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The 10 best WordPress Plugins for Marketers

There are numerous WordPress plugins that can help you to carry out daily tasks in the field of online marketing easier, faster or more efficiently. In addition, there are even plugins that can fully automate certain blogging tasks. We have listed the ten best WordPress plugins for you, so don’t look any further, all these plugins are either free or have a free version available, so you won’t even spend a dime on them. Without further ado, let’s get started…

1. Jetpack

Jetpack wordpress plugin

Jetpack is an ‘all-in-one WordPress plugin’ that offers plenty of advanced features, including analytics, content tools, mobile themes and much more. Marketers can decide for themselves which features they want to activate based on their specific needs.

What makes Jetpack a good WordPress plugin?

A very good new functionality of Jetpack is that the plugin uses one centralized site management. That means you can manage all your websites from a central dashboard, regardless of where they are hosted. In addition, a great thing for many marketers is that the Jetpack plugin adds so many new functionalities to your website with the installation of just one single plugin. If you do not opt ​​for Jetpack, you must install seven to eight plugins separately to get the same functionalities, but even then, you won’t get such a detailed overlook of the stats on your website (yes, not even with Google Analytics, because in GA you can’t see the correlation between traffic and newly published posts).

One of the strongest points of Jetpack is that no changes are made when you install the plugin. You first have to configure the settings in your user profile, which give you the possibility to set everything exactly so that it is perfect for your needs. You can manually select all the tools you need and hide the others. Very customizable!

2. Just Writing

Just Writing lifts the ‘ Distraction-Free Writing Mode ‘ (DFWM) from WordPress to unprecedented heights. To help bloggers focus on their words without having to turn DFWM off to format the text, this plugin offers useful features such as spell-checking and paragraph formatting.

Why is ‘Just Writing’ so good?

Being able to focus on writing text by means of the ‘Just Writing plugin’ is not the most important function. If you can not concentrate on writing a text in the ‘normal’ WordPress dashboard, this will not be the case with the ‘Just Writing plugin.’ What makes the plugin so useful, though, is that it adds a spell checker and paragraph formatting function. Writing incorrect words, misspellings or grammar errors is, of course, a ‘no-go’ for a professional blogger.

3. Google XML sitemaps

Google sitemaps wordpress plugin

With an XML sitemap, search engines like Google are able to index your website better. With the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress, creating a sitemap is a piece of cake!

Why should you use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin?

Google XML Sitemaps does not have more than ten million downloads for nothing; Once you have installed the plug-in, you only need to build a sitemap once. The plugin will then maintain and update the sitemap itself. That saves a lot of time and effort.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

seo optimization plugin - Yoast

The plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast is a very handy plugin if you want to make your website “searchable and findable” by search engines. The plugin really offers everything you need in the field of search engine optimization. The premium version offers a lot of new tools and more flexibility, but an average blog will do well with just the free version.

Better findability with WordPress SEO by Yoast

You need to install certain programs and software on your desktop computer for a more professional search engine optimization. This does not have to be done anymore with the ‘Yoast plugin.’ Moreover, this is the most user-friendly SEO plugin that exists, and almost everything is automated, so you get the SEO working for you, even when you sleep. The plugin even checks all your written texts and immediately shows how you score on specific keywords. Do you not know where and how to start, or do you simply want to know more about search engine optimization for WordPress? Then the check out Google Optimization manual for WordPress, but bear in mind that it’s a lot of extra work, that otherwise a plugin can do for you.

5. Click to Tweet

click to tweet wordpress plugin

The plugin ‘ Click to Tweet ‘ enables marketers to create ‘tweetable’ moments within their blog posts and thus attract more web traffic. It only takes one click to add a click-to-tweet box. After you have, for example, written an interesting quote or funny phrase or information in the post and feel that this piece of text can be worth sharing by other people.

What makes Click to Tweet so good?

Why ‘Click to Tweet’ is preferred over other Twitter plugins? With the ‘Click to Tweet’ plugin, you can create tweets automatically and give your readers the option to share a pre-selected piece of content on Twitter. It means that you tell your readers what they have to share and provide them with the opportunity to do so directly. Much better than an annoying display of your latest tweets… I think!

6. Proofread Bot

Did you think your visitors would not notice your typing errors? Believe me, they will. Fortunately, there is the ‘Proofread Bot.’ This handy plugin has been specially developed to recognize both spelling and grammar errors and style errors. The plugin also includes a function that allows you to check for duplicate content. Very similar to Grammarly, only tailored for WordPress.

Why you should use the Proofread Bot?

Apart from the fact that Proofread Bot roots out the mistakes from your text that as well as spelling errors, it is also very handy that you can immediately check for duplicate content on the web and make sure your text passes copyspace. Duplicate content is punished hard by search engines like Google, and it is therefore essential that you only publish unique writings on your website. The ‘Proofread Bot’ is a perfect tool for that.

7. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the solution for every marketer who would like to extend his or her list of e-mail addresses. The plugin is equipped with an easy-to-use form builder with various templates to gather the information from subscribers. Pop-overs, pop-ups, slide-ins, or nicely designed forms in the sidebar… it’s all there. Moreover, ‘OptinMonster’ can be integrated with all kinds of e-mail marketing providers, including MailChimp, Infusionsoft and HubSpot.

What makes OptinMonster a must-have plugin for WordPress?

Popups by OptinMonster – Best WordPress Lead Generation Plugin

Some people do not like pop-ups, but the fact remains is that they convert much better than other types of opt-in forms. One of the features that I love about OptinMonster is that the plugin contains multiple elements so you can make sure your pop-ups are not too intrusive.

Here you can think of the ‘Exit Intent feature,’ where the pop-up is only displayed when the visitor is about to leave your website. The ‘Scroll Trigger feature’ ensures that a pop-up is displayed only when the visitor scrolls down a certain number of pixels. The ‘2nd Page View feature’ hides pop-ups for visitors who are already on your email list. These, and many other customization features make this plugin ideal for harvesting email addresses from your visitors in the least intrusive, yet effective manner.

8. Title Experiments

The title of your blog post is super-important for its success. With the ‘Title Experiments’ plugin, you can quickly perform A / B tests and compare one title with another to determine the best choice. That way you can easily boost your click through rates (CTR).

title experiment a/b split test

Why should you use Title Experiments?

Although you can perform A / B tests (in which you compare one original title and one variation on that title) with other similar plugins, you can do so much more with the ‘Title Experiments’ plugin. You can also do A / B tests, so you can compare one original title and several variations of it. This has become our favorite plugin for A / B testing for WordPress and it managed to improve our readership rates by attracting more traffic from social media.

9. Leadin

Leadin is marketing automation and lead tracking plugin that monitors the behavior of your visitors. This makes it a lot easier to convert visitors into potential customers. When it happens, they are added to your contacts by ‘Leadin’, including an overview of their browsing history.

What makes Leadin a good plugin?

The nice thing about the Leadin plugin is that you do not spend half a day on the set-up. All you have to do is install the plugin, and the valuable information about your visitors is automatically collected. Tracking, tracking, tracking is an excellent addition to your website if you want your content to be optimally aligned with the audience.

10. Editorial Calendar

editorial calendar

With the handy Editorial Calendar plugin, you keep your website really organized. The plugin gives you an overview of your blog and when every post needs to be published. You can move posts using a very convenient drag & drop interface. You can also edit your posts directly in the calendar and manage your entire blog.

Why use the Editorial Calendar plugin?

This is, of course, a matter of preference, but we like to have all our draft messages in one easy overview. That way it remains clear, especially if you have a lot of blog post in queue. The fact that you can quickly move and adjust posts is indeed a big plus of the ‘Editorial Calendar’ plugin.

Now it’s your turn!

We would like to hear from you, which WordPress plugins you still miss in the list above. Post your favorite plugin in the comments section and share your thoughts!

Lorelei has been an online entrepreneur, marketer and influencer since 2006. Her greatest passion lies in WordPress, which is why 10 years ago she switched to being a full-time blogger and never looked back ever since. With so many years of experience behind her back, she is an expert in copywriting, SEO, blogging, marketing and making money online. She loves sharing her knowledge and helping people achieve their dream of becoming online entrepreneurs.


  • dipagirlAlice Blancht

    Too bad that not all plugins are up-to-date, including Proofread Bot and Click-to-Tweet. Proofread seems useful to me, but it has to work in the Dutch language. As far as I could see there is only support for some languages and Dutch is not included. And why would you only use Twitter to generate traffic, LinkedIn and Facebook offers opportunities for the marketer?

  • Asram Bhanu

    Thank you for your tips. I only have my question marks with two plugins.
    1. Jetpack, nice for bloggers but you should not want to run on a professional website. Website delayer number 1! How many of the far too many functions do you actually need? For the 1 or 2 that most people use, it is better to find a good alternative.
    2. Why recommend Google XML sitemap and immediately after that Yoast offers the same functionality?

  • Daniel

    I certainly miss a security plug-in. It does have less to do with marketing. But you absolutely do not want your website to be tampered with. There you can get into serious problems. You do not want to be blacklisted and ultimately blocked by Google. I use iThemes security because you can quickly apply many options such as customizing admin url, auto-backups, admin modifying users, white / blacklisting, protecting folders / files, etc etc. A plug-in like this should be the first to have installed

  • Anonymous

    Plugins must serve a purpose within the objective of a website. So there is not something as general as ‘plugins for marketers’. Although most plugins mentioned have some nice things in them, you can already see from the comments that there are so many additional suggestions that are at least ‘just as nice’.

    Determine your goals well in advance, then only see what you need for supplements on the basis of WordPress. And it always applies that the least possible plugins cause the least unintended pollution in code, speed and google rating.

  • DoesWhat

    Indeed, plugins should be widened as much as possible. They can spoil the lot pretty well if you install eg a plugin that is not kept up-to-date.
    You can also make better use of paid services such as manageWP for the management, security and back-ups of your website.

    Yesterday I read this article about a new WordPress Mac Admin user interface from Automatic (the company behind WordPress) called “Calypso”. Check the article here

    and here the announcement from Matt himself
    This also seems to me a promising development.

  • CK

    I’d like to add the following ones to the above article:

    In order to provide a good user experience and to guarantee a good indexation in Google, it is important that your WordPress website is fast enough. Therefore, make sure that you limit the number of extra plugins and look carefully at the impact that added plugins have on the speed of your site.
    The Jetpack plugin mentioned above may, for example, have an adverse effect on the speed of your website if you use a large number / all of its options.

    You can easily check this with the P3 Plugin Performance Profiler which shows the share of load time and the number of database connections per WordPress plugin:

    Check how fast your site is? Test your website with one of the tools below:

    In the context of speed optimization I miss a caching plugin in the list, suggestions:

    WP Rocket:
    WP Super cache:
    W3 Total cache:

  • Yoast fan

    I’m not so crazy about the plugin Jetpack, because when updating the plugin my website flew out regularly. After removing Jetpack, I had no problems anymore. I am a megafan of Yoast. Fantastic plugin! Indispensable for search engine friendly websites. I will read this article again if there are more nice plugins in between. Thank you for this selection, Cheers, Chris

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