Can You Take SEO Marketing Into Your Hands?

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Search engine marketing is necessary! This is easily said, but what is actually said quickly? We are talking about the means of getting websites to be found, and that does not necessarily have to be the ‘Far from my bed show’ — a look at search engine marketing.

I can also do search engine marketing all by myself?

The starting point when looking at search engine marketing is that we all have or use a website. In both cases, we can not do without a handy checklist. The structure of this list is based on what we have to keep in mind in order to go to a working website.

Building something yourself is fun.

Who does not know the pleasure after assembling furniture from the Swedish furniture giant, this also applies to the construction of websites. The agreement between ‘möbler’ and websites is that we are proud when they stand (and especially when the furniture is left standing).
Now Swedish furniture will remain unchanged (and in bad condition) for all eternity. Websites, however, need to be continuously adapted and enhanced.

Search engine marketing is quickly thinking of something that needs to be outsourced.

That is possible, but that is not necessary to some extent. One has come a long way with:

  • the knowledge of various articles on
  • a checklist for search engine marketing
  • a portion of common sense between the ears

Point 1 sounds a bit vague, but later on, it becomes clear that this is not too bad. The term search engine marketing clearly in mind, is useful. Its meaning seems obvious, but it does not work. ‘Search engine marketing is necessary,’ but what exactly is needed? After the definition of this specialism, a look at what is already available in marketing tools. If all goes well, ‘check’ merely is stated after most screens.

Search engine marketing and the marketing area

‘Marketing traditionally relates to all activities that a company undertakes to promote the sale of products or services. Traditionally, marketing was seen as the totality of all activities aimed at promoting the exchange of products or services with the sales department. ‘ 

says Wikipedia as an introduction to the concept of Marketing.

Observant readers now think: “I just ask Wikipedia…”

Search engine marketing is done, but that is not the case. The free encyclopedia Wikipedia addressses ‘search engine marketing’ in just three sentences, but please note: their explanation of ‘marketing’ covers six pages. In itself handy for us because that saves here an explanation about marketing, so read this in case of emergency.

In itself, much explanation is unnecessary because the assignment is clear: products or services must be sold. That is marketing, and we have been doing that for years.

But now the link between marketing and search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing developments are going fast.
It is now 2018 and the situation of, say, fifteen years ago gives a good impression of what has changed. Then it was worthwhile to have a well-kept website, which was regularly updated and kept alive, to score in search engines. That time is over. The influence of search engines has become much more prominent and (if we go through the bend for a concise time):

  • the text component (keywords, unique text, etc.)
  • the indexation component ( overview for visitors and search engines )
  • the popularity component ( relevant for visitors and search engines )
  • The influence of search engines thus makes marketing search engine marketing.

We find the above points everywhere. For example, search engine marketing is needed continuously, only the requirements change and the content of the term changes with time.

Then concerning the marketing tools that already have in-house.
And here we point back to point 1 above, which turns out to be less faint than expected. The three links above indicate that a lot of tools can be found in WP Manual. We have then come to a point where ‘check!’ has been said.

Our websites now have quite a decent level, and search engine marketing is placed in a workable whole. Not a workable whole where we lack dowels (the familiar wooden pegs of the Swedish furniture giant), but a whole that we can adjust where it runs less smoothly. That own hand in search engine marketing is also grateful to tinker because no two websites are the same. Everyone fills in services, goods, target groups, budget, etc. themselves. The fun consists of the many times ‘check!’ say after checking our own work, sometimes after minor adjustments.

Do search engine marketing yourself or outsource

The idea ‘search engine marketing in their own hands’ is attractive, but there must be time for that. Maybe outsourcing results in more conversion. That is a decision for every web user in itself.

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