About Me

After spending many years of my life pursuing a profitable career in the WordPress niche, once I was financially independent, I decided to start a more personal blog, where I would cover topics that are dear to my heart.

I wanted a place online, where I would be able to share my expertise in WordPress, search engines optimization, copywriting, social marketing and blogging as well as a bit of personal development and bullet journaling here and there. While these are very broad topics and each of these subjects could do well on a separate domain, I felt that it’s going to be a personal ramblings blog, and never hoped or aspired to gather a broad audience. However, lizs3.sg-host.com blog quickly became popular and brought me enormous satisfaction, because of all my other online businesses, this is the only place where I genuinely love giving my energy to.

Right now, I am a full-time blogger, photographer and book author living in Prague, enjoying the benefits of being my own boss and resting on the laurels of my blog’s popularity. In this blog, I will be sharing valuable tips and inspiration for creating YOUR dream life. I’ll help you to step up your photography game on Instagram, improve your presence on social media and (finally!) kick start your online business!

All my ”Lorelei Web” social media channels are for smart, conscious, curious, and determined people, who wish to turn their life around.

Regarding little personal facts about me, I also enjoy hoarding stationary, bullet journaling, personal development, positive mindset books, slowing down and I am a wannabe-minimalist. I love it when it rains – the sound, the smell, the feel… I love the smell of white musk, The Ninth Gate movie, and a good cup of coffee, in a big & cosy mug…