What is Affiliate Marketing?

Digital marketing - Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a form of internet marketing where advertisers can promote their products and services through an affiliate network.

Advertisers and publishers are brought together in an affiliate network. The publisher can sign up for an affiliate program and then has unique tracking links at his disposal, with which the advertiser can be promoted on the publisher’s website. Many bloggers also use this way to make money with their own blog.

Remuneration structures

Within affiliate marketing, various compensation structures are used, including:

  • Pay Per Click: an affiliate receives a certain amount for each click that an advertiser receives through the affiliate.
  • Pay Per Lead: an affiliate receives a certain amount for each lead that an advertiser gets through an affiliate. The definition of a lead can differ. For example, it could be a newsletter subscription or leave an e-mail address or contact details, but also the purchase of a product.
  • Pay Per Sale: an affiliate receives a certain amount or percentage of each sale that is delivered to an advertiser.

Affiliate Marketing & Blogging

The use of affiliate marketing to earn a penny is very suitable for bloggers. As a blogger, you can apply affiliate marketing in different ways. This allows you to write product reviews, integrate an affiliate shop into your website, or show certain products based on the content of your articles. And you can also include links in your newsletters.

Accessible and attractive earnings model

It is not surprising that affiliate marketing is a very popular form of extra income for both professional and hobby-based webmasters. Indeed, affiliate marketing is a very accessible earnings model. Basically, you only need a platform and a link that is linked to your site. So starting is not difficult. Besides, affiliate marketing is very attractive because it is a form of passive income. Of course, you can do all sorts of things to work on more visitors and better conversions, but at the same time, you can earn money with affiliate marketing while you are sleeping. Not so bad, right?

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