3 Great Places To Find New Employees Online

where to find employees?

If you own a business or you’re responsible for hiring within a business, you’ll know just how time-consuming it can be to find the right candidate. So many people are looking for work, and with the advent of home working, your search might be even broader, taking in people who live many thousands of miles away, rather than the ones who can commute to your office each day. This can mean there are lots of different candidates to sift through before you find your shortlist. 

The good news is you can make this process easier for yourself. You can use the internet to find people who would be a good match, and this will reduce time spent at the beginning of the process, allowing you to concentrate on the people who really could bring value to your business. Read on to find out how to do it. 

Job Sites 

Internet job sites are often the first place that people turn to find work. That’s because the good ones are well laid out, easy to search for positions on, and they also make it simple to apply for the job in the first place, which can be a barrier if the job posting doesn’t make it clear how to do it. 

Ideally, you should pick a job site that helps you narrow down the candidates before you start receiving their resumes. Asking questions about their experience and where they live will only take the candidate a few seconds to answer, but could save you a lot more than this when you receive the applications. 

Social Media 

3 Great Places To Find New Employees Online - Productivity - Lorelei Web

No matter what you think of social media, when you have a business you should also have at least one social media account, ideally on the platform that your customers are most likely to use, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or anything else. When you can use social media to build your brand and show your office culture a little more, the people who apply for any jobs you post on your feed will already know whether they will be a good fit. They will see what it’s like to work for you (assuming you put this information up on the social media account) and will rule themselves out if the culture isn’t for them. 


3 Great Places To Find New Employees Online - Productivity - Lorelei Web

Although we have already mentioned social media in a broader sense, there is one platform which does stand out from the rest when it comes to finding good candidates. This platform is LinkedIn, which is a different kind of social media channel. In fact, for the most part it doesn’t really come under this heading at all. 

LinkedIn is a site for professionals to talk about their business learning, their achievements, their goals, and much more. It’s much less personal than something like Facebook, for example (although it is becoming less formal as time goes on), and is mainly used by people looking to network and find work. You can search through candidates’ LinkedIn information to find answers to questions you might have had and it is interesting to see how they conduct themselves on such a public platform. 

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