Wix Vs. WordPress for SEO: Which is Better?

wordpress vs wix for seo

When comparing web hosts, one of the key categories to look for is whether a host would support WordPress or Wix for SEO. If you’re beginning a new blog or webpage, then a diplomatic approach for getting in traffic is SEO .

The web host you select will affect your search engine optimization capabilities and the results it produces.

What do you like in a web host to get great search engine marketing?

Search Engine Optimization can be accomplished by integrating long-tail keywords into text, optimizing URLs, and ensuring meta tags are highly targeted to keywords. Furthermore, there are some essential standards your web host needs to fulfill to help you increase your search engine rating.

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Beginners often leave these items out because they believe that any host can provide these and do them well – however, that is not always the case. It’s important to look for both off-page SEO and on-page SEO requirements in addition to some other main features when selecting a host.

Main SEO is hosting features: Wix and WordPress compared.

Money-back guarantee.

This refers to how long it would take for your audience to reach your site. If your audience visits your website, it will dissuade them from visiting your site if it’s down.

This will hurt your SEO. 

Wix Vs. WordPress for SEO: Which is Better?

WordPress has a 99.95 percent uptime guarantee, and Wix has a 99.8 percent uptime guarantee. Anyone reporting 100% uptime is not likely to be giving you the full, accurate photo.

Server position, speed, and load.

No one appreciates a slow-loading website. If your audience gets to the page but does not load in a reasonable period, they will begin to leave and not return. 

Certain data such as position may vary in speed. You are laying out a data center in the same location as the webserver customers is a smart idea. With this enabled, not only will your site be fast, but it will also boost your SEO. WordPress offers a reasonably fast forum, but Wix does not.

SSL help.

A site’s search engine ranking element is how secure a site actually is, and getting SSL (an HTTPS in a URL) informs Google that a site can be trusted. This is crucial if you wish to succeed with SEO. WordPress and Wix also enable SSL support.

Off-page SEO plugins.

This is a field that website owners must focus on to optimize their site, and Wix offers a tool called SEO Wiz that helps with this. You will learn about keyword analysis, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console from us. If you are starting with web design or promotion, this method is very useful.

With WordPress, plugins are important for gaining the on-page SEO assistance required. You can use rules like Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin to write in an SEO-friendly way when integrating with Google Analytics and Google Search Engine. Since this is not already built into WordPress, this is a better choice if you’re more comfortable creating websites and SEO in general.

Online SEO.

Both Wix and WordPress are easy to use SEO tools providing meta tags, meta descriptions, and other features that help boost search engine rankings.

XML sitemap.

This feature allows search engines to crawl your website more easily, which increases their awareness of your website’s layout. Although WordPress and Wix provide the same functionality, WordPress is simpler to use. You should set up a web sitemap to which Google can apply automatically.

URL structure.

Wix Vs. WordPress for SEO: Which is Better? - Seo - Lorelei Web

The way your web server, or web hosting company, generates links for your site has a major impact on your SEO. WordPress’s link structure is well-organized, logical, and minimizes common link-building mistakes. Additionally, there is a WordPress plugin that constantly checks your site for broken ties. It notifies you about broken links so that you can fix them, potentially impacting search engine optimization.

Another WordPress plugin will make sure your URLs are well-structured for SEO. WordPress plugins will also help you monitor the amount of 404 errors and automatically redirect them.

With Wix, there is always a large variance in the URL structure. Wix uses a # in each URL, which negatively impacts the search engine rankings of your site. WordPress has the benefit when it comes to web page URLs because of its WordPress site address.

Unique coding

Despite being available on various platforms, WordPress and Wix’s CMSs are easy to use and build engaging websites. There are various times when you may need to manually code those elements of the site into the site itself. Wix has the HTML Code feature, making page creation easy for beginners. WordPress makes it easier to make changes to particular posts on your own blog.

Mobile optimization.

Having a mobile-optimized site is one of the top considerations for SEO. Both Wix and WordPress offer mobile-optimization tools. With Wix, you can easily configure your mobile site to ensure it looks nice and works correctly. With WordPress, users can benefit from the featured tools for optimizing mobile responsiveness and mobile view.

Applications and plugins.

We noted how WordPress plugins can support your website’s SEO. This is an important aspect of using WordPress, particularly because of the many plugins it provides. For Wix, you can also find the Wix App Market, but arguably, there are not as many SEO choices as there are for WordPress.

The winner: Wix vs. WordPress for SEO

It depends on what you are actually doing. If you’re a casual website developer and do not have any information about search engine optimization, then Wix is an appropriate alternative. With Wix, you can build a beautiful site in a short period that is designed for search engines. However, this stops here.

Wix Vs. WordPress for SEO: Which is Better? - Seo - Lorelei Web

WordPress is what you should use if you are a small-to-medium-sized business owner searching for a way to get visitors to your blog. WordPress’ plugin ecosystem is unparalleled by Wix – you can add features to your website with the plugins and fully customize your website to make it easier for search engines and users to find. 

WordPress is more scalable in terms of search engine optimization than Wix. There are several reasons why WordPress is the leading content management system in the world today.

Here’s how to get WordPress Tools that optimize your web presence.

Are you prepared to create a website with SEO and move traffic? Look into Dreamhost‘s web hosting plans for all the choices you need. If you’re interested in which WordPress plugins are useful, we have an article detailing the top 3.

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