How to Inspire Your Office Space With Dibond Signs

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Is your office looking a bit drab, uninspiring, or even unprofessional? Have you produced key signage by tacking sheets of printed paper to the walls? Can clients easily find their way into your building – and do employees feel that they’re working somewhere that feels like a “real” office?

If not, printed aluminium dibond signs might be just what you need. They’re half the weight of traditional metal signs, because they have a plastic core, and quality dibond signs such as these ones from Nonstop Signs won’t bow or bend.

Whether you’re looking for tradeshow displays, signage for your building, employee notices, or just something to make your startup look a little more professional, dibond signs could be the answer.

Key Places to Consider Using Dibond Signs

As dibond signs can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling, and they’re suitable for outdoor use, there are many places you might want to consider using them.

Here are a few key types of signs to consider:

Direction signs – outdoors, for new clients visiting your offices, and indoors, to help employees find their way around quickly and efficiently (especially if you have a large or complex office layout).

Warning signs – ensure that these are highly visible by using dibond signs on areas where employees should follow certain safety practices (such as laboratories). You may well find that an “official” looking sign is more likely to be noticed and adhered to than a scrappy sheet of paper.

Tradeshow signs – if you want to make a big impact, even with a small company, then invest in some quality signage for your next trade exhibit or kiosk. Dibond signs aren’t especially heavy, so you can move them around relatively easily.

Inspiring Uses of Dibond Signs for Your Office

Creative use of dibond signs can be a great way to lift the spirits of your employees (and impress any visitors). For instance, you might consider using:

#1: Decorative signs that brighten up a dull office space

As well as making your offices look instantly more sophisticated and modern, these can be a great way to show employees that you care about their working environment and that you want your company to be a pleasant place to work.

#2: Signs that feature your company’s history

Displaying your company’s history, including key milestones and achievements, can be a great way to celebrate what you’ve achieved. This is inspiring for employees – and impressive to clients who visit your offices.

#3: Signs that display your company’s vision and values

Do you want to foster a particular set of values among your employees, or even make sure that you’re sticking to them yourself? You probably do – but it can be tricky to keep those values in mind in the middle of a busy week. Displaying them on attractive dibond signs in your office space helps keep everyone aware of them.

There are lots of different ways to use dibond signs in your office or workplace. They’re a very flexible form of signage that can be used in a number of different ways, so why not look into the possibilities today?

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