Surprising Factors That Affect Your PPC Performance

Surprising Factors That Affect Your PPC Performance - Marketing - Lorelei Web

PPC advertising or pay-per-click is an effective method of marketing products or services and gaining much higher visibility on various search engines like Google. Through this advertising method, the chances of visitors making purchases from a Pay Per Click Company are likelier to occur than organic advertising, making it a popular advertising technique among marketers. 

The more traditional advertising techniques may have seemed to be effective for companies in the past, but currently, they are discovering all of the excellent benefits of PPC advertising. PPC, unlike other traditional methods, does more than create noise among an abundance of advertisements.

It allows a company to be in full control of their schedules and budgets. As a business allocates a specific budget for its ad campaign, they are also allowed to make adjustments anytime they see fit. Keywords can also be changed when a company wants its cost-per-click to be at a lower rate. They also have the option of shutting down campaigns that do not come up to expectations and use that budget for more effective campaigns. 

Surprising Factors That Affect Your PPC Performance - Marketing - Lorelei Web

PPC also produces the quickest results, with users actively searching keywords that a company bids on. This means that a business can immediately get a lead. Working alongside a PPC company helps businesses easily find their targeted audience.

Search engines put up a company’s ads to best serve their purpose by using keywords, audience interests, and demographics. Leads are relevant, and a company can make necessary adjustments according to what is most effective. Still, there may be certain factors that can affect PPC performance. Here are some surprising ones.

Low-performance keywords that can be improved with a Pay Per Click Company

Keywords are crucial in any ad campaign, and with PPC, it is no different. There are indeed keywords that perform well and produce positive results. However, there will be those that will not be as effective and can ultimately affect the PPC performance.

These particular keywords do not contribute to increasing traffic or gaining conversions. This means that a company may be wasting money on something that does not work. With the help of a PPC company, business owners can begin to analyze how their keywords perform and whether they are producing expected results, producing impressions, or not getting any clicks and conversions.

Keywords that do not generate impressions signify that they are not being searched for by users.

A company can opt to see the performance of these types of keywords for several days and decide to delete them if there are no improvements. Keywords may also generate impressions but are not clicked on. This happens when the search conducted by a user may contain a company’s keyword but sees no relevance to their specific needs.

When keywords generate impressions without clicks, it signifies that they lack relevance. Keywords must be well thought out to ensure that users find an ad directly related to their search. 

Online reviews 

While a lot of business owners may not realize it, online reviews can have an impact on PPC performance. When a visitor clicks on a PPC ad, it directs them to the company’s landing page.

Google My Business - Google

When a brand has a poor review, a company can remove the rating from its page and expect that visitors do not get to see it. However, most users research brands before purchasing anything, even if they want to buy on impulse. It just takes a few seconds for users to know about the online reputation of a brand.

In the same manner, whether or not they like what the company is offering and are considering buying a product or service, they will still find out what the brand’s online reviews are before making a purchase decision. They only need to check out the company’s business name on Google to find its profile that will have reviews on display.

Apart from that, users may also conduct more in-depth research and look at the competition. They draw comparisons, and if a company has low reviews compared to others, they would obviously rather buy from the competitors.

The weather conditions

Another factor that is overlooked but can affect the performance of a PPC advertising strategy are weather conditions. While a lot of marketing campaigns focus on specific seasons, others may take this for granted. For instance, a company cannot expect to be selling an inflatable raft during the winter.

Many users make their purchasing decisions according to the weather. There are just a few who would want to buy something off-season and save it for the future. Another way that weather conditions affect PPC is the effect it has on the mood of consumers.

The different elements of weather such as snow, sunlight, or humidity impact the mind frame of consumers and their spending behavior. Seasonal events such as the holidays are another factor. For instance, early snowfall in the middle of October can make consumers feel that Christmas is just around the corner, and it may just be around the right time to spend on gifts and other items for the season.

If a company is able to develop a campaign with a Pay Per Click Company that complements weather conditions, they are on the right track.

The product is not useful

PPC ads have been designed for companies to earn, providing them with a means to display their products and services to consumers. However, if the product being offered is not something people find useful or not interested in, whatever optimization efforts will not prove to be successful.

Surprising Factors That Affect Your PPC Performance - Marketing - Lorelei Web

A company must always keep in mind that it is what people buy that makes profitable ads. A product that does not resolve problems or answer any specific need will not be bought. To help with this problem, the company must conduct research of the market and find out what people are looking for and what satisfies their needs. They can utilize the Google keyword tool for this purpose.

By studying what factors affect a PPC performance with a Pay Per Click Company, a PPC campaign can be successful. While there may be many obvious factors that can affect PPC, those that are often taken for granted can spell out whether or not a PPC advertising strategy can serve its purpose for the company.

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