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Online education is revolutionary in terms of ease and accessibility, but it still necessitates a significant amount of focus, time, and the correct mix of tools for your learning style. There are both paid and free kinds of online education, and they frequently complement one another. A series of free films or podcasts about a topic can provide context that is not covered in a course syllabus. Accessing these materials through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone makes it simple to devote all of your free time to educational activities, but having a decent study environment at home is also vital for longer times of concentrated study that allow you to truly absorb content. The websites featured here provide excellent resources to assist anyone in making the most of any online education choice they choose to pursue. This list offers everything you need to set yourself up for success in online learning, from OpenCourseWare suites to video lecture series and even a few stores that sell learning equipment and dorm furniture.

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Online Learning in General

One of the most significant advantages of online learning is that anyone may use it to create their own course catalog that matches their interests and schedule by utilizing the wide choice of free and paid courses available. These websites typically contain free additional content as well as guidance on how to identify and use excellent online educational resources.

Khan Academy

  1. Khan Academy offers free video libraries, interactive challenges, and examinations for students. Parents, coaches, and teachers may all monitor what their children are learning.
  2. Where to Begin: Khan Academy “Tutorials”


  1. Coursera provides free online courses from leading universities across the world. Biology, mathematics, business, computer science, humanities, and other subjects are all available. Those wishing to broaden their education, improve their résumé, or enhance their profession can find the courses they need here.
  2. Where to Begin: 29 New Schools, 92 New Courses, 5 Languages, 4 Continents, and 2.7 Million Courserians


  1. Udacity began as a free class at Stanford University called “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.” This prompted such a high level of interest that Udacity was founded, and further free courseware has been introduced.
  2. Where to Begin: Course Catalog


  1. KnowledgeNet is a resource for a wide range of courses in the field of information technology, as well as instruments for certification.
  2. Where to Begin: Courses


  1. Odijoo is a website that allows instructors to create and sell their own online courses.
  2. Where to Begin: Odijoo Overview


  1. TutorPro creates e-learning solutions for companies and offers a platform for the development of teaching materials. They also offer consultation and development assistance.
  2. Where to Begin: Development Tools

Compass Learning

  1. Compass Learning manages a wide range of products, including Odessey and Impact Teacher Academy, which are designed to improve the whole educational experience for both students and teachers.
  2. Where to Begin: Solutions

Getting Smart

  1. Getting Smart explores several education pathways to improve method efficacy and give new solutions.
  2. Where to Begin: reformer

  1. is a resource that sees the evolution of education focused on open-source entities that are readily accessible for the masses. They provide a wide variety of resources accessible online or for download.
  2. Where to Begin: Online Resources

Study Guide Zone

  1. Study Guide Zone is a resource with guides for a variety of subjects with various goals in mind. They have study exams for GED, ACT, and SAT guides.
  2. Where to Begin: Practice Questions

  1. TED is one of the most acclaimed educational resources. It constantly releases new ideas via TED talks, a series that brings in some of the foremost experts in a given field and lets them elaborate on whatever subject they prefer.
  2. Where to Begin: TED Talks


  1. Saylor believes in “harnessing technology to make education free.” It is a great resource for learning via the free classes in a variety of subjects on their website.
  2. Where to Begin: The Saylor Foundation Status


  1. ACAS is geared towards providing new information and refreshing on topics relevant to employment.
  2. Where to Begin: Training

Atrixware ELearning Solutions

  1. Atrixware designs software tools for creating e-learning software and selling it to customers. The blog provides useful websites with good and free e-learning tools.
  2. Where to Begin: Web learning

Articulate Network Rapid E-Learning

  1. Articulate’s blog on rapid e-learning has up-to-date information on many different topics and discussions to supplement the posts.
  2. Where to Begin: Convert Your Bullet Points to Interactive E-Learning with Video


  1. Livemocha is conscious of the rapid globalization taking place today. Through e-learning, they are hoping to expand on the number of languages each person is fluent in.
  2. Where to Begin: Livemocha Blog

NEHA e-Learning

  1. The National Environmental Health Association implemented this website to increase the number of tools health professionals have to succeed through e-learning.
  2. Where to Begin: Free Viewing Courses

Paul’s E-Learning Resources

  1. Paul’s E-learning Resources is a blog that attempts to connect educators with tools and enhanced learning opportunities for students.
  2. Where to Begin: Resources


  1. Reached is a resource for K-12 teachers to expand on educational tools they have previously used.
  2. Where to Begin: Resources


  1. Alison has a goal of enabling anyone to educate themselves for free. The website provides tools for learning yourself but also looks at working with educators.
  2. Where to Begin: Diploma Courses

E-Learning Center

  1. E-Learning Center is a comprehensive site for learning IT and Web development subjects. Some content is free, though some do require a paid subscription to access it.
  2. Where to Begin: Free Courses

  1. GCF Learn Free centers its curriculum around technology, literacy, and math skills in an attempt to provide for those who may not have certain means.
  2. Where to Begin: Classes


  1. The goal of iBerry is to connect those interested in high education with the information and resources desired. The website is centered around “Open Education,” a belief that education should be easily and readily accessible.
  2. Where to Begin: Open Education Directory

Distance Learning

  1. The Annenberg Learner is committed to upholding the values of The Annenburg Foundation, a group with a belief in the advancement and development of effective means for the professional development of teachers.
  2. Where to Begin: Graduate Credit

  1. compiles tutorials from across the Internet in a wide variety of subjects, and then the quality is voted on, which shifts the tutorial up or down the list based on quality and relevance.
  2. Where to Begin: Index

the eLearning Coach

  1. The eLearning Coach provides tips for online learning. The site includes practical content, strategies, product reviews, and resources to help the viewer understand online learning.
  2. Where to Begin: 13 Ways to Learn in 2013


  1. Trello helps get you organized. Whether it’s remodeling a house or getting your office on the same page for a project, their card system will help you get organized, gather opinions, assign tasks and collaborate in real-time.
  2. Where to Begin: How to use Trello like a pro


  1. WizIQ is a great online resource for learning. With access to professors, tutors, and more, the site allows teachers and students to meet online in real-time for virtual classes.
  2. Where to Begin: Learning to Teach & Teaching to Learn


  1. iHomework helps students stay organized on their mobile devices. Students can enter assignments, class information, tasks, and more to help manage their academic careers.
  2. Where to Begin: iHomework for iOS

Creative Commons

  1. Creative Commons helps you share your creativity and knowledge on the Internet with their tools and licenses.
  2. Where to Begin: Before Licensing

The eLearning Guild

  1. An eLearning Guild is a place for e-learning professionals to come together to share their knowledge and experience with each other. With online forums, learning solutions magazines, certificate programs, webinars, and more, e-learning professionals can make it much more successful.
  2. Where to Begin: Why Games Don’t Teach.

eLearn Magazine

  1. eLearning professionals can come to eLearn Magazine to produce more original and effective online courses. With a place to express opinions, read reviews, blog posts, research and case studies, and best practice tips, eLearning teachers can find tons of useful information to help them build their portfolios.
  2. Where to Begin: Assuming You Have A Training Problem


  1. ReadyGo is a place to create e-Learning and m-Learning courses. Geared towards organizations, ReadyGo can help employers create courses for their employees to take, handle strategic consulting, project management, and much more.
  2. Where to Begin: e-Learning and m-Learning Consulting Services

Course Buffet

  1. Course Buffet is a search engine for finding open courseware from a variety of sites. This saves the user from jumping around from various open courseware sites that usually are university-specific.
  2. Where to Begin: About

Faculty Focus

  1. Faculty Focus is designed for university professors. It provides a forum for discussing issues in higher education and includes an informative blog.
  2. Where to Begin: Improving Teaching One Class at a Time

Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service

  1. The Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service is a service of the University of Illinois-Springfield and provides support for scholarly research.
  2. Where to Begin: Learning


  1. 2U provides technical and logistical support and infrastructure to universities that want to develop an online program to supplement their other educational offerings.
  2. Where to Begin: About

Individualized Learning Solutions

  1. Individualized Learning Solutions looks at various education theories and attempts to make sense of issues in contemporary education. The website works with children at the root of the problem: how children learn.
  2. Where to Begin: Technology

Latitude Learning

  1. Latitude Learning is a Learning Management System, or LMS, that helps businesses manage the educational offerings they and their employees use. This can be used by companies that offer training for employees or companies that manage a whole suite of online educational products for other clients.
  2. Where to Begin: Standard LMS

Open Culture

  1. Open Culture offers blog posts, videos, and other media with educational content on many topics, from world history to writing tips and links to other educational tools and resources across the web.
  2. Where to Begin: 7 Tips from F. Scott Fitzgerald on How to Write Fiction
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Continuing Education

Learning doesn’t stop at any age. Especially now as industries develop rapidly and rely more and more on new technologies to make efficiency gains, being able to learn a new skill mid-career is no longer an option, but a requirement for doing business, and online courses are a great way to learn additional skills without turning your schedule inside out.

  1. Unlike many other continuing education sites that charge, Find CE touts being fee-less and provides information on conferences and seminars relevant to continuing education.
  2. Where to Begin: Index of Resources

Merlot Educational Resource

  1. Merlot is a comprehensive website with a plethora of resources to guide the viewer to various courses and information.
  2. Where to Begin: Communities

Focus Continuing Education

  1. Imaging professionals can meet their continuing education needs at the Focus Continuing Education website. Online and print versions of the tests are available.
  2. Where to Begin: Tests


  1. Free-Ed.Net is a great site with free online courses and educational resources. Almost all trade and academic subjects are found at the site that a traditional university or college would have.
  2. Where to Begin: First-Time Visitor’s FAQ

Brooklyn Letters

  1. Our language and reading specialists provide remediation and intervention services for all ages. In addition, we collaborate with a team of professionals specializing in child and adolescent neuropsychology, psychology, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, & hearing.
  2. Where to Begin: Brooklyn Letters

Scitable Education by Nature Education

  1. Scitable Education by Nature Education is a science library with information on genetics and cell biology. The site is free and has e-books, topic rooms, knowledge projects, and blogs.
  2. Where to Begin: Is Global Warming Chiefly Manmade?

Open Yale course

  1. Open Yale course website provides free introductory courses taught by Yale University professors. A variety of courses are available such as English, Chemistry, Physics, Political Science and more.
  2. Where to Begin: Courses

E-Learning Resources

  1. E-Learning Resources does just what its title says – provided resources for E-learning. The site provides information on free online courses, E-books, adult, blended and online learning, and much more.
  2. Where to Begin: Learning portals for on-demand learning


  1. AECDaily provides online continuing education courses for those in the fields of architecture, engineering, construction, interior design, landscape architecture, and maintenance. Participants download the course, take the test and receive their results from the site.
  2. Where to Begin: Continuing Education


Traditional brick-and-mortar universities aren’t being left out of the online education revolution. Major institutions like MIT and Stanford have released OpenCourseWare suites of free courses that anyone can access online.

MIT OpenCourseWare

  1. MIT Open CourseWare is an online resource with a wide array of free courses from MIT to view online.
  2. Where to Begin: Get Started with OCW


  1. Tufts Open CourseWare provides a catalog of courses from Tufts University for free to enhance learning outside of the classroom.
  2. Where to Begin: Course List

OCW Consortium

  1. OCW Consortium offers free online courses from universities all over the world. There is certainly something for everyone with nearly 7,000 courses from 65 sources and 19 languages.
  2. Where to Begin: Feb 26 CCCOER Webinar: The Critical Role of Librarians in OER Adoption

NYU Open Education

  1. New York University is now offering Open Education, which brings NYU courses available free online. The pilot program begins with a variety of courses, such as calculus, sociology, the social history of New York City, and more.
  2. Where to Begin: Frequently Asked Questions

UC Berkeley

  1. UC Berkeley is the place to go for audio and video courses for students all over the world. Downloadable via YouTube or iTunes, students can choose from a variety of classes, including biology, African American studies, economics, computer science, physics, mathematics, and many more.
  2. Where to Begin: Spring 2013

University of Oxford

  1. The University of Oxford Mathematical Institute is participating in the Open Courseware Consortium, which allows students from all over the world to take online courses through the Internet. Many math subjects are available for students.
  2. Where to Begin: Oxford University Mathematics OpenCourseWare

Open High School of Utah

  1. Open High School of Utah is an online school offering individualized instruction for each Utah high school student. Courses such as language arts, mathematics, social studies, fine arts, physical education & health, and other electives are available for the student to take.
  2. Where to Begin: Open High School of Utah OpenCourseWare

UC Irvine OpenCourseWare

  1. UC Irvine OpenCourseWare was the first West Coast University to join the OpenCourseWare Consortium. Adding nearly ten new courses each month, their courses are directed towards adults seeking continuing education classes, with the option to take the instructor-led, for-credit courses.
  2. Where to Begin: UCI OpenCourseWare

Utah State University Courseware

  1. Utah State University Courseware is a collection of courses that are used on their actual campus that is available online for students around the world. With nearly 20 departments participating, Utah State is able to offer over 80 courses from which students to choose.
  2. Where to Begin: Courses

UMass Boston Courseware

  1. UMass Boston Courseware offers free online courses for students looking to expand their knowledge. With nearly 20 departments participating in the curriculum, the University is able to offer nearly 50 courses from special education to science to chemistry and writing.
  2. Where to Begin: Courses

UNU OpenCourseWare

  1. United Nations University OpenCourseWare provides free online courses from the NU Research and Training Centres and Programmes for students around the world. Courses include those under the Institute for Water, Environment and Health, International Institute for Software Technology, and Maastricht Economic and Social Research and training center on Innovation and Technology.
  2. Where to Begin: Courses Listing

Capilano University

  1. Through open content licensing, Capilano University provides open courseware for free to the masses with classes in anthropology, art history, business, philosophy, and even studio art. The University wants to see open courseware move to be more mainstream and use it to drive the cost of education down.
  2. Where to Begin: About Cap College


  1. edX was created with founding partners that include Harvard and MIT and has a goal of studying how students learn. By using this data, the goal is to provide material that is more easily accessible and will have longer retention.
  2. Where to Begin: FAQ

John Hopkins University

  1. John Hopkins provides its own version of open courseware centered largely around medical courses.
  2. Where to BeginCourses

Notre Dame CourseWare

  1. Notre Dame Courseware provides access to coursework from the University of Notre Dame. No degrees are given, and there is no access to faculty, which is how the courses are made free.
  2. Where to Begin: Course List

OCW Consortium Europe

  1. OCW Consortium Europe is a collaborative effort between a number of universities, such as Klagenfurt University and Universidade de Santiago de Compostela. The universities all provide free courseware, and the website acknowledges other European universities in the finalizing process of bringing content online as well.
  2. Where to Begin: Project

Open. Michigan

  1. Open. Michigan is a resource that allows those who do not attend the University of Michigan to have access to the wealth of material and courses they have to offer.
  2. Where to Begin: Share Your Content

UC CollegePrep SCOUT

  1. UC CollegePrep SCOUT is going beyond simply providing college courses online, and they’re adding content for high school students to begin taking college classes via open courseware in hopes of better preparing students.
  2. Where to Begin: SCOUT

USQ OpenCourseWare

  1. The University of Southern Queensland provides access to material from a well-established university in Australia. The materials range in content, but they specialize in technology and computer-related fields.
  2. Where to Begin: About University of Southern Queensland

Tools & Supplies

From mobile note-taking software to a graphing calculator that lives on a smartphone, consumer gadgets have never been more useful for educational purposes.


  1. Evernote is an application that allows the user to sync schedules to-do lists, clip articles from the Internet, and even hold on to scanned documents for traveling. It is meant to streamline the 21st-century notion of multitasking between many different electronic devices and apps by consolidating many products into one.
  2. Where to Begin: Video


  1. EasyGenerator is an eLearning authoring software that helps the creators of online courses and other educational tools build attractive and informative content that can be accessed via computer.
  2. Where to Begin: Free Authoring


  1. Appcylon is an app for mobile devices that emulates a graphing calculator. It was created to drive down the cost of physical graphing calculators, which can easily run to over $150.
  2. Where to Begin: News


  1. Zotero is an Internet application plugin that allows for a bibliography to function in your window. The idea is to streamline citing sources and enable downloading of pages and online journals.
  2. Where to Begin: Documentation

Easy Bib

  1. Easy Bib simplifies creating bibliographies by allowing simple inputting of a few parameters.
  2. Where to Begin: Citation Guide

Flash Card Machine

  1. Flash Card Machine is a concise way for creating digital flashcards, which holds numerous advantages to the original, yet outdated physical form of flash cards.
  2. Where to Begin: About


  1. DormCo is a one-stop-shop for everything a college student needs for their dormitory. Youu will find it all here, with reasonable prices and inexpensive shippin, from bedding to closets, laundry, cooking supplies, and moreg. College-bound students can get everything they need in one place.
  2. Where to Begin: TOP 20 College Dorm Supplies


  1. 9Slides is a communication tool that allows users to virtually be in a presentation room together without anyone downloading an app or program. With password protection, users can build their custom presentation, make their own blog, website, blog, or chat room, and invite anyone necessary to participate.
  2. Where to Begin: 8 sure shot ways to double your presentation viewership


  1. PowToon is the do-it-yourself animated presentation tool that helps turn your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations into professional masterpieces. Whether it is a product demo, business presentation, or something more, PowToon will give it the look and feel of an animated presentation.
  2. Where to Begin: Online Animation Software Review and Pricing Comparison


  1. BiteSlide is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for making beautiful slide decks for presentations or even being published online as part of a school or personal project.
  2. Where to Begin: BiteSlide Blog


  1. Dormify sells furniture and supplies for dorm rooms and home studies. Good space and ergonomic furniture can be a huge asset to someone who is dedicating their time to learning, and even someone taking online courses from home needs a good chair and desk to work at.
  2. Where to Begin: Dorm and Apartment

Videos, Podcasts & Webinars

Video and audio lectures allow online education providers to get even closer to replicating the classroom experience over the Internet. By allowing online students to see and hear world-renowned experts discuss their research, online educators can provide a great learning experience at virtually no cost.


  1. TeacherTube is an online community for professors to share instructional videos. Basically, a place for teachers to teach teachers; the site can also be a place for teachers to post videos for students to access. Viewers can view, upload and comment on videos making it a virtual resource for all.
  2. Where to Begin: Collections


  1. TechSoup connects nonprofits, charities, and libraries with technology products to operate. The site’s resources such as blogs, articles, forums, webinars are free and available to all viewers. Once registered, organizations can take advantage of the donated and discounted products and services, such as high-quality refurbished hardware and software.
  2. Where to Begin: TechSoup for Libraries has what you need.


  1. BigThink takes the many thoughts and ideas available in today’s technology world and simplifies it into the biggest, best topics, discussing only the most important topics. Each topic must meet the standards of significance – how will this idea change the world and impact your life, relevance — what groups and individuals do this idea most affect, and application — how can this idea change the way you think or act.
  2. Where to Begin: Anticipate More and React Less! How To Shift From Crisis Management to Opportunity Management

OCLC Web Junction

  1. Library professionals can visit OCLC Web Junction to get support and access the knowledge and skills needed to run their library. This free site focuses on library management, services, technology, and public access for each library, whether it be large or small.
  2. Where to Begin: How Libraries can meet the Evolving Needs of Patrons in the Digital Age

Focus at Will

  1. Focus at Will is an online music service that uses its music to help anyone who works on a deadline, such as journalists, lawyers, students, and coders. It works by playing music in a certain order to extend the concentration length from a normal 20 minutes to 100 minutes.
  2. Where to Begin: Blog


  1. VideoJug wants to help viewers “get good at life.” By providing practical and valuable information about every topic you could imagine. Whether it’s beauty, food, money, love, family, education, home sports, technology,, or cars, every topic is featured under the sun.
  2. Where to Begin: Mother’sDay Looming…

Free Video Lectures

  1. Free Video Lectures provides free lectures from over 30 universities worldwide. Subjects range from accounting to astronomy, physics, history, and more. Visitors can view over 1,000 free college courses with video tutorials.
  2. Where to Begin: 25+ Must-have apps for online learners

LSE Public Lectures and Events

  1. The London School of Economics and Political Science offers podcasts and videos from their public lectures and events program. With over 500 items available to view, visitors to the site will find topics such as history, humor, politics, and more.
  2. Where to Begin: Web feeds [RSS and Atom]

Isaac Newton Institute

  1. Isaac Newton Institute runs mathematical research programs. With over 50 programs and workshops, mathematical scientists worldwide frequent the site to conduct research about their scientific and technology topics.
  2. Where to Begin: Isaac Newton Institute Seminar Room 1 Live

Academic Earth

  1. Academic Earth pulls lectures and talks from some of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Universities such as Yale, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and MIT contribute material to the site.
  2. Where to Begin: Subjects

Learn Out Loud

  1. Learn Out Loud focuses on audio and video learning with a number of educational podcasts that extend into biographies as well.
  2. Where to Begin: Catalog

Nonprofit Webinars

  1. Nonprofit Webinars is a website that looks to decrease the cost of seminars in the nonprofit field by streaming them online instead of the expense of renting a physical location.
  2. Where to Begin: Upcoming Events

College Preparation

Suppose you’re getting ready to go into a full-blown college program, whether online, on-campus, or a hybrid of both; there are serious preparations that need to be made. Succeeding in higher education takes more than just showing up. You’ve got to be ready to take your learning in unexpected directions and dig deep into course materials to really get the most benefit.

CLC College Prep

  1. CLC College Prep stresses finding the best college for students based on them as individuals. They believe that for a student to best succeed, they must learn in an environment intuitive to them as an individual. In addition to helping find the best college, they also assist with college visit guides and financial aid.
  2. Where to Begin: Blog

College Advice Blog

  1. College Advice Blog breaks the college experience into a variety of facets that encompass preparing to leave for college, acquiring internships, and even graduate school.
  2. Where to Begin: College Freshman

College Plus

  1. College Plus looks at students’ personalities, tries to determine the best learning method for each of them, and takes a look at what they hold as important life goals. This information aims to provide a student with a tailored experience for achieving a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Where to Begin: Program Overview

Montgomery Educational Counseling

  1. Montgomery Educational Counseling assists in the college selection and admissions process.
  2. Where to Begin: Services


  1. Designed with the 21st-century student in mind, StudyBlue aims to provide high-quality digital studying tools.
  2. Where to Begin: Mobile Flashcards

Rae Brown Education Consulting

  1. The Rae Brown Education Consulting blog is a college prep blog. The blog talks about everything a family with college-bound students needs to know to prepare and go to college.
  2. Where to Begin: Happy New Year! What College Bound Students & Families Need to Know.

The Collegiate

  1. The Collegiate blog is loaded with great information about the college admissions process. Students can find clear details are given about test preparation, financial aid, essays, recommendations, tests, and more.
  2. Where to Begin: When to Take Standardized Exams

College Prep Blog

  1. This College Prep Blog is geared specifically to students who are homeschooled. Topics are more personal and range from preparing for college to religion to teaching everyday math and engineering at home.
  2. Where to Begin: The Importance of Asking “Why”

Andover College Prep

  1. Andover College Prep blog covers everything a college-bound student needs to know. Learn about preparing for the ACT and SAT tests, what to consider when choosing a college, crime on college campuses, and fraternity life.
  2. Where to Begin: What to Consider When Choosing a College: Seeing through Brand Names & Bullsh*t

Alley Oop

  1. Alley Oop is a site to help students prepare for life after high school. Whether they are college or career bound, this site will help them plan for their future.
  2. Where to Begin: Goal Setting 101: How to Set Goals for High School

Learn Thai One-on-One

  1. Learn Thai One-on-One is a great online resource for learning Thai online. Users can work one-on-one with instructors via webcam and get instant feedback. This site is recommended for anyone looking to learn Thai for business, relocation, or personal communication.
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