How to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

How to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence - BOSS Magazine

In today’s digital climate, improving your company’s online presence is one of the most important tasks that you face as a business owner. No matter what industry you operate in, it’s essential that your reputation on the web is effective, considered, targeted, and optimised. Anything less, and anybody that comes across your online platforms will deem you to be behind the times.

Ultimately, this will give off the impression that you are unable to provide your customers with a service befitting of the present day.

It’s true, improving your company’s online presence really does have a serious impact on your ability to convince customers of your capabilities going forward. If you want to prove your worth in this instance and subsequently continue to draw custom, then, it is essential that you put the advice laid out below into practice.

Here’s what you need to do to improve your company’s online presence:

Ensure your website is quick and active

Your online presence will take a serious hit if your website is slow to load or, even worse, if it is inactive. It is vital, then, that you ensure that your site is quick and active at all times.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be sat in front of a computer screen monitoring your website 24 hours a day to make sure that this is the case. By choosing to host your site on a provider such as, you will be able to get on with your daily tasks knowing that your site is performing at its optimal capacity 24/7. Their LiteSpeed web servers and optimised caching technologies that they use ensure lightning-fast speeds and no downtime.

Connect with a social influencer

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As their title suggests, social influencers have the ability to influence people through the content that they post on their social media platforms and believe it or not, everyone wants to build a relationship with an influencer, even top UX designers. When this kind of marketing professional endorses you, the way that they have over their hordes of followers, subscribers and fans will result in both your online presence and your brand awareness being improved no end.

Specifically, connecting with a social influencer will benefit you in the following ways:

  • You will have authoritative, on-trend, and bespoke content created for you
  • You will be granted access to a host of new followers
  • More traffic and referral links will be generated to your website, ultimately resulting in your SEO being improved
  • Your credibility will be enhanced
  • You will stand a better chance of circumventing ad blockers 

Boost engagement through email marketing

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Email marketing might be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it still has an important role to play in today’s climate. You can use this form of advertisement to inform your audience, drive interest in your online presence, and boost engagement with your web content.

To run an effective email marketing campaign, you must:

  • Build a targeted email list
  • Keep your goal of boosting online engagement in mind at all times
  • Know your audience and only contact them at appropriate times (generally, this will be throughout the working day)
  • Create impactful options (welcome gates, lightbox popups, exit-intent popups, etc)

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