasible. Break down the process into key steps that your audience can easily understand.

Your audience has noticed the work or procedure offered from beginning to end. It’s a good idea to include some extra options or variations.

Assume you’re giving a presentation on how to cook chicken. Begin with the essential description. After that, talk about other ingredients, flavors, and methods to cook chicken. This adds to the intrigue of your speech.

4. Provide a concise overview of the whole procedure.

Give an overview of the overall procedure before delving into the details. A detailed breakdown of the actions involved helps viewers grasp the value of speech.

Some of your audience will be concerned about the difficulty of learning a new task. An early overview assures your readers that it will not be too tough to follow.

It is difficult for your audience to understand the processes if you do not present a brief.

The audience will lack the necessary framework. A figure that explains the steps of the activity at a high level is a great way to convey the plan.

Along with the outline, you can include the task’s essential requirements and any assumptions you’re making.

For example, use visuals to demonstrate how to format a computer in a speech. You can also take screenshots to make your points more clear.

5. Set aside time for questions.

Taking questions from the audience and responding to them is appropriate for a demonstration speech. This allows the audience to seek clarification on any processes they do not understand. It’s up to you whether or not you want to ask questions at the end it’s relevant to the subject and the situation.

6. Provide a succinct summary

Finally, you should recap the method and go through the benefits. This informs your audience of the advantages of executing a comparable task.

How to Improve Your Demonstration Speech

Here is a list of the greatest tips for improving your demonstration speech.

Demonstration Speech Topics

1. Attempt to elicit participation from members of the audience.

The length of your presentation frequently determines your choice for audience engagement.

It also includes the context in which the expression occurs. The audience might also share their knowledge of supply availability. It would be fantastic if you could engage the audience in the presentation.

2. Visuals are used to lead a demonstration speech.

Every demonstration speech improves when relevant images accompany your demonstration and techniques.

Keep various appropriate visuals on hand, for example, for the swimming speech. This gives audiences the impression that they can swim if they understand the procedures.

Here are some options:

Your body is really important. Your body plays an important function in physical tasks like football. To improve the demonstration, you can say each step aloud.

Physical assistance provides a more authentic experience. There are two forms of support: real and model. The actual things used while presenting the job are considered real assistance. A model is a fictitious representation of a genuine thing and a scaled-down replica.

Utilize images as much as possible. If your body and physical support are insufficient, use images as much as possible. Doing this helps to immerse yourself in the imagery to bring the action to life.

Whatever photos you choose, make sure your audience can easily see them. They may not understand your speech if they cannot see your graphics.

3. Extend your demonstration with additional resources.

A single presentation may not be sufficient to ensure that your audience has learned knowledge. After the demonstration is over, give people tools they can use to get a better result.

This includes:

The internet, books, pamphlets, and other specialized sources might request additional information or high-quality training.

Distribute the procedures as well as diagrams or photos to demonstrate essential elements.

Provide your contact information. So that your audience can contact you in the future as they try to apply what you’ve taught them.

Some Guidelines for Delivering a Demonstration Speech

  • The applicant’s original speech should be presented.
  • Objects or the presenter’s physical activity should be shown.
  • Presentations will be held in a standard-sized room. There will be a table or desk provided. The presenter is responsible for providing all visual aids, properties, and tools.
  • This category does not include the use of personal property or tools. This includes, but is not limited to, weapons, sharp knives, hazardous substances, and animals.
  • To assist the presenter, only one person should be used. They can assist by serving as the demonstration’s focal point. They can also set up and operate the equipment. In this case, it is fine for the assistant to be both an object of expression and a person who can help with tools.
  • The speech has a maximum time constraint of 10 minutes, counting set up and strikes down. When it’s been 30 seconds, a point about the rate will be taken off of the assessment item.

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Demonstration Speech Topics for Business:

  1.     How to make the most out of working from home
  2.     How to create a business plan that actually works
  3.     How to network well
  4.     How to effectively close any client
  5.     How to hire the right people
  6.     How to give a presentation
  7.     How to do nothing for a living
  8.     How to organize an event
  9.     How to start a bed & breakfast
  10.     How to sell yourself

 Demonstration Speech Topics for Health/Fitness:

  1.     How to plan your diet
  2.     How to check your blood pressure
  3.     How to lose your belly fat
  4.     How to perform tai chi
  5.     How to stretch before working out
  6.     How to check your blood sugar
  7.     How to manage stress
  8.     How to snowboard
  9.     How to kickbox
  10.     How to train for a marathon
  11.     5-minute workouts to keep you fit
  12.     How to do yoga

Informative Demonstration Speech Topics:

  1.     How to splint a broken leg (when medical help is not available)
  2.     How to make a paper airplane
  3.     How to plan a party
  4.     How to become a pilot
  5.     How to organize a surprise party
  6.     How to clean shoes
  7.     How to board in the sand
  8.     How to print a digital photo
  9.     Give a baby a bath
  10.     How to Get the best airfare
  11.     How to attract hummingbirds to your garden
  12.     How to recycle or make a new candle of old ones
  13.     How to play chess
  14.     How to Pack a suitcase
  15.     How to become the prime minister
  16.     How to calculate a mortgage payment
  17.     How to build a sled
  18.     How to clean golf clubs
  19.     How to become a policeman
  20.     How to write a film script
  21.     How to Decorate a cake
  22.     How to tie a knot
  23.     How to build a shed
  24.     How to draw a house
  25.     How to organize your wedding
  26.     How to train your brains
  27.     How to wrap a present
  28.     How to make a dancing show
  29.     How to clean your swimming pool
  30.     How to Work with a travel agent
  31.     How to arrange flowers
  32.     How to write a business-like letter
  33.     How to create a Halloween mask
  34.     How to juggle
  35.     How to taste wine
  36.     How to ride a bicycle
  37.     How to Save Money
  38.     How to make a watercolor
  39.     How to paint a room
  40.     How to Buy a fuel-efficient car
  41.     How to clean your car
  42.     How to iron a shirt
  43.     How to stop thinking
  44.     How to become a famous film star
  45.     How to decorate a Christmas tree
  46.     How to make beads
  47.     How to register for voting
  48.     How to use the oven
  49.     How to become a good actress
  50.     How to find a public speaking program that actually works
  51.     How to drive a car
  52.     How to paint a table
  53.     How to avoid identity theft
  54.     How to design your front yard on a tight budget
  55.     How to clean your golf clubs
  56.     Change a diaper outdoors safely
  57.     How to make an ice sculpture
  58.     How to climb a building
  59.     How to whistle
  60.     How to greet Japanese people
  61.     How to fill your garden with flowers year-round
  62.     Read and understand nutrition labels
  63.     How to Travel and Leisure
  64.     How to fix a flat tire
  65.     How to prevent injury
  66.     How to read a map
  67.     How to clean running shoes
  68.     How to play poker
  69.     How to Save auto fuel and money
  70.     How to cash a blank cheque
  71.     How to Save electricity and save money
  72.     How to start Green Commuting
  73.     How to wash and wax a car
  74.     How to make a bird feeder
  75.     How to become the president
  76.     How to swim

 Demonstration Speech Topics for Students:

  1.     How to do well on standardized tests
  2.     How to deliver an informative speech
  3.     How to Create a PowerPoint presentation
  4.     How to balance work and school
  5.     How to find a part-time job
  6.     How to be a model student
  7.     How to socialize with more people
  8.     How to do proper time management
  9.     How to write a college essay
  10.     How to write a resume

Specific Demonstration Speech Topics:

  1. How to use a cell phone
  2. How to make a fast summer salad
  3. How to make an ice-cream
  4. How to make a cocktail
  5. How to knit/crochet
  6. How to line dance
  7. How to compose a photograph
  8. How to detect if someone is lying
  9. How to find the ideal car insurance value for you
  10. How to throw a ball
  11. How to knot a carpet
  12. How to calculate your golf handicap
  13. How to create a worm farm
  14. How to Eat with chopsticks
  15. How to Make a Subway sandwich
  16. How to Make a root beer float
  17. How to make a sweet dessert
  18. How to fold a skirt
  19. How to make a golf swing
  20. How to edit a video
  21. How to dry your hair properly
  22. How to Make an omelet
  23. How to mend a fuse
  24. How to dress like a princess
  25. How do bulletproof vests work?
  26. How to learn to play guitar
  27. How to Install a car stereo
  28. How to Apply acrylic fingernails
  29. How to make your own jewelry
  30. How to choose a wine for dinner
  31. How to Set up an email account
  32. How to format computer
  33. How to speak Italian
  34. How to do poi spinning
  35. How to text a message
  36. How to Plan a vegetarian meal
  37. How to arrange flowers
  38. How to Build Green
  39. How to keep private online life
  40. How to do card tricks
  41. How to play a computer game
  42. How to correctly use your breath when you sing
  43. How to find the best health insurance
  44. How to Coordinate clothes for any occasion
  45. How to put on makeup
  46. How to pick locks
  47. How to become an empath
  48. How to change a plug
  49. How to carve a pumpkin
  50. How to make stained glass objects
  51. How to Make Pancakes
  52. How to braid hair like in a nursing school
  53. How to Polish your shoes
  54. How to wrinkle a skirt
  55. How to play football
  56. How to Build a website
  57. How to make Irish Coffee
  58. How to Plan an eight-course meal
  59. How to Frost and decorate a cake
  60. How to make a sweet dessert
  61. How to Bake a cake
  62. How to trim a bonsai tree
  63. How to Make your own jelly
  64. How to Manicure your own fingernails
  65. How to Program your cell phone
  66. How to read music notes
  67. How to make garden stepping stones
  68. How to open a can of peaches
  69. How to Grow your own garden
  70. How to create an iPhone application
  71. How to write a limerick
  72. How to read music
  73. How do airbags work?
  74. How to play online games
  75. How to remove scratches from DVDs
  76. How to swim the backstroke
  77. How to make candles
  78. How to become a princess
  79. How to make beer
  80. How to decorate a cake
  81. How to tie a tie
  82. How to apply face paint
  83. How to waltz
  84. How to Save energy at home
  85. What can duct tape be used for?
  86. How to make honey
  87. How to send an email
  88. How to trim your mustache
  89. How to lay a table
  90. How to Bake cookies
  91. How to ride a unicycle
  92. How to Build a good website
  93. How to make your own soap
  94. How to feed a snake
  95. How to make a new candle of old ones
  96. How to Grow a herbal garden
  97. How to Recycle at home
  98. How to clean and brush your teeth (based on scientific research)
  99. How to do origami
  100. How to beatbox
  101. How to raise tadpoles
  102. How to develop the best service in a tennis game
  103. How to Make fudge
  104. How to Make Barbecue sauce
  105. How to Make Icecream
  106. How to apply hair dye to your virgin hair
  107. How to use LinkedIn
  108. How to upgrade the RAM memory in your computer
  109. How to bowl
  110. How to make Paper Mache figures
  111. How to make a foxhole radio
  112. How to safely download/upload files on the computer
  113. How to be a vegetarian
  114. How to Accessorize the clothes your wear
  115. How to Stuff a turkey
  116. How to Play a video game like a pro
  117. How to clean silver
  118. How to paint an egg
  119. How to Save water at home
  120. How to make sushi
  121. How to make a sweet lassi
  122. How to perform a card trick
  123. How to take a photo with a digital camera
  124. How to create an animated character
  125. How to play piano
  126. How to make peanut butter bars
  127. How to make ice
  128. How to set up a blog
  129. How to make a genealogical tree
  130. How to make a pop-up card
  131. How to Make devilled eggs
  132. How to Make a fast summer salad
  133. How to do graffiti
  134. How to use the cruise control
  135. How to calculate wallpaper
  136. How to Manicure someone’s fingernails
  137. How to build a go-cart
  138. How to make burgers
  139. How to do braids
  140. How to make animals out of balloons
  141. How to braid cornrows
  142. How to use a DSLR camera
  143. How to Set a formal dinner table
  144. How to eat oysters
  145. How to blow a glass
  146. How to Install a dimmer switch for light (not for fluorescent lights)
  147. How to make your own wedding dress
  148. How to bottle your own wine
  149. How to install a WordPress theme
  150. How to solve a Rubik’s cube
  151. How to choose a color and understand the color palette
  152. How to do magic tricks
  153. How to play clash of clan
  154. How to dance
  155. How to apply a permanent hair dye
  156. How to make chicken chili
  157. How to Make peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  158. How to Tenderize meat
  159. How to dance a certain dance
  160. How to make a fishing lure
  161. How to frost hair
  162. How to bake a pie
  163. How to Grow and trim a bonsai tree

Demonstration Speech Topics on “How to…”

  1. Avoid identity theft.
  2. Put a weave in your hair
  3. blow-dry your hair.
  4. Make a fresh candle out of an old one.
  5. Use active listening and communication skills.
  6. Create decorations.
  7. Brush your teeth thoroughly.
  8. Plan your wedding.
  9. For parties and occasions, build spinning confetti eggs.
  10. Improve your cognitive abilities.
  11. protect yourself from harm
  12. At a campfire, make the crunchiest marshmallows.
  13. create bread crumbs
  14. find low-cost airline tickets
  15. Messages that are effective and clear should be texted.
  16. Make some beer.
  17. a stamp for greeting cards
  18. become a well-known movie star
  19. Learn break dancing moves and street dance moves.
  20. Greetings to the Japanese
  21. You should polish your golf clubs.
  22. discover the greatest spring break deals
  23. Construct a basket.
  24. Make a dance performance.
  25. meditate
  26. Pack a customs-approved suitcase.
  27. Construct a rabbit hutch or cages and runs.
  28. Create a professional letter.
  29. Create an emergency supply kit.
  30. Make use of the cruise control.
  31. back up your DVDs
  32. Learn how to read quickly.
  33. Attempt a golf swing.
  34. Make an aquarium.
  35. Examine the wine.
  36. Print a digital photograph.
  37. Put on a princess gown.
  38. Create honey.
  39. Grow herbs in your own little greenhouses, such as chamomile, parsley, and catnip.
  40. become a ninja (I’m joking, of course.)
  41. Create a first-aid kit for the straightforward treatment of small injuries.
  42. Prepare a quick summer salad.
  43. Makeup is applied.
  44. repair a flat bicycle tire
  45. read music notation
  46. make a variety of knots
  47. Make some ice.
  48. Ascend a building.
  49. construct a shed
  50. Plan a surprise party.
  51. Create an origami crane.
  52. Make a scarf.
  53. Calories must be counted in order to make healthier decisions.
  54. Stop ruminating.
  55. Make use of the deduction process.
  56. replace a baby’s diaper
  57. Take up poker.
  58. Blow into a glass.
  59. Make your garden bloom all year long.
  60. Polish your shoes
  61. Make a career as an actor.
  62. Create a screenplay.
  63. Let’s crack open a bottle of wine.
  64. Create a model.
  65. Unusually fold napkins.
  66. Choose a bottle of wine.
  67. Register to vote.
  68. be an excellent student.
  69. Playing the piano.
  70. Use the United States Postal Service.
  71. Examine a map.
  72. You should clean your car.
  73. Get your automobile keys out of a locked vehicle.
  74. Board on the snow
  75. color the eggs
  76. dance.
  77. create wedding cakes
  78. For leisurely walks, use the appropriate running shoes.
  79. Make Jigglers out of jello.
  80. gold rings, bracelets, and necklaces should be cleaned and polished
  81. Obtain electricity from solar panels installed on your roof.
  82. Let’s play chess.
  83. Waxing a surfboard
  84. Select the appropriate running shoe.
  85. To recover from a hangover, make a banana chocolate shake.
  86. Put on nail paint.
  87. Lifting weights
  88. board on the sand
  89. Construct a paper airplane.
  90. Decide on a color scheme and palette.
  91. Survive in the wild.
  92. Control a real RC plane (only show this outdoors and only if you are good).
  93. If you’re a guy, put on some cosmetics.
  94. Use the content of articles without infringing on their intellectual property rights.
  95. Make a resume.
  96. Take care of hamsters and other household pets.
  97. Make a pie (or whatever else you like/know how to make).
  98. Create a cake.
  99. Create a piñata.
  100. Make some pizza.
  101. Make some Irish coffee.
  102. Repairing a flat tire
  103. Car keys and remotes must be programmed.
  104. Choose the ideal pet.
  105. Make a snowman.
  106. Converse in Italian
  107. Do a magic trick.
  108. Create a website.
  109. Locate your forebears.
  110. Sculpt your brows correctly.
  111. Create a family tree.
  112. Sort through your closet.
  113. Make a drink.
  114. tying Die shirts
  115. Make a birdhouse from scratch.
  116. Take part in a computer game.
  117. Classic recipes are used to make authentic Italian pizza.
  118. Choose and pack a bag for international travel.
  119. Make your own salsa.
  120. Make a will.
  121. Make some soup.
  122. Stencil.
  123. Look for a roommate.
  124. write a good poetry
  125. horse with a saddle (I did this, took a video of saddling my horse, and narrated it to my audience).
  126. Determining the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton bag
  127. Make a basketball shot.
  128. When singing, use your breath.
  129. Ski.
  130. Learn to play the guitar.
  131. Make up a cartoon character.
  132. Plant a plant.
  133. Create your own wedding gown.
  134. Create jewelry.
  135. Make some ice cream.
  136. Make flower arrangements.
  137. Make a tie.
  138. Make a boomerang that will return to you.
  139. consume oysters
  140. make a Halloween mask
  141. Prepare banana pudding.
  142. Make some beer.
  143. Prepare invisible ink for secret message writing.
  144. Your swimming pool should be cleaned.
  145. Make a water-color painting.
  146. Maintain your health.
  147. Use a sextant for navigation, much like they did two centuries ago.
  148. Make a carpet knot.
  149. a bank check must be changed
  150. Select a digital camera.
  151. Analyze the results of a barometer reading.

Technical How-to Ideas 

  • Technical how-to speech topics for presenting knowledge and instructive processes in a demo presentation Do not just talk about abstract theories when you are trying to teach a group. Instead, use visual aids, common metaphors, and comparisons to everyday life to make a technical or complex problem more understandable.
  • International fitting sizes; the differences between sizes in the United States and standards used in other nations; information about yards, feet, inches, meters, millimeters, and their history; You can limit these technical how-to-speech-about-clothes subjects to clothing exclusively.
  • Show how to make a good short animated movie or funny cartoon out of a succession of 2D photos. Give the entire set of instructions while demonstrating what you mean step by step. Animate an avatar-like puppet that jumps over the wall as the first thing you do.
  • Sunscreen is the function and pressing demand for a topical substance that absorbs and even reflects UV sun rays. Everyone likes to be outside in the sun, but not everyone knows that sun protection is important to avoid long-term damage from the sun.
  • How do the police, government agencies, criminal investigation departments, and internationally recognized authorities use modern technology to discover storage media on a computer?
  • April Fool’s Day; the finest speech themes for a funny how to fool someone are hoaxes and practical jokes on April Fool’s Day; and present instances – your major points – in the top three in notoriety, absurdity, and uniqueness of the sense of humor that’s being employed.
  • Tree Climbing Techniques: Give proper tree climbing instructions for recreational climbers, including gear, ropes, and knots. Don’t forget about forest ethics!
  • Birth Control Pills: How Does the Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill, or C O C P, which contains estrogen and progestin hormones, Prevent Ovulation?
  • Mosaic tile projects for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even the garden wall. On this technical topic, show your audience how to do it step-by-step.
  • Room Air Conditioners: How are these energy-efficient and dependable systems built to fulfill your comfort demands, and what particular technology is employed?

One piece of advice to help you make things easier: most audiences are familiar with technological difficulties in general, so avoid getting too technical and avoid overly complex demonstrations when examining these nine technological options.


These demonstration speech topics and ideas should assist you in getting started with your demonstrative speech and delivering a strong speech. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think about this article.

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