How to Target Specific Audiences in AdWords?

Google adwords campaign targeting demographics

Until recently, the best way to attract consumers with Google AdWords was to target the right keywords. However, how can you target the YouTube views, demographics, life choices, specific audiences in AdWords based on someone’s searches? In this blog post, we will discuss many more recent targeting methods in AdWords.

Demographic targeting of household income in AdWords

Whoever works with AdWords has undoubtedly heard or even worked with demographic targeting based on age, gender or parental status. Did you know that you can also specifically use your campaigns from family income?

What is it?

With demographic targeting, you as an entrepreneur can target the AdWords campaigns for your products to a specific group based on certain demographic characteristics.

For example, a car garage that sells only expensive German cars will prefer to show its advertisements to people who also have enough money to buy a car. Then demographic targeting of family income offers a solution.

How does AdWords Targeting it work?

AdWords can retrieve the demographic data of anyone browsing with a Google account. Your Google profile contains that relevant data, however, Facebook also provides that information. Forget privacy, really. You may think, that you can log out as a user from a Google account? Then know that even when you surf on YouTube, your ID is saved in the Google browser. The sites you surf to determine which demographic category you are assigned to. You can’t really “log out”.

Imagine that you are an avid golfer and therefore also visit a lot of websites from the Display Network that sell golf material. These websites often attract people from a higher income class. Your browser will be added to the demographic category ‘high family income.’ On that basis, you will also see ads of expensive German cars and other companies that only want to show their advertisements to potential buyers who earn a certain family income.

AdWords does not have anyone’s data on family income. The ‘Unknown’ category was created for this purpose.

We explain step by step, how you – as an advertiser, can implement demographic targeting and by extension on family income.

  1. Go to your AdWords account;
  2. Select Campaigns;
  3. Select the appropriate ad group;
  4. Go through the left column to Demography;
  5. Then choose the top Family income;
  6. Check the level of household income you want to show the ad (s) in this ad group.

You can also adjust the bids (Max CPC) so that you score even better at the income groups for which your products are intended.

Target life events

Suppose you have a car rental company that specializes in hiring ceremonial cars, with or without a driver. To reach your target group of, among others, marriages, AdWords has developed the targeting for life events. It is currently only available for ads on YouTube and Gmail ads. Other life events that you can target are moving and graduating.

How do you target life events in AdWords?

  1. Go to AdWords and select a Youtube or Gmail campaign
  2. You can find life events under video targeting
  3. Then you can choose the relevant life events that you want to target with this campaign.

Intention target groups

With certain target groups, the intention to buy your product will be greater than with other consumers. Sounds logical, but how do you find those users? AdWords offers two options. You can either compile the intent goal group yourself, but know that this can also be done via machine learning. In the latter option, Google will collect new target groups for your Display campaigns based on the data it retrieves from the website, YouTube and AdWords. If you prefer to do it yourself, you should set up a market survey in which you check which keywords should be included and which URLs you want to target. In AdWords, you will find the option Intention among Target Groups.

Promotion extensions

Would you like your business to highlight a selection of products during certain peak periods? Then his promotion extension is something for you. In other words, you do not have to create a separate advertisement, building a promotion extension is sufficient.

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