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Blogging is one of those terms that is thrown out there on a fairly regular basis. Whether you own your own company and you’re looking at it from a marketing standpoint or you just want to pursue a career in blogging, it seems to have become the trendy topic. One of the best parts about blogging is that absolutely anyone can start one, there is no need to have any special tools or training, which means it’s highly accessible. Of course, in saying that, there are some tips and rules to follow that will help ensure your blog is a success and gets the level of views you had hoped to.

One of the most important aspects of blogging is the topic itself. In order to appeal to readers, you need to be giving them content that is unique, engaging, and interesting. For those who are thinking about starting a design blog, here’s a look at some great topic ideas for your blog that will help get it off to a great start.

Discuss the Latest and Greatest in Design Software

Because you need to appeal to the readers, you need to put yourself in their shoes and give thought as to what would appeal to them. For those in the design field, software is not only necessary but it is forever changing. So why not create a blog that discusses the latest and greats where design software is concerned? Whether you do it review style, comparison style or just a more generalized blog, this can be incredibly useful to your readers.

You may want to start by highlighting some of the top software out there. Let’s take, for example, Altium, which is well-respected for its electronic circuit software. You can discuss the software in a generalized way or get really specific and hone in on particular details or features of the software. Approaching the topic from an education point of view, meaning you want to educate your readers, can be a helpful way of looking at it.

Highlight the Market Trends

Highlighting market trends is always popular as well. Let’s face it, everyone wants to know where the future is going in design, so discussing stats, figures, buying habits, design trends, and so forth tend to be pretty interesting. People are typically looking at the “what’s in it for me” angle, so for this type of topic, they want to know how they can succeed in the design space.

Now keep in mind this sort of topic is meant to appeal to designers rather than the public, so it’s important to be aware of who your audience is.

Take a Business Spin on Things

This is another educational spin on a blog, and again it is meant for those who are designers. You can always talk about the business aspect of things such as how to create a logo for your company, marketing tips, and tricks, how to appeal to a new target market, how to go about market research, and so forth.

Plenty to Draw From

The great news is that there is plenty to draw from when it comes to design blog ideas, so there’s no reason for the blog to ever feel stale or out-of-date.

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