How to Climb the Search Engine Rankings?

how to climb the se ranking

Being able to rank number one for whatever keyword you wanted would be a little bit like having a license to print money. Getting organic traffic by ranking high up in the search engines is every website owner’s goal but unfortunately, not every website will get the kind of organic traffic its owner craves. 

As many people find out, ranking well in the search engines isn’t that easy. In fact, it’s the easiest thing in the world to make a website and never rank, and never get visitors to your page. 

Because ranking your website isn’t easy, people have built SEO (search engine optimization) up to be this illusive art that you couldn’t possibly hope to understand. 

However, getting your website to climb up the search engine rankings, isn’t rocket science, it’s about understanding some key principles and consistently and effectively implementing them.

If you want to achieve better Google rankings for your website , it’s not necessarily understanding those principles that’s difficult it’s implementing them consistently that lots of people fail at. 

Seeing your website dominating the rankings doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, but to see that happen you have to consider these factors. 

Never Waste an Article – Quality Content 

Being consistent means regularly putting out high quality content. If you’re going to spend your time writing, or pay someone to write something for you, then don’t waste that time and money by not writing a quality, focussed article. 

Don’t just post something for the sake of posting something, make sure that you’re offering value to the human that’s at the other end of the computer reading your stuff.

At the end of the day, Google’s job is to link people to good content that answers their query. If you can answer people’s queries in a high-quality, easy to read article, then Google is going to like you because you’re helping it do its job effectively.

Find keywords you can realistically rank for and regularly post quality content that answers peoples’ questions about those keywords.

Respect Your Visitors’ Time – User Experience

Time is precious, and you have to show your visitors that you value their time. There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Make your site fast
  • Make your site intuitive
  • Make titles concise – let people know what the page is about
  • Don’t beat about the bush – get to the point
  • Eliminate broken links
  • Be mobile friendly

If you don’t respect your visitors’ time, they will leave your website without spending time on it; telling Google your pages aren’t good.  

Show Google You’re Trustworthy

You know your content is great, but Google needs some evidence your website can be trusted. One of the main ways Google does this is through Domain Authority (DA). 

If Google sees that websites it already trusts (they have high DA) are linking to your content, then this will help them to trust you. The more links you have from websites with high DA’s in your niche, the more Google will believe you’re a trustworthy source and worthy of ranking highly. 

Consistency is Key

You’re probably thinking this all seems a bit simple. These ideas are simple, but doing them in combination, consistently and effectively isn’t easy. It takes time to rank well in Google, and you have to be able to do these things over a period of time. 

It isn’t easy, and it takes time and hard work, but if you continually excel in these three areas, your website is going to keep climbing the search engine rankings. 

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