Save the Date Postcards you’ll Love

Save the date postcards help your guests mark their calendars so that they can ensure their presence at your wedding event. You can send these cards to your guests as soon as the date of your wedding is fixed. Sending save the date cards to your guests is a nice gesture as it shows that you will invite them to the wedding function.

Purpose of Save the Date Cards

Save the date cards helps your guest manage their schedule so that they can enhance your happiness at the event with their presence. The main purpose of these cards is to notify them that they should start preparing for the function.

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Other than simply notifying the guests, these cards also show love and affection. The hosts are planning to invite them even before properly starting the preparation. It shows that the guests are of great worth to the hosts. Thus, these cards are sent to them.

Characteristics of a Good Save the Date Card

Save the date cards are of great worth as these are sent to just a few people. Therefore, these cards must be unique and beautifully designed. If these cards are not attractive, people will not take them seriously. Thus, it becomes mandatory that these cards should be beautiful and appealing.

Here a few characteristics are mentioned to make your save the date postcards special and unique. Let’s have a look at these elements.

Color Combination

The color combination you choose to save the date cards matters a lot. If you have chosen a color scheme that is not attractive and does not match the font and design, your card will fail to attract guests. It is recommended to use the colors associated with weddings and happiness.

It will help if you choose the colors that make a good contrast. For example, red and black make a good contrast. Similarly, you can use any light color on your save the date card. The only thing that you need to ensure is that these colors must match with each other.


The fonts you are using to send these pre-invitation cards are of great importance. If you are using unclear fonts, the reader will not read the invitation fully. Rather they would leave them without taking them seriously. Thus, you need to be very careful while using the font style and size.

The font size of your save the date card must fit in your design. The border design and the overall design of your card decide the font size. Thus, you need to ensure that your design leaves enough room for the letters to write the dates and location along with other required information clearly and comprehensively.


The design of your postcard should be adjustable with your font style. If you choose a design with heavy flowers or other decorative stuff, it will lessen the impact of the words. Thus, you need to prefer font style over the design of your save the date card. Moreover, you cannot make the fonts so big that they cover the design. Thus, the overall design must be compatible with the fonts.


You can keep the borders of the postcard simple; however, if you want to save the date card unique from others and an appealing one, you must add a little design on the borders. It will make your card prominent and the design will grab the readers’ attention. Thus, one cannot stop considering the invitation.

Date and Location

The most important and valuable thing on save the date postcards is the date and location of the event. It is also the main purpose of the card. Therefore, it is important to highlight the date and location in the postcard. It will make the message easy and simple.


Save the date postcards are important to send to the guests so that they ensure their presence at the event. Moreover, it helps the guests to adjust their schedule so that they can amend their routine if they are not free on the fixed dates. Therefore, these cards carry great value. Hence, you need to ensure that you have designed them efficiently and your message is conveyed in an effective tone.

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