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bullet journal - how to get started

Bullet journal year at a glance, how to get started and why do you need it? Why it’s essential for your productivity to have a clear overview of the entire year ahead and how will it help you plan your agenda.

If you’re new to bullet journaling, I’ve got you covered! This blog will discuss a variety of yearly spread ideas. If you read all the way to the end, I’ve got a useful freebie for you!

Bullet journaling isn’t a hobby that needs a lot of supplies. You do need a decent bullet journal and a pen.

When I first started a bullet journal, I would look up examples of yearly spreads on Pinterest and end up with a plethora of yearly spreads ranging from a year at a glance to series trackers. I’ve learned which spreads work best for me over the years. Nowadays, I make a few spreads for my yearly setup. Let me give you a few examples.

A year at a glance bullet journal – let’s dive in!

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance Ideas

📅 Yearly Calendar Overview: Create a one-page spread with all 12 months laid out, allowing you to see important dates at a glance.
🌟 Goals & Resolutions: Dedicate a page to jot down your yearly goals and resolutions, broken down into categories such as personal, professional, and health.
📝 Key Events & Holidays: Use symbols or colors to mark key events, holidays, birthdays, and vacations throughout the year for quick reference.
📊 Yearly Tracker: Design a tracker to monitor habits, goals, or milestones on a monthly or quarterly basis, providing a visual overview of your progress.
🎨 Themed Monthly Dividers: Create decorative monthly dividers with different themes or motifs to add visual interest and organization to your journal.
📆 Future Log: Set up a future log spread to jot down future appointments, events, and tasks that occur beyond the current month.
🖋️ Reflective Prompts: Include reflective prompts or questions at the beginning or end of each month to encourage introspection and goal evaluation.
📈 Yearly Review: Reserve space for a yearly review at the end of the journal, where you can reflect on achievements, challenges, and lessons learned throughout the year.
🎉 Celebrations & Milestones: Dedicate a page to jot down celebrations and milestones achieved during the year, such as anniversaries or personal achievements.
✉️ Gratitude Log: Create a gratitude log to jot down things you’re thankful for each month, fostering a positive mindset throughout the year.
🌿 Seasonal Bucket List: Make a seasonal bucket list for each quarter or season, featuring activities and goals you want to accomplish during that time.
🌟 Word of the Year: Choose a word or phrase to represent your overarching theme or focus for the year, and incorporate it into your journal as a reminder.
📅 Monthly Calendar: Include a monthly calendar spread for each month, providing ample space to jot down appointments, events, and deadlines.
📚 Reading List: Create a reading list spread to track books you want to read throughout the year, with space for notes and ratings after completion.
🌱 Personal Growth Tracker: Design a tracker to monitor personal growth areas such as fitness, mindfulness, or skill development throughout the year.
🌈 Color-Coded Categories: Assign different colors to various categories such as work, personal, health, and finances to easily identify and organize tasks and events.
🗓️ Important Dates: Dedicate a page to jot down important dates such as project deadlines, appointments, or meetings to ensure you stay on track.
📑 Budget Tracker: Set up a budget tracker spread to monitor your expenses and savings goals throughout the year, helping you stay financially organized.
📝 Monthly Reflection: Allocate space at the end of each month to reflect on accomplishments, challenges, and areas for improvement, fostering self-awareness and growth.
🚀 Monthly Goals: Set monthly goals and intentions at the beginning of each month, outlining actionable steps to help you achieve them by month’s end.

These ideas should help you create a comprehensive and organized Bullet Journal Year At A Glance spread!

Bullet Journal – The title page

Although it isn’t a functional spread, I like to start my bullet journal with a large title page to commemorate the start of a new year.

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance
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The Future Log is a perfect way to keep track of all the significant and enjoyable events in your life. It keeps track of all of your future activities in one place. Anything that happens in the future months, such as birthdays, holidays, journeys, meetings, and so on, will be recorded in the Future Log. It’s a quick and easy place to go when you need to know when a particular event is taking place. The Future Log is at the top of your Bullet Journal. If you pick up an official Bullet Journal notebook, the Future Log is near the beginning to help you get started.

Beginning with next month, you will build a Future Log at the start of each Bullet Journal. For example, if it were May, you’d begin your Future Log for June because you’d be creating a May Monthly Log. You will refer to the Future Log each month to record any related events in the Monthly Log. As required, update the Future Log.

Here is a curated list of many useful and clever ideas to help you plan your future!

Bujo Key

I know the symbols I use in my bullet journal and what they mean at this stage, but I don’t feel like my bullet journal is full without a key spread. And I’m having a great time putting this spread together. When you work with Bullet Journal year at a glance page, it’s particularly important.

According to Ryder Carroll, the inventor of the bullet journal scheme, he uses those symbols on his bullet journal pages regularly. Keeping a key on hand is extremely useful if you’ve never used these symbols before.

A bullet journal key or legend is simply a helpful reference guide that you make to remind yourself of the colors, letters, or symbols you use in your bullet journal to represent different tasks.

BuJo yearly spread – A look back at the year

The year at a glance is one of the very first spreads that people have in their bullet journal. I find that writing out all of the calendars is very relaxing!

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance

You either adore it or despise it. To make it easier, print a calendar and stick it in your bullet journal. Another enjoyable method is to use calendar stickers.

Future log bullet journal

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance

The future log is an excellent resource for planning out the whole bujo year at a glance. They are extremely useful for commemorating holidays, birthdays, and other significant dates. Future logs are an absolute must for your annual tracker bullet journal setup. They simplify preparation and serve as a great guide when making monthly and weekly spreads.

Setting objectives with a bullet journal

Make a list of your goals and a roadmap for achieving them, complete with mini-deadlines.

Aim high, but not impossibly high, to achieve attainable goals. If you’re looking for your first job, don’t set a million-dollar goal for yourself in your first year. Make sure your goals are always a little frightening but still achievable.

Making them your own is a difficult task. We are surrounded by people and are bombarded with their goals and New Year’s resolutions. With all that pressure, it’s all too easy to fall into the goals that someone else has set for you.

But don’t do it! If it’s not something you truly desire, you’re more likely to give up and lose motivation when difficulties arise. Furthermore, why would you waste your time and energy on someone else’s dream?

So, before you set goals, ask yourself, “Is this really what I want?” Consider why you want it and how you will feel if you get it. This simple process will help you figure out if it’s something you really want and will help you stay motivated to do well.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself to help you get started on your goal-setting process:

  • What kind of life do I want to live?
  • Who do I want to be by the end of the year?
  • Why do I want to accomplish these goals?
  • What aspects of my life would I like to improve?

Log of Reading

Keep track of your books, the dates you read them, your favorite quotes, and your thoughts/rating.

Workout and time trackers are two more trackers.

You can incorporate many additional trackers into your bullet journal year at a glance setup. Here are some examples:

  • Films/TV shows/Podcasts I need to keep an eye on things.
  • Skincare tracker
  • Tracker for healthy habits
  • Tracker of one’s Mood
  • Sleep log
  • Tracker of Birthdays
  • Tracker of time

Which ones would be most suitable for you?

Stats and suggestions for social media

When it comes to growing your online presence, having a place to monitor your progress and dump ideas can be beneficial. But don’t get too caught up in the numbers. It’s all about expressing what you care about.

Do you need to differentiate between events? Color-coding is a planner’s best friend. Add a quick key at the bottom to help you understand the colors. With this easy visual cue, you will bask in the glory of seeing all the occurrences of holidays, birthdays, meetings, and more.

A Year in Review

Here are some beautiful ideas for a new yearly theme. The delicate handwriting and subtle floral print blend seamlessly to produce a refreshingly clean spread. Positive affirmations are the best finishing touch to help you start the new year off right!

A cute and stylish year-in-review! This monochrome spread is ideal for those new to bullet journaling and want a fantastic simple spread! The lime green accent is lovely, but there is plenty of space to make this spread (and new year) your own!

A Year in Review With Stickers

a year at a glance bullet journal

This spread has a subtle but dramatic flair that makes it irresistible! The delicate flower accents, combined with the bold lettering, create a visually spectacular spread.

The color pink A Year in Review

This ‘year at a glance’ page is stunning! Baby pink undertones combined with exquisite cursive calligraphy are a timeless combination that will keep you inspired all year.

In black and white Tracker for 2021

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance - In black and white Tracker for 2021

This ‘year at a glance’ page is concise and to the point. The spread is clean, polished, and elegant, and it will keep you focused as you step into the 2020 Simple Yearly Glance Spread.

This lovely yearly summary page is so appealing to the eye! Even the simplest layouts are the most effective at calming a racing mind. Looking at light colors and beautiful illustrations allows me to remain grounded as someone who is susceptible to nervous thoughts. For that reason, this spread is an excellent option for any yearly tracker list.

This ‘year in pixels’ page is fantastic!

This is possibly the most space-efficient interface I’ve seen in a long time. Each square in between the months and days corresponds to one day by monitoring them horizontally and vertically. As you watch your year day by day, see your spread come to life!

Weather Forecast for the Whole Year

Another fantastic ‘year in pixels’ weather website! Paying attention to your surroundings, particularly when you’re outside, is a great way to practice mindfulness. The warm/cool color scheme creates a visually appealing effect as well.

Pixel Tracker for the Year

This yearly Tracker uses soft pastels to keep track of your mood! I love how neat and tidy this grid is– it’s like a blank canvas for the new year.

Pixel Yearly Mood Tracker


This ‘year in pixels’ page is a lot of fun! I like how the pixelated header has a retro feel to it, and the bright colors remind me of arcade games, which bind the whole pixel esthetic together.

Yearly Tracker

With those bright colors, this whimsical ‘year in pixels’ really comes to life! I’m especially fond of the starry header, which features beautiful black ink calligraphy.

In Pixels: A Pastel Year

This soft pastel yearly pixel tracker is both elegant and adorable! The cursive font and clean straight lines create a well-put-together spread.

3 Mood Tracking Spread

This yearly tracker is special! What strikes me the most is the simple yet lovely layout– each flowerpot color corresponds to a different mood to track. But it’s the flowers themselves that make this pixel tracker stand out; they’re the focal point of the entire piece!

Year in Pixels

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance - Bullet Journal - Lorelei Web

This yearly summary spread is right next to a new year resolutions spread, which is a stroke of (maybe – evil) genius that will keep you focused every day while you fill out your yearly tracker.

Pixel Tracker with Vibrant Colors

Another adorable and stylish yearly pixel tracker layout! The eye-catching black print and fun blues/pinks are a winning combination!

Floral Pixel Yearly Tracker

I’m such a fan of good illustration, and this is such a clever use of it! A lovely tropical floral border is just what this pixel tracker needs to stand out.

Have some fun! Yearly Emotions Tracker

This larger-than-life pixel tracker will keep your days from passing you by! It was such a nice touch to provide small details for each color code– a little mindfulness goes a long way!

Summer and Fall Mood Tracker

This mood tracker layout is the ideal starting point for the new year! Allow your imagination to run wild as you create your own color scheme and designs for this spread.

Mood Tracking Spread for 2020

This pixel tracker is as delicious as candy! The vibrant colors complement the amusing font perfectly. Overall, this is a beautiful new year’s spread!

Bullet Journal Year At A Glance – conclusion

In addition to the basic calendar year, students are introduced to a new calendar format called “Bullet Journal” by completing a journal, which is a simple way to keep track of what they’ve done, and how they’re doing. They receive a custom journal in the mail. November 7th and 8th: Students must complete a “bullet journal” for each unit they complete during the year. Students complete the journal at the beginning of each semester. Have you started your own year at a glance bullet journal page? Let me know!

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