About Me

After spending many years of my life pursuing a profitable career in a totally different niche, once I was financially independent, I decided to start a personal blog, where I will cover topics that are dear to my heart. I wanted a place where I would be able to write about stationary, bullet journaling, perfumes, health, personal development and minimalism. While these are very broad topics and each of these subjects¬† could do well on a separate domain, I felt that it’s going to be a personal ramblings blog, and I never hoped or aspired to gather a broad audience. However, this blog quickly became popular and brought me enormous satisfaction, because of all my other online businesses, this is the only place where I truly enjoy giving energy to.

So, a few facts about me…

I love when it rains, the sound, the smell, the feel…

I love the smell of a white musk soap (like Borotalco).

Favourite flower: Lilac

Favourite color: pale lavender / pale lilac

Favourite movies: The Ninth Gate, Prestige, Bitter Moon, Social Network, Ghost Writer, The Italian Job, Elle (2016), Solace, Eyes Wide Shut

Other movies, I’d recommend: The Girl on the Train, Nocturnal Animals, Basic Instinct 2.

Favourite scent: White musk.

Favourite perfumes: Dolce & Gabbana L’Eau the One, Versace L’Homme, Jean Paul Gaultier La Male, (yes, these are perfumes for guys, but their are very unisex and I absolutely love using them.)

Favourite book: The Master Key System by Charles Haanel (the only book you will ever need to read and understand).

Favourite literature: Classic Russian & European literature from the 18th/19th century.