Smush 3.0 – The Future of Image Optimization


Smush 3.0 is now out. This new version of your favorite image optimization tool now offers a Global Image Delivery Network, WebP compression, Automatic Image Scaling, and a brand new interface. Sounds impressive, but what does that mean?

Smush 3.0 has its own super-fast CDN

Smush 3.0 has a lot of new features, and that is all made possible by their brand new, global server network. Smush Pro users can now deliver the Smush CDN (Content Delivery Network) to images. Servers (with a speed of 40 terabytes per second) are placed at 45 locations around the world. Closer standing servers means more speed, and more speed means a better SEO score.

WebP formatting: sharper images, and still 25% lighter

With Smush, you can now create, save and deliver WebP images to compatible browsers. WebP images are of excellent quality and are 25 to 30% lighter than .png and .jpeg images. So: better quality and smaller files.

Wrong Size Detection & True Image Resizing

Smush 3.0 can now detect if an image is too large for the container, and then create a copy that fits – in an instant! A Wrong Size Image Finder has also been added for the ‘free’ users. If you activate it, your image will be provided with smart tips to reduce the file size.

A brand new interface

The brand new Smush 3.0 interface puts everything where it belongs – new and yet familiar. Is your site already running on WordPress 5.0? Then Smush 3.0 integrates seamlessly with your image blocks. You can view all your statistics and information directly in the new editor. Both with the free and with the premium version of Smush.


More than 1 million people use the free version of Smush to optimize their images. However, if you want to make your WordPress website faster and improve the quality of your images, then it is definitely worth considering to upgrade to Smush Pro.


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