10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress – The Ultimate Guide

10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - The Ultimate Guide

Do you want to make money with WordPress? Creating your website is one thing, and making money is another, entirely different aspect. Here’s what you need to know about how to make money from a WordPress driven website.

10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - The Ultimate Guide

WordPress has become popular among bloggers, freelancers, traders because of its potential as a good source of profit. That’s why WordPress controlled 26 percent of websites on the web as of November last year. This content management system also offers lucrative opportunities as people search for WordPress about 2.7 million times a month.

Here’s the big question, then. You’ve done building your WordPress website, and now you want to monetize it to make a big buck. You asked yourself the following questions.

  • How am I going to make money with WordPress?
  • How are you going to make money blogging?
  • What niche am I supposed to be targeting?
  • What source and blog monetization approach do I need to concentrate on?
  • What’s the easiest way to make money blogging via my website?
  • What kind of audience do I need to sell to?

There are a lot of ways that can help you monetize a blog, and I’m going to concentrate on nine common ways to make money with WordPress by making your own website.

Join the Affiliate Program and start Blogging for your money

When talking about making money with WordPress, a 37-year-old Affiliate Marketer, Jason Stone, made $7 million in affiliate marketing sales in a single year. Similarly, Awin, a global affiliate network, made more than $700 million in 2020.

how affiliate marketing works - 10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - The Ultimate Guide

I personally make money promoting:

This offers justification to earn as an affiliate in a variety of ways. Joining an affiliate program helps communicate with other affiliates who want to make use of similar techniques.

Why Affiliate Marketing Opt?

Make money from affiliate marketing.

You’re probably wondering how one’s going to gain from affiliate marketing? The solution is to be consistent and to have patience… that’s the secret to success!

Your job as an affiliate marketing agent:

You may need to work with businesses and then recommend their goods and services to an online audience that follows you. It’s close to the word of mouth marketing, except it’s on a digital landscape. Any time someone buys a product through a connection that you have shared, the company will pay you a sales fee.

You’ve got to know how to achieve attention. There are a number of YouTubers, forums, and chat groups that can help you communicate with other affiliates out there.

Like several affiliate marketing services, the DreamHost affiliate program is a good place to raise your earnings. When you sign up to get started, the first step of operating as an affiliate is to become acquainted with the site. This is discussed in the Knowledge Base section. This program will help you make passive income consistent for a long time to come.

Monetizing your blog by selling your e-books to your audience

Download my e-book – Blogging Algorithm

E-books can help with blogging for money and monetizing your writing skills. This is one of the breakthroughs that technology has taken home. As a novel, you’d have to go through a publishing house, a printing press, and eventually a distribution center to get your book out there for readers to purchase.

how to get started and finally write a book - 10 Ways to Make Money with WordPress - The Ultimate Guide

That’s all changed now, so you don’t need to go through the whole chain, and you just need to run the same process on your computer.

Suppose you’re considering making money with WordPress, producing and selling e-books. In that case, it’s low in resources and expense in terms of storage, printing, and distribution costs. The development and sale of an e-book are therefore now observable and convenient.

So you’re probably wondering how to make blogging money by making and selling your e-book?

The steps needed to create an e-book and make money on WordPress are very simple, but the additions to these steps depend on the complexity of the topic of the e-book. For example, if you’re writing about general health tips for an average 30-year-old, it might be easy and straightforward. The contents of your e-book will most likely include a dietary table, a list of snack foods during the day, types of workouts, and examples of people practicing this lifestyle.

Planning for an e-book

However, if you are dealing with a more sophisticated subject, such as ‘Know when to sell your stocks,’ the subject matter would require further clarification. The complications here are introducing more people to the content creation and editing process to make the content easier to understand.


Usually, the writer runs e-book chapters through the editor so that he can get a third-party viewpoint. The graphic designer would then be added to the process to add suitable graphs, charts, and visual aids where applicable. Finally, the draft e-book goes through an overall analysis by the subject matter expert to ensure that the author covers all the subject criteria.

Knowing how to make an e-book is one thing, but it’s important to know how to market it. E-books don’t necessarily require a direct price tag for readers to purchase. But here’s how to monetize a blog with e-books and start making money with WordPress.

Lead Generation: A lot of people pay to produce leads and future clients. As a result, asking people for email addresses to reach them is a good way to let them download the e-book in question.

Free Marketing and Exposure: instead of pushing the marketing to places where competition is already rising, using an e-book is a simple job of promoting goods and services. Besides, writers, influencers, and consumers find it easier to chat about an e-book, which is why the e-book is more likely to become viral.

Offer Goods in the Ebook: assuming that the reader has spent time reading the e-book you’ve made. This reflects that your e-book inspires curiosity and that the reader is most likely to purchase a product or service through your e-book. That is why most e-books and landing pages of these books include the author’s suggestions for other e-books.

Steps to make a good e-book

Only note these few simple steps when making an e-book. (I also listed some free online services:

1. When planning to make money with WordPress by designing the contents of your e-book, start creating a table of content for easier planning.

This is where you need to plan your content flow. You need to consider your audience’s purpose, so your e-book needs to address the elephant in the room at the heart of the e-book. It’s just as important to keep the reader interested in the topic, so it’s always helpful to break down what you’re going to address.

2. Format your e-book (add headings, subheadings, graphics, and footnotes using online-free picture sources)

Look at other e-book models to see what flow and standard rules you need to add to your e-book. If it’s a general topic, you can keep the tone simple and casual. Similarly, suppose the subject is technical, and you want the readers to have prior expertise. In that case, there will almost always be a premise for the build-up.

This is also the stage where you’re going to incorporate graphics and examples you’ve used. Since you’re the writer here, the core concept is going through you. To add graphics, you can search online for free graphic sources or hire freelance graphic designers to create visuals according to the brief you have.

3. Proofread and edit your e-book (use online tools like Grammarly, or submit your e-book to a freelance editor for a detailed review)

Creating an e-book is one thing, but ensuring that your e-book is readable at a standard level is another. You can ignore the worst possible mistake is putting your readers through a series of cringe-worthy errors because you haven’t reviewed and re-read your work. Not only will the conversions go down, but your name will also go down in popularity, and regular readers will be less likely even to consider reading your work.

4. Make an enticing cover for your e-book.

There are many ways in which you can build an enticing cover for your e-book. If the type of design you are looking for is easy, it makes sense to use some free online sources. The other choice you have is to get a graphic artist to understand your book’s sound and content to help readers imagine the book and design a book cover. This is helpful for authors who have difficulty visually communicating their thoughts.

5. Upload your e-book to your website and monetize your blog by adding a payment gateway to your website.

Now that your downloadable/purchasable e-book is ready for readers, you’re going to have to strategically put it on your WordPress website to make money from it. Try to keep the payment process minimal, protection secure, and familiar with consumers as this is where they are the most suspicious.

6. Customize the landing page of your website to increase downloads/conversions

This is where theme and pre-built landing pages come in handy. Conversion monitoring stops here. This is the last checkpoint where visitors to your website either click the download button or exit your website.

7. Measure your downloads regularly and monitor your website traffic to boost conversion rates.

Tracking conversions and how your website traffic flows are crucial to maximizing your e-book’s target’s success. You are using, for example, Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. You will find more services in our free online source list.

Make Money With WordPress Designing and Selling Online Courses

Another common way to make money from the WordPress website is to build and sell online courses. The question is, why do you want to sell a course online when you have the option of selling e-books?

The reason is how online courses communicate with the audience. Although the e-book can contain enough references, pictograms, and examples, it still does not satisfy all readers. Even though it caters to core readers, it unwittingly eludes people who want to obtain knowledge through visual, audio, or direct interaction.

How to set up online courses?

Online courses are more social for most people who want to learn skills, preferably. Creating courses can make the learning experience more fun and can provide more consumer knowledge. This helps tag consumers and their susceptibility to buying those items.

But how do you set up an online course?

Making an online course is a little more complex than creating an e-book. Here you’re going to have to understand the subject’s sweet spot that you want to elaborate on and narrow it down to a particular audience.

Steps to building an online course

  1. Choose a topic for your online course
  2. Validate the course with your audience
  3. Start pre-selling
  4. Launch a pilot course project

This is the winning formula!

Quite often, people fail to find the starting point for an online course. Therefore, it makes sense to start talking to people to whom this course design is suited to. Asking these questions helps to define areas that need to be highlighted and elaborated.

The next step in designing an online course is highlighting the transition that the viewer is going to experience. Nothing is more persuasive than asking someone who’s interested in what they’re going to be able to do after discovering the results of a course.

You’re going to have to start pre-selling the course to see if there’s any interest in it.

Now you’re probably wondering, ‘How do I sell my online course before I build it?”

You’re going to have to start by talking to people about the skills they want to learn from the proposed subject that you’re going to build a course on. This will illustrate the fact that there is a real market for the planned online course and its possibility of generating revenue.

This is a good time to look at other Large Open Online Courses (MOOCs) because they are good examples of what people expect from an online course. It also helps to consider how they want to communicate with the course.

Before monetizing the blog and beginning the course, there is a strong possibility that people interested in the course will remain tuned to your website and buy an online course!

Before beginning an online course, it makes sense to start a pilot test before a real agreement is reached. This will mean that people are able to sign up for the course and that the price is not a hindrance. For example, set up webinars with other influencers to spotlight the price tag of the online course.

Laws for writing an e-book

Now that the study on designing an online course is out of the way, it’s time to get to the contents of the course. Keep this clear, succinct, and educational. The less fluff you get, the better! Take a look at the research results during the pre-launch and stick to what people want to learn in that course. Finally, keep it entertaining.

Generate revenue from supported posts/reviews

Revenue from sponsored posts

Building up the domain authority (DA) of your website opens up opportunities to earn money. The website is basically a leased space to advertise and make brands and companies more accessible. This is how a lot of people blog about money.

Make money from WordPress via sponsored posts.

The supported post is a recap, overview of promotional deals, announcements, feedback, videos, and info-graphics. Brands, businesses, and company owners give this information to the website owner to post it on his or her website.

Essentially, the brand would either write a guest post or have the website owners write it for them. The price of guest posting depends directly on the domain authority of the website. The higher the website’s ranking in the domain authority, the higher the price of the funded publications.

Sponsored Post

This is how you can boost blog monetization by supported posts and produce higher earnings.

Creating a new website will take time since it is new to the advertising spaces market ground. But holding the pace high will inevitably lead to a major win. Since the website is relatively fresh, the domain authority of the website would be lower. But looking for this opportunity, brands and businesses are likely to use the new website space for advertising at a lower price.

It’s a good starting point for a blogger to build these supported posts. Understanding these posts’ work will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the methods of popularizing brands and eventually make them chic.

When you’ve started writing guest posts for corporations, brands, and businesses, you already know the inner workings of ads on blogs that are open to guest posts. This is going to be a good time to build and monetize your own blog to start selling the room for supported content.

To do this, the freelance writer would need to purchase WordPress hosting (click here for $50 off Dreamhost) and build your website. This website will be your portfolio, in addition to the blog theme that the writer is good at writing. There is a need to set up an advertisement page for brands to know that this website is available for sponsored content.

Writer freelance

The blog helps to build domain authority and to build traffic. Posting regularly is necessary in order to build up this space and eventually increase the price of ads on the website. The crucial part here is to learn how to monetize the advertising space on the website.

If you want to step up your writing skills, download Grammarly – it’s FREE.

As the number of supported posts rises, blog monetization needs to be effective and automated. For example, using Google’s AdSense is one of the most common ways to monetize.

Registration is fast, and upon completion of the registration process, Google provides a certificate that the website owner attaches to the code of the website. Most of the rest of the process is automated, like payments. Here’s how the owner of the website makes money from WordPress through the advertising space.

There are plenty of avenues to explore to sell space on a self-owned website. Some of them are more automatic, which is why they’re famous. Google AdSense, for example.

Selling Ad Space on the Web

Simply sale of ad space on websites.

It’s easy to make money with WordPress on a blog via the traffic on the website. Advertisers will find the website to be the perfect place to place advertisements based on their marketing budget. The additional work is to handle the specifics of the sale of the ad and the receipt of payments.

The best aspect here, however, is the versatility to adjust the monetization approach at any time.

Nothing is fine here. There’s still the other side of the coin. Ads tend to impair user experience and the interface of the user. Considering that, higher traffic means that the website is a sweet spot for advertising that would clutter the user experience. This is one of the key reasons that traffic begins to decline as people like a tidy, crisp interface without being continuously bombarded with advertisements.

Google AdSense on Your WordPress blog.

There are several benefits of opting for Google AdSense. Not only is it simple to sign up and incorporate, but the whole process also automates advertising space management. The owner of the website can use Google AdSense to designate ad spaces on his or her website to advertise and manage ad placement.

It also has its disadvantages to opting for this form of monetizing a blog. It helps to automate the ad space by eliminating power from the website owner and, at some stage, stands out from the overall website theme. Second, the owner of the website would have to split the revenue with Google, which could turn out to be a deal-breaker.

Promoting affiliates/self-owned goods and services

Promoting affiliate items as bloggers have proved to have had great advantages. It’s easy to set up, as the blogger needs to sign up for the brand’s affiliate program and start promoting the product/service through the connection they’ve provided.

Since affiliate marketing has been around for a while, its presence is in almost any niche. In addition, there is also an opportunity to advertise a self-owned product/service on the website. This serves as a pilot test to see how the audience responds with feedback to the product.

Blogging in

Promoting affiliate goods has three major benefits over all other ways of making money from WordPress. First and foremost, there is no prerequisite for monetary investment to start earning as an affiliate. When marketing the goods of a company, there are no obligations to manage customer feedback and customer service responsibilities. There is no such need for a broad audience to promote an affiliate product. It already has a target audience to satisfy.

On the other hand, to make money through this process, there is no control over the sale’s closing. As a result, earnings rely directly on the closing of sales. When selling affiliate products, there is a lack of control due to interdependencies. The website owner draws up a list of buyers for the brand and not themselves.

However, in the marketing of self-owned goods and services, there might be difficulty drawing a line when determining what material to sell and use. Also, there will be more competition among bloggers who tend to post the same content for free. The greatest problem is that there is no guarantee of revenue or profits since it is the website owner’s property.

Blog Monetizing by Paid Membership

A successful blog monetization approach helps to produce high and recurring revenue by developing a blog that sells high quality and premium content. Blog visitors who have limited access, i.e., paying members, will see the entire content.

To set up a blog on a website that has restricted access, it is important to know the true value of that content. For example, several websites have market research figures, stock trading tips, and even high-resolution comic books behind the VIP access screen. Members who pay a fee shall have access to this knowledge and will benefit from it in their respective fields.

The challenge here is to set up this kind of blog and preserve its exclusivity. Another challenge is to persuade visitors to pay the fee to gain access to the entire library. If the persuasive is nice, it’s a sure-shot long way to produce high and recurring profits.

Blogging for your money by selling physical goods to your audience

Selling physical goods on the internet can be very lucrative. Creating and making money from a WordPress powered website using templates from the free online source list can be simple to set up. The positive thing about selling physical goods is that consumers put confidence in the platform as soon as they obtain their desired product.

Say, for example, a small business owner sells party cakes and has chosen to set up a website. Adding high-quality images of cakes is not only appealing to potential buyers but also closer to reality.

With the support of some features of Woocommerce (all inside WordPress), the setup is simple to handle. As long as there is no compromise on the product’s timely delivery and quality, the business owner may begin to scale these orders.

To raise exposure, there is always the possibility of posting social media photos of party cakes. Integrating an affiliate marketing scheme to advertise the product will improve revenue in several ways.

Cash Blogging

After setting up the WordPress website, there is a range of previously inaccessible marketing tools. Most notably, a sales enclosure can be combined with the funnel of analytical & advertising systems. These systems will also help to see the user’s path from arriving on the website to completing a beneficial action or bouncing off. Using data from these analytics helps to understand the users who come to the website intending to buy the product. The only other drawback here is that the demand for the commodity cannot be satisfied in terms of orders.

Another example of this is the development of a website to connect shop owners and customers online. Some of the major examples here are Ikea, eBay, and Amazon. They serve as an online platform to scale sales orders and can also act as a stand-alone platform for connecting buyers and sellers.

You can convert your WordPress website into an e-commerce shop with WooCommerce. Setting up a WordPress Woocommerce powered website is fast and simple.

Create themes and plug-ins For WordPress

You can make money with WordPress by creating WordPress themes with the aid of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Theme Marketplace, like ThemeForest, is a perfect place to upload your custom themes. Many people even customize existing themes and offer them as a service. The latter does not need any coding knowledge or skills.

To be more innovative, designers can select any GPL-licensed themes from WordPress.org, change, rebrand, and sell as their own. There is also a detailed guide describing the method of developing a WordPress theme.

Selling Digital Goods

Selling digital goods is another lucrative venture for people who want to make money from WordPress online by developing their WordPress website(s). There are several benefits to this company: scalability, lack of logistical problems, and low upfront costs.

The development of WordPress theme & plug-ins

elegant themes wprdpress thenes

When it comes to selling digital goods online, there is always the option to sell audio files, demo short films, designs, and subject-specific ideas. Apps are another common example of digital selling online goods.

The approach is the same as selling e-books, online courses, WordPress design models, and just about everything under the sun that’s in high demand. Many people even sell console gaming mods by creating popular avatars and fan fiction.

Start Video/Audio Podcasting

Many people like to listen to podcasts during their jobs or on their way to work. As of August 2019, there are nearly 700,000 podcasts and at least 29 million episodes streaming online.

More than half of South Korea’s population is listening to podcasts. In addition, more than a quarter of the population of Spain is now listening to podcasts. Since podcasts are a trend-setting theme, it is a lucrative way to set up and generate earnings.


Another incentive to build podcast streams on your WordPress site is to stand out in the industry. Blogging for money has been around for a while. The chances are that the subject you want to write about is already published on another blog with more domain authority. This is where starting a podcast can be a success.

You need to start the following equipment;

  • a microphone.
  • Headphones of good quality
  • Audio editing tools and the website to upload these podcast episodes.
  • Video calling the interview app

As you make more videos, you’re going to start building your audience. Embedding a video on your website will help guide traffic to the specified website page. Monetizing blog podcasts is close to raising revenue from e-books, online courses, and physical items.

You can download the podcast and access it directly from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. A more common alternative is to put these recordings on the cloud and offer paid access to members for a monthly fee.

Services of WordPress Maintenance

Having gained sufficient experience working with WordPress, many people choose to provide their services online to help other website owners handle WordPress applications. These services have a price tag, depending on the level of expert experience of the developer manager.

So there’s always a way to develop knowledge on a particular topic and offer resources to help solve WordPress-centric issues. Some support is given remotely, while there is a need to have managed access to the application panel in other situations. Businesses, including WP Buffs, are offering specialized WordPress maintenance services. This is a lucrative niche to be targeted to start making money from WordPress.

Another example is Sentree – a WordPress Support and Maintenance Agency. The founder of Sentree, Carl Nasal, when he saw an increase in demand for WordPress maintenance service, immediately started his company. He managed to expand his business because of the strong demand. In addition to WordPress facilities, he also planned to resell hosting to his agency’s clients by using Dreamhost.

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you’d like to add another idea about making money with WordPress, please feel free to communicate with us through the comments section below!

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