How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

how long should a blog post be?

A frequently asked question among novice bloggers is how long a blog post should be. In principle, there is no fixed answer to that question, because size does not matter.

The length of a blog post

It is not about the length of your article, but about its content, and the effect it has on your readers.

A film of 3.5 hours is not necessarily better than a movie that lasts 75 minutes, and a 50-page book does not have to lose its impact for a 900-page book.

It’s the same with blogs. Popular bloggers hold different lengths. From a few lines, up to a few thousand words per article. Within one blog you even regularly see entries of various sizes. In other words, a fixed length is not there.

How do you determine the length?

But if there is no fixed length to keep you on, how do you determine how long your blog post should be?

That is the best way to find out – especially as a novice blogger – by simply starting to write. Put on paper what you think is relevant to this topic, make an intro and a lock, and read it through.

You will then quickly have an idea whether your article is too long-winded, or perhaps that something is missing. Do not spend too much energy on words, but instead focus on the content.

Are there any limits?

Size does not matter, but of course, there are limits to keep an eye on. Not because there are hard rules, but because a blog over or under a certain length can miss its target.

For example, if you want to put an epistle of 30,000 words on your blog, that is fine, but remember that few people will have the patience to read it from A to Z. And if you only write for yourself, then the fun of blogging also goes quickly.

With a hyperkort blog, you run the risk that people think you have nothing to report. And if you want to rank high on specific terms in search engines, it is also useful if you try to touch the few hundred words now and then.
Focus on the content

But no matter how long your blog post is now precisely, it does not make much difference. There is no golden formula, nor is there a single reader who will paste your text into Word, to see if you have used a correct number of words in his or her eyes.

So do not spend too much energy on counting words, but focus instead on the content. That is much more important if you want to score well with your articles.

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