How to Get More Blog Visitors in 2020

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Whether you’ve set up a blog because you want to make money, share your enthusiasm for a certain subject, or show off your portfolio, a blog is an easy way to have an online presence. However, there’s no point in maintaining a blog if you don’t get visitors, so if you aren’t getting enough people to visit your page, here are some ways to increase your numbers. 

Create viral content

OK, realistically creating viral content is easier said than done. For a post to go viral, it has to be unique, interesting and released at exactly the right time. It’s difficult to create content that ticks all these boxes. There are many guides to creating viral content , and some of the things that viral blog posts often have in common is that they’re human interest focused, interactive, and use lists and images to full effect. 

Look at other viral blog posts and you’ll soon discover the formula to creating content people want.

How to Get More Blog Visitors in 2020 - Blogging - Lorelei Web

Update regularly

Without regular updates, your blog is likely to fall in the Google rankings, meaning it’ll be harder and harder for people to find you. If you don’t have time to update your blog regularly, consider using a content writing service such as This will ensure you get a regular flow of interesting, relevant posts, without you having to lift a finger, so you can focus on writing things that interest you. 

Get a social following

Social media is an excellent place to advertise your blog, and when you make new posts, you can link them in your Facebook, Twitter, or other social feeds, making it more likely that fans of your blog will visit them. The key to social media is not to post too often, and to make interesting posts that touch on relevant subjects, so people will want to follow you.

Create evergreen content

While blog posts around the latest trends or reviews about new items will generate short-term traffic, it also pays to have some evergreen content that you can tweak now and again. Evergreen content will often bring in visitors from Google who may not otherwise find your blog, and once they’ve read one informative piece of content, they may explore further, so one blog post can create a loyal reader.

Work on your headlines

You could write the best content in the world, but people are unlikely to click and share unless you have a great headline. A huge study of the most shared headlines showed that certain phrases such as ‘will make you’ and ‘this is why’ made headlines more engaging and more likely to be shared. Listicles were also among the most popular types of content, so breaking your content down into lists like ‘7 reasons why’ or ‘5 ways to’ can instantly make it seem more interesting and appealing. 

A few tweaks to your blog can make it much easier to get more visitors and organic traffic. A blog with more visitors means it’s easier to monetise through advertising and guest posts, so it’s worth building up your traffic to take your blog to the next level.

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