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7 Must Do’s to Stimulate Your Happiness!

What is happiness? Happiness is feeling that everything is going well. That you experience positive emotions, are relaxed and enjoy the moment. Being happy is not the goal. Experiencing satisfaction is your goal. Happiness is a great foundation for building on. Because if you are happy it will be much easier to build a great life.

How do I become happy? Do I feel happy and enjoy life? Honest is fair: everyone wants it. But, in practice, that is not always easy. After all, happiness is very personal. You do not buy it per ounce. It is much more of an emotion and feeling that you experience. In this article, my must do’s to be happier.

1. Take good care of yourself

It is not for nothing that is often said: a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Therefore eat healthy, varied and regularly. Care for sufficient exercise daily. Take the time to relax and create peace in your head. Because good physical and mental health contributes to your happiness. You simply feel healthier and exude it.

2. Think solution focused

Troubles, setbacks, and problems can make you feel unhappy. You worry, and you start to worry. But does that solve what is going on? Usually not. You only get further in the pit. Be that for and think solution-oriented. How do I deal with that setback or that problem? That makes you feel a lot finer and happier.

3. How do I become happy? Have a clear goal

How do I become happy? You know them well: people who are passionately busy. They radiate, have plenty of energy, lust for life and are determined. Are you wondering why? They have a clear goal that they go for. What they work on and concentrate on. With every step they take and every claim they make, they enrich their lives. And you probably already understand? In this way, they experience more happiness in their daily lives. Learn from it and do it yourself. Dare to dream: choose your goal and go for it!

4. Being satisfied with what you have

Children can do that. Satisfied and happy with what is there. For example, the sun that shines. One of the neighboring children recently sang: It is spring, it is spring… I can go outside without a coat! And there he went. Perfectly happy! For an adult, it is not always that simple. He needs more. Money, time, vacation, space… He is busy with what is not there. Stop that. Focus on the now. This moment: the sun that shines. The roof over your head. The meal you eat.

5. Do not wipe anything

Okay, you do not have to insult others. But being honest and sincere and not turning your heart into a murder pit will help you in your search for: how do I become happy. Because do you crop everything? Annoyances, frustrations, anger and so on. Do you look into resentment? Then you are not comfortable in your skin, and you feel unhappy. Release. Show who you are, including emotions and feelings. You suddenly feel much better.

6. Happiness is also in yourself

The question: how do I become happy answering, does not mean striving for that ultimate perfect picture. From home, relationship, career, own car, sufficient income … Because, do you have all that? Are you happy then? At the moment itself probably. But for how long? You can get used to everything. The new one is quickly finished. Do you really want to be happier? Then realize that (material) possessions are only a side issue. Because happiness is in yourself.

7. Make a Happy Jar

Take, for example, a large glass jar and name it your Happy Jar. Put in at least one letter every day that states what made you happy that day. That can be an encounter, quote, view, gesture, touch and so on. Just do it! Do you feel less comfortable at a specific moment? Grab your Happy Jar and cherish your moments of happiness. Enjoy it and let it inspire you positively.