How Clear Goals Impact Achievements

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Imagine yourself – you’re sitting at a restaurant. You are hungry and want to eat and enjoy a good meal. So the waiter comes and gives you a menu, and in you will see a selection of over 100 dishes. Some dishes sound good, other sounds less tempting. You don’t really know what you want, then after long consideration, go to for a dish with an exotic name Grenouilles Provençale.

You are not sure what it is, but you trying something new today.
The waiter nods appreciative, and after a while he comes back with the meal you ordered. Now that you see it, it dawns on you that you have ordered the frogs’ legs. A dish you’ve never eaten, and really would never want to eat.

“I’d ordered a steak …”

See your clear, clear goals

I think that many people will avoid to end up with things they basically don’t want, just by being aware of their own desires and goals. There are many principles behind proper goal-setting, and I think that some of the most important things you should think about when it comes to goal setting, is to set clear and definite goals.

This means to describe for yourself exactly what you want. Get the details and relevant information, as well as the main image.

  • What would you like?
  • How do you know that you have reached your goal?
  • What can see, hear, and feel you?
  • What do you say to yourself?

Let’s say you want to buy you a new car. The first thing, to begin with, is to obtain information. Not only information about the car but also about the surrounding factors such as how it is a good idea to look for used cars, the type of insurance that pays off in your situation, how much your budget is on, etc., etc.

In order to know how to reach your goal, you must know what you want.


Then you can go over to the actual car. How much space do you need? How long do you plan to have this car? What kind of brands coming out well as used cars? What color would you like? You must have four-wheel drive?

How will you feel, when you have reached your goal?

It can be challenging to know what you want to achieve, especially when you need to describe it in every detail. I encourage you to try as best you can. If you have challenges with this, you can also think about what you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal. Imagine that you have achieved your goal, no matter what it is.

  • What do you feel when you have reached your goal?
  • What does it do with you, and what kind of State are you in?
  • Did you know you may be happy? Passionate, harmonious, or energetic?

Really feel what it will do to you.

When you know exactly what you want, is not your desires any longer as an indefinable “cloud” of thoughts. It is something concrete. Something you put focuses on, and if you follow this methodology, you will find that it is easier to correct yourself on your way towards your goal. Because you know exactly what you want.

Difficult to go into the details on your goal?

It can be difficult to define in detail what you would like. Therefore, you can look at what kind of criteria you have. Let’s say you want a new place to live. Then, it can be a challenge to specify precisely how the living room should look like, what kind of floor you are going to have, how the bathroom will sound, the exact location, etc. The tip here is to either set up criteria. As an example, this can be:

2 bedrooms
Close to school and shop
In a specific municipality or area
parking space
Large living room
Plenty of room in the attic
New standard

The criteria serve as reference points in your goal, and the more criteria that are met, the closer you come to your goal. The criteria are the standards you have set for your goal, so you know what your goal is and should be able to more easily find out how you can reach it.

How will you know that you have reached your goal..?


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