How do I Remove Negative Content Online?

How do I Remove Negative Content Online? - Marketing - Lorelei Web

Did you know 1 in 3 businesses have been damaged by harmful content? Harmful or reformatory content can ruin your reputation. This can affect the way people view you or your business. The longer the information stays online, the more damage it makes. You should ensure that you get rid of any harmful content from your account as soon as possible. 

Ask the Publisher to Remove the Content.

All the links you find from search engines are from a different website. Send a removal request to Google. However, for Google to remove the content, you must prove that the content was sent wrongly and damaged your brand reputation. 

If Google does not flag out the website, you can ask the publisher directly to remove it. By clicking on the outside link, you can find the publisher’s contact or email and give them the removal request. Be polite in your right to convenience the publisher to remove the link from your website. 

Suppress Negative Results

You can try to bury negative search results by implementing positive content. You can achieve this by creating new blogs, media account, and even giving a press release. You can also create strong content and link it to authoritative sites that are relevant to your website. Commenting on other websites within your niche will also help in suppressing the negative range.

 Make sure you feed your website with strong SEO content that will rank higher than the negative content.

Remember, many consumers will always view the first few links portrayed in the search result. As your SEO content ranks at the top of the search engine, the other pages will be pushed down and will be barely visible. If the negative content is made to the fifth or sixths page, many visitors will not see it. 

Take Legal Actions

In cases where the content is unlawful, you can take legal action against the writer or the publisher. Online defamation, copyright violations, or discrimination content can be removed.

Violence and explicit content may also be unlawful if exposed to other people’s websites. Legal action can cost you money and may draw more attention to the negative content. Before taking any legal action, you should weigh the risks and the benefits of the process. 

Hire a Professional to Remove the Content

Removing harmful content from your account can be difficult, especially for an untrained beginner—contact reputation management agencies with trained personnel to help you remove the negative range. Involving an online reputation management professional can help remove or suppress negative content and get your reputation back on track. 

A good reputation is an excellent asset for you or your company. However, today there is a high rise in negative reviews, fake content, and harmful links. Remember good reputation takes years of effort to build, but it can be ruined overnight by a phony check or comment. Anything negative that comes into your company’s search engine should be addressed before it damages what you have been building for a long time. 

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