Easy Formula To Find A Profitable Niche For You

Easy Formula To Find A Profitable Niche For You

Wishing to earn an income online but do not know where to begin?

Are you currently running a company or a successful blog but can’t do it anymore?

If you fit into one of these scenarios, it might be time to do some re-evaluation. This post will help you to find a niche that’s both lucrative and is something you will feel passionate about.

1. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.

Easy Formula To Find A Profitable Niche For You - Marketing - Lorelei Web

This is important, and it makes all the difference. This should become your life goal and something you feel absolutely at home with.

Do you want to do this in your spare time, or can you even do it for nothing?

This may be an ideal solution for your niche.

It is also essential to consider which special skills or experience you should carry into your accounting research. In what areas do people usually tell you that you’re good at? What is your occupation? What unique skills or knowledge have you gained as a result of your work?

Seeking a niche that you know a lot about and that you are passionate about is what makes finding your niche so fun. I have set up my personal productivity calendar by using this app.

2. Find out if there’s a demand for your stuff.

Having a passion for any specific topic is not enough in order to succeed.

You need to make sure there is an actual need for your work in order to remain involved and effective.

The most successful way to understand the market is to do keyword analysis. Another great tool for Google keyword studying is the Google keyword planner.

This is a method of testing key keyword phrases specific to your niche. Count the number of times a keyword phrase is clicked every month to narrow down the choices.

Search volume does not exceed 1K per month. Any less than this means that it possibly will not be calculated in searches.

If you want to contest, go for low/moderate-high performance. This keyword’s ranking shows you some of the rivalry levels.

Higher bids appear to suggest a high degree of commercial intent. When people are compared, it is always the higher bidder.

3. Focus on your specialty.

You may want to concentrate on your theme and refine your main selling points. For instance, you have discovered the existence of a niche market for “freelance writing” but wish to decide what your niche will be.

The best way to support your studies is to work with similar sites, Facebook groups, and subreddits.

Using Reddit or RedditList to survey which topics are most common. Type your search keywords into the search bar, and you’ll find the most common that match your keywords.

You should do some analysis to see what issues come up on Reddit as well as specialty subreddits and forums. This will help you further narrow down your niche, as well as help you come up with additional niche concepts for potential works.

4. Check out the competition

Keyword research is critical, but you’ll also want to check how your competition will do in the niche.

We have to look up some of the listed expressions. There are three different outcomes:

There are already loads of websites that score well for the keywords. This niche may be over-saturated, and it is desirable to look for something which isn’t as popular.

Unfortunately, we have not found any sites ranking for those keywords. Here is the future business opportunity.

We are dealing with some sites ranking the above keywords, but they are usually limited or low quality. This niche actually has a great potential to succeed. There will be a market for this niche, and competition will be fair.

Bravo! At this point, you have narrowed down the demand. Now it’s time to see if this micro-niche is successful and lucrative.

5. Test Your Niche

Market research is important, but testing the market in real-time will show you whether you are on the right track.

One way of checking what you want to do in your niche is by developing a free info product that is important to your niche.

Second, use an AdWords account to direct traffic to the landing page. It will allow you to see just how much interest there is in your niche and/or product. Also, note that even if AdWords brings in a lot of traffic to your blog, it’s most likely a problem with your landing page if you do not have conversions.

You must survey your target market to confirm your niche. We agreed to promote our survey on social media as a last resort.

Given what you’ve learned through these PPC and survey testing, you’re feeling highly optimistic or not!


If you follow this five-step method, you will have an idea of what you want and where to get started. You can save a lot of time and resources by starting a niche blog.

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