20 Ways to Start Your Own Business Without Risk

A cloud of promise hangs around entrepreneurship.

Starting your own business means:

  • Determine your own times.
  • Working on something that interests you.
  • Show your skills and talents.
  • Building something – something that can grow indefinitely.
  • Work wherever you want.
  • And maybe earn a lot more than you would as an employee.

According to Hessels, 85% of the working population finds entrepreneurship an attractive career path.

Although 85% finds it attractive, only 5% is busy starting their own business.

What are you holding back?


  • Lack of finances.
  • Lack of knowledge, training, or qualities.
  • Too little knowledge about starting a business.
  • Not yet found a good idea or concept.
  • No time.
  • Fear. What if it doesn’t work? What if it works? Can I handle that responsibility?

The step is too big for most people.

Or so they think.

Can you start your own business without risk?


We are going to discuss that in this quite extensive essay.

How do you start your own business with minimal risk?

You’ve probably heard it 63 times.

Start Your Own Business Without Risk

It sounds simple, but in principle, it is.

Start small.

You don’t have to go all-in immediately. 

You don’t have to resign immediately. You don’t have to burn all the bridges behind you. Don’t have a job? It is probably smarter to first look for a (part-time) job and then do it in the evenings and on weekends.

For several reasons:

  • You can pay your bills without worry and start doing business from the relative peace of mind. You are more creative, you dare to take more risks, and choose the long term more often.
  • You can test multiple entrepreneurial ideas.
  • You work with focus. If you can undertake several hours each week, you also ensure that you spend those hours as effectively and productively as possible.
  • You can ask colleagues and even your boss for advice (that is if you’re not competing directly with them).

Start Your Own Business Without Risk

And when you start, you don’t immediately need your own office. Or the latest gadgets. You also do not have to directly hire a professional web designer . You can build a pretty nice site yourself pretty quickly (we’ll discuss that in a moment).

And no.

You also don’t have to write a big formal business plan.

We do need to know three things:

  • What will my product be? Which problem am I going to solve?
  • Who will be my target audience? Who am I solving the problem for?
  • How do I get the target group to my company/product? Where can they be found?

Start your own business without risk – ideas.

A good idea for a company has three qualities:

  • You are interested in the topic and/or you are good at solving the problem.
  • There is a need for a solution to the problem.
  • People want to pay for a solution to the problem.

To come up with ideas, it is smart to come up with as many ideas as possible and only then evaluate the ideas.

Where to start your own business?

The niche doesn’t have to be your passion – passion is overrated, but you need to have a fair amount of interest in the topic.

Now and also in 5 years. A lack of interest and curiosity in the topic is one reason start-ups fail. This is because stamina is one of the important factors for success. It is difficult to keep up if you don’t find the topic very interesting, and money is your only motivation.

Start thinking big. What sorts of things do I like? Why? What are my interests? What am I good at? Why? And what is a need for?

Then think more specifically. For example: Coaching for job interviews. Men’s clothing for the 30s who have an office job. Developing registration forms.

First, try to collect as many ideas as possible.

Pay attention:

  • What do you like? What are your interests?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do people want to pay for?

You then have three circles (interests, skills, and needs). Ideally, you will find an idea that belongs in every circle. That’s the jackpot.

Then calculate it as well. How many people have to pay what amount of money to provide a standard or acceptable income? And does the target group want to pay that amount to solve the problem?

Have you found an idea? Or a top three?

Then look directly for your first customer.

Straight away?

Yes, immediately.

Ask everyone you know if they (or someone they know) are interested in the product you offer. Get your first paid assignment. And arrange everything that comes with it when you need it.

Why directly search for one customer?

Because you can immediately see whether there is a need for your product/service, how you can improve your product based on the feedback you receive. How much people want to pay for your product is involved in entrepreneurship (invoices, tax). , research, contact with customers, etc.) and how much you like the topic.

Starting your own business without money?

Can you start your own business without money?

No, but you can keep it cheap.

In any case, you have to pay 50 euros once to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce. After that, your only ongoing costs may be domain registration and hosting. In total, you spend about 10 euros per month there.

Building a website for your company

Same tip again.

Start small. Start right away.

Build a simple website (that’s not that difficult) and start marketing immediately. What kind of marketing? That again depends on your interests, skills, and your target audience.

Also, let everyone you know know what problem you are solving. Use your network.

How do I create a professional website from home myself?

We need three things to make for a professional website—a hosting package, a domain name, and a content management system. You can arrange all three things in 10 minutes.

The steps for starting your own website from home

We can best opt ​​for the content management system (CMS) WordPress. It is the most popular, most powerful, and most user-friendly free CMS in the world.

Step 1: WordPress Hosting

It all starts with choosing a hosting package. Hosting is renting disk space on a professional service connected to the internet 24/7/365. Hosting at Dreamhost is more than that. Hosting at Dreamhost also means service. Support. And extra speed.

Which hosting package should I take?

I strongly recommend Dreamhost.com.

  • Choose WordPress hosting with WordPress support (from € 15.00 per month) from Dreamhost.

Why WordPress hosting? 

Personal support hero

From minute 0, you will receive advice from your regular support hero.

A lightning-fast website

Independent tests show that WordPress at Dreamhost is up to six times faster than normal hosting.

Always a backup

There is always a backup of your website  available, so you never have to start over.

Free moving service

We will arrange your transfer to Dreamhost free of charge. No administrative hassle, just get started right away.

Free domain name

Get started right away: a free domain name with every WordPress package.

The biggest advantage is WordPress’s support.

You can call and email Dreamhost if you run into something while building your website. This saves stress and hours of searching the internet for an answer. Can’t install a plugin? Not sure which plugins to install? Can’t adjust the font? Then you will have an answer after one phone call or email.

Check out the WordPress hosting package.

Step 2: Domain name

After choosing a hosting package, you must register a domain name—the name of your website. You make up your own domain name and register this domain name.

Here are some more tips for coming up with a domain name. 

Step 3: Building the website

And then?

With a WordPress package, Dreamhost installs WordPress for you. After a few hours (about 4 hours), you will receive an email with your login details. And then, you grab one of the guides below to build your website. The manual discusses setting all settings correctly, which plugins to install, and how to choose a design.

  • Build your own WordPress website with the ‘ manual ‘ and use Dreamhost’s WordPress support for questions.
  • Here are more WordPress how-tos for beginners. 

You can read the rest of the article at the time that you have to wait.


Your website needs five things;

You can forget the rest for now.

First, the idea, then brand awareness, and then the product.

Most start-ups quit because they can’t find a way to get enough new customers every month.

  • Sometimes, they have a product that they are not interested in (or do not want to pay for).
  • Sometimes, people underestimate how long it takes to get a business up and running and have not built up a large financial buffer. That is why we also advise you to start entrepreneurship in addition to your job.
  • And sometimes it’s because people don’t do enough marketing.

We are not going to step into that trap. That is why we start marketing as soon as possible. Nobody says – or should say – that you should not start marketing until you are working full-time on your business. Doesn’t seem sensible to me either.

While you have the security of a permanent job, build your business. Until you get so many visitors, registrants, and requests that you can quit your permanent job. A better intermediate step is to first work part-time after xx number of applications per month. If you start like this, you don’t have to worry about finances, lack of knowledge, or missing a good idea. You get to know your target group while you work on your brand awareness. At some point, you know what they want and what you can offer.

What about the time?

What if I don’t have time?

There you have a point.

But as an entrepreneur, you have to become the lord and master of your own time. Everyone has the same amount of time, and if you are not in control of how you spend your time, you have to regain control or give up the dream of starting your own business.

Entrepreneurship is a lot of prioritizing. What is important, and what is less? How can I organize my time as effectively as possible? And reclaiming time when you are drowning in responsibilities is tricky and takes a long time.

To start, for example, with hours on the weekend.

Then two hours. Then 20 minutes each by + one-two hours on weekends. And maybe you will expand it even further. Most importantly, you start working on your business every week (or day). It must become a habit. Woody Allen once said along the lines of “80% of success is showing up”. Do something every day that takes your company further.

How do I get the target audience to my company’s website?

Well. You can buy or earn attention.

You can earn attention by fulfilling needs. By investing (time, energy, and knowledge) in quality content, you fulfill the eternal need for knowledge (or entertainment). You have to ask yourself what kind of knowledge (or entertainment) the target group needs.

Well… they want to solve the problems they have, and they want to enrich themselves (material (money), spiritual (understand what you want) and intellectual).

Do research via the keyword planner (a tool from Google) and look at related websites where your target group depends. You can see what kind of content the target group needs – you can see what works and what doesn’t. Articles that really solve real problems also generate visitors from the search engine. Read here how to get started with search engine optimization.

And at the same time, you follow other bloggers and entrepreneurs who work in the same niche. Follow them on social media. Follow their blogs. Help them. And make yourself visible. They can accelerate the success of your business.

Starting your own business from home step by step

Alright. Idea. Check. Website. Check — way to earn attention. Check.

It is now time for action.

In the beginning, your website will not have that many visitors. That is quite normal. But it is not smart to only be present on your website.

You also need to see where your target audience is now. Therefore, look for blogs, forums, and websites where your target audience is located, be active there, and go guest blogging there (if possible). Follow people on social media (Twitter, Linkedin groups, and Facebook groups).

Also, don’t be afraid to approach several potential customers. Ask questions. Collect information. Get to know them. Offer free help with something small. Build your network step by step.

This process – of becoming more successful with your own business – is slow.

Most entrepreneurs take a few years to establish themselves in the market – to create enough brand awareness. But you can definitely start your own business without risk.

Step by step, you become better known, you have more knowledge. You have a better idea of ​​what your visitors want (you can see that in the articles they read, the emails they send, and the reactions they leave). Only then is it time to launch a product or take on some consultancy assignments. Is this going well for a long time? Then go and see if you can work part-time. Will things go EVEN better after a year? Then you could quit your regular job. Then you have to start your own business without risk.

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