Top Ways to Improve Well-being at Work

Top Ways to Improve Well-being at Work

Naturally, employees may feel tired and uninspired at work. However, if this happens all the time, it may be time to incorporate well-being practices into everyday operations.

Check out some top options to integrate below:

Look at Office Design

Many office areas are stuffy and boring and are therefore not an inspiring place to be. Research has suggested that millennials prefer to work in an environment where they can contribute creatively and collaboratively, which means it could be time for a change. Natural light is a significant contributor to mood, and having more of it in your office could help boost productivity. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Air quality in offices can be detrimental to employee health and well-being as there is often recycled air flowing through the space. Inadequate ventilation makes the space stuffy and could potentially lead to more germs and illnesses spreading, which will affect productivity. A simple way to improve this is by using plants. Indoors plants are a significant interiors trend for 2020, plus they’re good for your health too. Just placing some around the office and in common areas will also boost the vibrancy of the space. 

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Avoid Noisy Distractions

Concentration can be affected in an office if people have to compete with loud equipment, telephones, and chatty people. This not only affects productivity, but also frustrates individuals who are trying to focus on the task at hand. Looking at how desks are arranged and incorporating elements such as sound barriers can help reduce noise. Also, ensuring no one has a constant stream of people walking past their desk can help avoid continuous distraction. 

Show Employees They Are Valued

It’s often the little things that matter when it comes to improving staff well-being. A simple ‘well done’ can suffice. However, if you are looking to go the extra mile, offering a range of benefits can boost morale. This could be anything from planning a staff celebration on completion of a major project, or offering individual rewards such as booking tickets through TicketSales. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but showing people you care helps them to feel valued in their work. 

Encourage Healthy Habits 

People spend a lot of time sitting at their desks, and this itself can cause physical health issues. Back pain, muscular problems, and stiffness are some of the most common issues. However, sitting for long periods can also disrupt blood sugar levels. As an employer, encouraging healthier habits can improve physical and mental health. Staff should take regular breaks to get away from screens. Plus, getting outside for some fresh air can do wonders for refreshing the thought process. 

Be Flexible

Working environments have changed dramatically over the past few years, and being chained to your desk is no longer the norm. Implementing flexible working practices is said to help boost productivity and allows staff to manage their time to ensure everything gets done. Micro-managing is certainly an old-hat practice and should be left behind to focus on a more open and honest approach to get the best out of your team.


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