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Everything about the Bullet Journal!

After my first blog post about the Bullet Journal and my bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin bulletin, I still get a lot of questions about this method of using a notebook. Do I still use him? Does he still like it? And how exactly does it work? Okay, in this blog post, I will tell you all about my bullet journal!

Everything about the Bullet Journal!

What is a Bullet Journal?

The bullet journal is a way to lose everything you write in a booklet. All your to-do lists, inspirational lists, appointments, everything can be found in a book. Neat and organized, you can easily find everything. I’m not the creator of the Bullet Journal but a user.

In this video, the system is interpreted perfectly. It’s just a matter of speed, and if you’re not so good at English, you may not understand. I’ll give you an additional explanation, though my time is not as clear as in the video, haha.

Bullet journal explanation in simple language

You need a booklet for your Bullet Journal: no more. No loose letters more, just a notebook, you write everything!

You start with an index page, which becomes the table of contents. This way, you can easily find what you’re looking for later.

Next, you will see an overview of the month in question, setting the numbers of the month and the first letter of the day. This way, you have an overview of the month. Here you can put important events into your schedule! You will list a list of tasks that you know beforehand that you should take that month to the right of it. He may be a bit empty at the first time, but this is the page where eventually the things of the previous month are taken when you have not stripped them.

Now your base is ready. You can now start your daily lists. Everything you would normally write in loose books or on loose letters, that’s what you write in your bullet journal.

For important things, put an asterisk on. This gives you an even better overview of your lists.

When the month is over, you will check out for a few days and see if there are empty boxes. Should it be moved to next month? Then move them to the list for next month! Then you can check back on important events from last month. This can be put in the calendar of that month, so you can see at a glance what happened exactly in what month.

Besides the daily lists, one, of course, makes many more listings. Especially lists of important data (phone numbers, address details, or login codes) are very handy to have in your bullet journal, so you’re always on hand.

In addition, you can actually be as creative as you like. You can create lists or texts, all in the Bullet Journal. In the meanwhile, you always put in a new month or special “separate” list or text this in your table of contents. The pages must therefore be numbered!

That was the bullet journal in brief. Now a common question I get a lot.: Do you use your bullet journal yet?

Yes! But not very much. I have few things on my to-do list, so I do not need to be active with the daily lists. I only use that when I have a very good day or when I suddenly want to write or write a lot of things I do not want to forget. For example, an event I want to remember! Just make notes, haha.

In addition, I mainly use separate lists. For standard data, especially super handy to find things back (addresses and so on), as well as lists of blog posts for certain topics, for example.

Everything about the Bullet Journal!

Is it still working?

Yes! Precisely because I do not use the bullet journal for a long time (sometimes I do not touch it for months), it works fine. It is not a system that has to be executed every day. When you want to start again after a long time break, that’s not difficult at all. That’s a big plus for me. And the reason he still is standard on my desk.

Hopefully, you’ve become a bit wiser about this method again! Have you used him too? If you have any questions, something is not clear, or you still want to know how to do something, you can, of course, always ask your question in the comments below.