How To Make An Optimal Landing Page For Campaigns & Promotions?


Let’s face it, you have probably had to deal with it at least once in your career: a special campaign or promotion has been announced and you have been asked to put it online, fast. Sometimes it is quite a challenge to integrate a special campaign or promotion into the website, because if you want to shape a campaign online, creating a good landing page is a must. In this article, I would like to give you 10 useful tips about how to create a complete page, that will sell well.

  • Ensure focus

Make sure that the page contains what is important to reinforce the promotion. If the promotion runs both offline and online, you often see that there is a lot of communication for the offline promotion that has to be literally taken over online. But the way of communicating online is very different from offline. Only extract certain information that really matters, and then copy it to the page. Avoid information overload, as people tend to not read through and may get lost in the process of trying to extract the needed information.

  • Make it urgent

A campaign or promotion is often of a temporary duration. Creating a certain form of urgency on your page is a powerful tool to encourage the visitor to take action. You can do this by placing a timer that indicates when you can use the offer – the timer may not have to be placed immediately if, for example, the promotion runs for 2 weeks. From a certain point on, you can add it to indicate that the end of the promotion is approaching.

Many websites that run auctions, especially in the holidays seasons, are always using timers to create a sense of urgency. An auction of the day including a timer runs on the homepage, on which you can see how long the auction of the product is going on. Just take eBay for example – items listed in auctions, sell better, than same items listed for a fixed price.

  • Maintain a consistent atmosphere

Make sure that the atmosphere of the campaign is translated in the same way everywhere. This ensures recognition for the visitor. On your landing page, an attractive header is a good start for creating that recognition immediately, because it is at the top of the page and is therefore always seen.

  • Discount

Does the promotion contain a discount in the form of a discount code? Make sure that you display this in a nice visual way. For example in the form of a nicely formulated discount voucher, prominently bold and “ready to copy”.

  • Make a CTA

If the campaign or promotion runs both online and offline, you have to deal with differences. For example, in the form of the action that the reader or visitor can take. If the offline campaign is not directly action-oriented, and you take over this online, you remove the power of online. Always try to add a CTA (call to action) to your landing page.

To give an example: you organize an event at a branch. The offline campaign cannot directly provide for conversion, but it can online. Add a form to your page to sign up. A good example of a powerful CTA at the top of the page. Enter your telephone number and click on the button. The button stands out well compared to the other colors used on the page. There are plenty of other CTAs that you can think of to make your visitor take action, such as subscriptions to a newsletter, a download, but of course also actual purchases.

  • Make your USPs stand out well

If you run a campaign, you want to convince people to choose YOU (over competition). What makes you unique and why do people have to be with you? You undoubtedly have a number of USPs ( unique selling points ) that answer that question. Have this clearly reflected on the landing page. The answer to the question “why choose you?” should be answered very clearly.

  • Check the technique

If you are busy building the landing page, also check if it loads quickly. For example, if you have started working with many atmospheric images, you can forget in all your enthusiasm that the page will also have more loading time. Wherever possible, compress your images so that the page can load faster. An optimal experience on the landing page is very important.

  • Mobile version

Very important, but this is often forgotten. Especially as soon as you make marketing efforts to get visitors to the page, a mobile version is very important. Newsletters and especially social media channels are used by users on mobile. If your landing page does not look good on mobile devices or does not work properly, you will lose the visitors. Remember that today, online users are very impatient and will close the window as soon as they feel the page doesn’t load properly.

  • Advertise

Once the page is ready for use, the visitors do not come automatically. Use online marketing channels to get visitors to the landing page. Include the campaign in your Google Ads campaigns via new ads, site links, promotional extensions, etc.

In social channels such as Facebook and Instagram, you can now directly display your landing page ‘In-App’ as soon as the advertisement is clicked or when there is swiped up on Instagram.

Do you use newsletters? Reserve some space to promote your campaign. You are already dealing with people who know you and who are interested in you, an ideal channel to promote the campaign! And there are even more channels that you could possibly use for your campaign, just be creative and think of continuously coming up with new ways of driving visitors in.

  • Make a target audience of the visitors

Maybe not everyone is familiar with your organization or business when they visit the landing page for the first time. Also, not everyone will take the desired action. If you make visitors to the landing page a target group in Google Analytics, you can reach them again with a message related to your campaign through, for example, social channels or Google Ads. With this, you stimulate a return to the website and you increase the chance of a conversion.

A landing page with a focus.

Translating a campaign to your website is not always easy. Creating a strong landing page that focuses on what is important — helps you, among other things, to make it a success.

Use this page through your online marketing channels to actually get visitors to your page. That way you can get the message across. And you can also get to work with these visitors to, for example, re-approach them via re-marketing to proceed to the action that you have in mind. Good luck!

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