Social Video: Experiences & Tips From 500 Marketers [infographic]

video marketing

Have you noticed that on social media you increasingly come across videos from companies and brands? As a campaign, in stories, as a sponsored or private messageā€¦ Video marketing is on the rise, and more and more marketers are embracing this marketing form. What are their experiences with video? Where are opportunities? And what are their tips?

Research into video marketing

These questions are answered in the following infographic. They researched 500 marketers and asked them about their experiences and tips regarding video marketing on social media. The results are processed in the visual below.

Satisfaction with the effect of video

Marketers say they are very satisfied with the impact of videos on social media. 93% indicate attracting new customers by publishing videos on their social media channels. The video is seen as the most critical content form to get attention.

Less new videos

Despite the success, some marketers are reluctant to develop new videos. They want to, but often factors such as time, money and complicated software play a role in not producing new content anyway.

Is it recognizable?

The marketers have a tip for you: plan time to develop video material. Sit down and think about how you can shape your message in a video. It does not have to be a slick 5-minute promotional film right away. Short videos that you make with your smartphone can also be effective in getting your message across.

Would you like to read more tips and results from the research into video marketing? Then scroll down to view the infographic. For a larger copy, click on the image.

video marketing infographic

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