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I am Back… To Life and Blog

As many of you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a few months and as many bloggers tend to say, when they go silent all of a sudden, is that “life got in a way”.  Which is true, basically, and I’d not be able to put it better, but… it’s not necessarily that “life” got in a way, more like “blogging” got OUT of the way. Especially now that it’s summertime and I get to travel a lot, I visited France, Austria and some remote villages in the Czech Republic. The later was a hell of an experience, because once you are in a remote Czech village, you should take into account that you will not be able to get out easily. Although many of you now reading this and probably remembering the “Hostel” horror movie, but no, it’s not like the locals are going to kidnap you and rip your expensive organs off (though I am not saying, it cannot happen…). More like the local transportation being so awful that you will eventually consider selling your liver just to get out of there by taxi.

Yes, I enjoyed my time there. No, never going back again.

So, back to where we left off. Why I went silent? On the one hand, I had nothing to say, really. As I have already mentioned in many of my social media accounts, I tried to dedicate the last couple of months to the old philosophical question – “who am I, and where am I going”. Basically, trying to find myself (again), my purpose in life and ultimately happiness and joy, that isn’t closely tied up with material possessions.  Not that I am planning to go extreme and become a minimalist, a vegan or a female-monk. No, just trying to figure out, why was I placed in this exact spot in space in time, and what function should I ultimately be performing…

That was back in May. Fast forward 3 months, I didn’t figure it out, yet.  I do find the technical part of my online work to be increasingly difficult and I grew tired of making WordPress themes, but nevertheless my online activities still feed me rather generously, so I cannot complain.

It’s just that I don’t wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled or like I look forward to making a contribution, to help make other’s lives better.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below, I’ll be more than grateful and hopefully will get back to blogging regularly now.

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