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Why Your Partner Should Be an Integral Part of Your Personal Growth

Having a partner can be a great help to personal growth and development. The connection that comes from a relationship built on mutual and authentic respect can work as a conduit for improving each other’s lives. In fact, if you and your partner are truly committed to one another, being an integral part of your partner’s personal growth should be one of your main goals. The Huffington Post believes your own personal growth should reach far beyond just you. In the article it states: “when you work on yourself, not only do you personally enjoy a better life, but you are serving everyone and everything in the process”. Including your partner in your personal growth will allow you to help each other.

For instance, you and your partner may find it easier to commit to a regular and consistent workout routine if you strive for your fitness goals together. There’s no shortage of basic and advanced couple exercises that you can try. Instead of just cuddling in bed on a lazy Sunday, Fitness Magazine advises spending quality time working out together. Apart from being a good way to bond and keep your workout routines consistent, exercises for couples also involves a lot of body weight movements that are great for both weight loss and building muscle tone. This will also help your finances as there will be no need for expensive equipment.

You can even go one step further and be each other’s marathon training partners. Livestrong claims that regular marathons happen in gorgeous honeymoon-ready destinations such as the Great Wall of China, Australia’s Great Ocean Road, and South Africa’s Entabeni Safari Conservancy. Make your next anniversary date a marathon in a beautiful country to help develop each other’s personal growth. Not only will this endeavour test your fitness and character, it will help you bond as a couple.

Involving yourself with your partner’s personal growth and vice versa is all about supporting each other. When you know that your partner has your back, it becomes easier to try new things and grow from new experiences. FoxyBingo in their feature on ideas for married couples believe that mixing things up is very healthy. They recommend going on a mute date and agreeing not to speak, as this can be a fun way to test and develop each other’s non-verbal communication skills. Or learning new skills together, like taking massage classes to help each other wind down when life hits hard times. Doing these types of activities with your partner will improve each other’s personal growth, as you will be motivated to try new things.

Achieving goals as a couple confirms that you can support one another, which is an essential part of keeping your partner happy. In fact, having a clear goal to strive for is one of our ‘7 Must Do’s to Stimulate Your Happiness’. Another ‘must do’ is being satisfied with what you have. If what you have is a relationship that helps you achieve certain goals that you otherwise might not have achieved alone, then you know you’re with the right person.

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