15 JavaScript Libraries & Resources for WordPress Developers

JavaScript is a powerful scripting language where you as a WordPress developer can do a lot. That is why in this article we will discuss 15 handy JavaScript libraries and sources that you undoubtedly can use!

15 JavaScript libraries and sources

1. BackBoneJS

You probably know that messy code can have a negative effect on both your work and the user interface. This library is not called “BackBone” for nothing; it has been developed to provide developers with an easy way to use models to streamline and improve their code.
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2. Boba.js

Boba is the JavaScript library for Google Analytics integration on your WordPress website.
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3. Bricklayer

Although there are many WordPress plugins with which you can create a Pinterest-like layout, they often load very slowly. The lightweight Bricklayer library is an excellent alternative!
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4. Chocolat.js

Are you a fan of sliders and carousels? Or do you want to create a nice photography portfolio? Then you need a lightweight solution to make lightboxes. This library offers many flexible options.
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5. D3.js

The D3 library simplifies the process of linking data to the DOM.
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6. Drop.js

Whether you are looking for an animation for a drop-down menu or for another ‘dropping’ effect, in this library you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for.
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7. Dynamics.js

With this library, you can create some super fun effects. Think of dropping a pin, rotating an icon, animating a loader and much more.
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8. EaseLJS

CreateJS is a collection of JavaScript libraries with which you can create super interactive web pages. The EaseLJS library can be used on its own to create video game-like animations.
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9. Elevator.js

Do you want to give your website a more exciting ‘scroll up’ functionality? The Elevator library helps you with that.
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10. FullPage.js

Single-page websites can be very efficient. How many developers rely on parallax scrolling or simple static layouts, there is another way. The FullPage library helps you to create a full-page website, although every new ‘section’ of the page can only be accessed by scrolling the mouse pad or clicking on the static navigation.
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11. Iconate.js

Although icons are only small additions to a larger whole, you can easily make them more interesting by adding movement and interactivity.
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12. Hammer.js

For those who are not too young to understand this reference; this library is about telling your visitors: “You can touch this.” In other words, if you want to add click, squeeze, swipe or other gestures to your site, the Hammer library is precisely what you need.
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13. jQuery

jQuery is probably one of the most well-known JavaScript libraries. With a “write less, do more” attitude, this library enables developers to simplify HTML.
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14. React

Do you want more control over how the interactive user interface of your site is rendering? Then you must have React.
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15. Responsify.js

If you find it difficult to get images on your site fully responsive, then look no further. With this lightweight library, you can add a responsive functionality to your images, so that you never have to compromise on readability.
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