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In two days, exactly one year ago, I started my Bullet Journal, and still I am as fond of this system as I was on that first day. On the internet, there is a lot of nice information to find, but to filter out what you really need can be difficult. That’s why today a blog post with all the things you really need to start a Bullet Journal and some things that you absolutely do not need (but which are secretly very nice).

The Bullet Journal stuff that you really need?

To start with your Journal, it is useful to have something to subscribe first. This can theoretically be any notebook you like, but most Bullet Journalists require something more from their Journal than that. A notebook that stays flat open, regardless of which page you open with a sturdy cover and numbered pages, that is what we are all looking for. For my Bullet Journal, I chose the black Brünnen A5 notebook with checked pages. I love this booklet and would definitely buy it again. One disadvantage: the choice in colors is limited.

When you want something more cheerful, the most popular notebook among the Bullet Journals might be something for you. The Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebooks with dotted pages, is available in almost every conceivable color. This is also the notebook that I chose for my work Bullet Journal.

Besides a notebook, it is useful to have a good pen. This too can in principle be any pen you want. However, I recommend choosing one standard color and one accent color for marking important appointments or notes. I myself use the Stabilo 88 fine liner pens. The most commonly used pens in the Bullet Journal community are the Staedtler fine liners, and for a more classic effect, you can use a fountain pen with a beautiful ink of your choice.

These two things are actually the only things you really need to start a Bullet Journal. All other items are very nice but really not essential. Things like washi tape and a ruler are great ways to add some color or creativity to your journal, but they basically do not contribute to the functionality of a basic Bullet Journal.

Things that you absolutely do not need for your Bullet Journal
Okay, now the nice work. The things that you absolutely do not need for your Bullet Journal, but which are secretly much and much too much fun not to have. These items can be used to add some creativity to your Bullet Journal or just to be comfortable when you’re just as happy with me as pens, paper, and ink.

First of all the Dual brush pen watercolor markers from Tombow. These are really fantastic for calligraphy but can also be used for watercolor! I really like colors (except in the house, but that is a completely different story), I could not resist the temptation of these beautiful pens. I can not wait to make cute watercolor drawings in my Bullet Journal. Who knows, maybe I get very good calligraphy and watercolor skills. Speaking of watercolor, these watercolor pens are so incredibly versatile, really not normal. These can also be used for calligraphy and watercolor.

On almost all my most beautiful pages in my Bullet Journal, I have my Bruynzeel Color expression set used. These colored pencils are seriously the most beautiful pencils I have ever had. They color wonderful, and there are so many beautiful colors to choose from! I also use these pencils for my coloring books, in which they also work super.

Another thing you absolutely do not need is the Stabilo Point 68 pens. This is the stylus variant of the pens that I mentioned earlier in this article. I use the markers in my coloring books or for adding colorful details to my Bullet Journal. I also use them in my annual overview and to make colorful headers for special sets. The colors of these pens are fantastic, and they last for years.

When you’re not so fond of bright colors but want to add some color, mild-liners are really perfect. Also for studying, highlighting in books and in your notes, mild-liners are perfect. I myself have some Frixion mild-liners, but I have heard many good stories about the Zebra MILD LINERS. These are also a bit cheaper than the mild-liners of Frixion.

Lest best: Stamps. I find it very nice to process an image in my Bullet Journal pages occasionally, but I will never become an artist. My absolute favorite stamps are those of Lawn Fawn. This brand has a lot of nice stamps for every season and for every occasion. They even have special planner stamps with symbols for special appointments and different tick boxes. … Hmmm, I really need a few more of these stamps …
Which Bullet Journal supplies do you absolutely find superfluous but secretly still very nice?

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