How to Make Money Online as a Photographer

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Do you love to take pictures? The world has much beauty, and you can’t allow an image to slip by you? Then, there is a chance to make money online by doing what you love. You can earn an income as a photographer in various ways. 

In the article, we will highlight some of the recent possible opportunities to help you make money online. If photography is your passion, you will find it enjoyable and easy to do. 

You have a camera and a computer, but one thing you don’t have enough of is money. You can make money doing what you love if you have the necessary talents. However, there are more options than only typical professional pathways such as wedding photography. Because of the internet, you have more possibilities than ever before; some are ideal for spending money, while others might pave the way for a profession.

Here are some ways how to make money online as a photographer, read on: 

Sell Prints Online

If you have taken photos for long, the chances are that you already have amazing shots. The good thing, is some people would love to buy them. Why not take the opportunity and start to sell your prints online?

Selling prints allow you to make money in different ways. Both the options are inexpensive and easy to do. 

First, you can sell your photos online via a third-party seller. It is a great opportunity as they are the ones to do the remaining tasks: processing, printing, and sending the prints. In return, the third-party seller pays you through commission. 

You don’t have a reason not to go through some of your best photos, if not all right now. Then upload them to a website. That’s how you can start making money from your prints. 

Etsy is one of the best platforms to sell prints. It is also a website where you can get handmade products. Selling print at Etsy is a simple process. You print an image and add it to the website. After a buyer purchases it, you send your print to your buyer. If you find refunds or complaints, you can manage them. 

The other option of selling your prints is printing them and sell to shops and restaurants. This option could be a little bit challenging, but it’s something you can manage. Perhaps you have taken a lot of beautiful photos from the area. After you approach the restaurant or cafe, you can arrange to display and sell those photographs. You only have to print and give them a commission. So, you get money, and they get the artwork. 

Build a Blog

How to Make Money Online as a Photographer - Making Money Online - Lorelei Web

If you are looking for a great way to sell your photographs, start a blog. You need to create a strong photograph blog that will complement your photography portfolio. That’s because a blog has become a robust online tool to make money. 

It is a process to start a photography blog. But the most vital thing is having newborn photograph techniques and all other styles for creativity purposes. Having various techniques helps you capture incredible photos. 

To create a website, you need a domain name and where to host. You will then install some plugins, including WordPress. After you write your first post, your website is ready! 

Teach Photography Online

Teaching photography to interested people online could allow you to make money. That’s when you plan to share your photography skills and knowledge. 

How to Make Money Online as a Photographer - Making Money Online - Lorelei Web

You can be an excellent photographer, but not a must; you be an amazing teacher. Photography and teaching are both talents and skills. Don’t take this road unless you are happy doing it. 

When ready to teach Photography online, apply as a tutor in various online course platforms such as Skillshare and Udemy. 

Join Photography Competitions

Registering for photo contests could be an excellent way to make money. These contests usually award the winner a considerable amount of money.

The good thing about joining a contest is that it is inexpensive and won’t take long. Even if you don’t win, you will have a chance to present to people your work. More opportunities will come following you. So, when lucky, your photograph work becomes critiqued. 

Wait no further! Look at photography contests online and apply today. You may be the lucky winner of the contest. 

Assist Other Photographers

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If you are not experienced but want to make money and gain experience, assist other photographers. It is a great way when you don’t want to start your project. 

Assisting a photographer gives you a great chance to make money and gain exposure in the field fast. To be on your own, you need to create a solid portfolio to get bigger projects such as weddings and corporates. 

You will find most photographers online who need assistants on their work. You can look and apply for these opportunities for compensation. Some projects don’t require you to travel to take photos: according to the client’s expectations, you can take them in your area and upload them. 

It is an excellent opportunity but with a challenge. How do you find clients who are willing to compensate for your work with the money you want? Take some time and look for them. Offer to take the first job for free. After they find your amazing work, these people will get back to you with work. 

Try Real Estate Photography

This is another option for you to make money for your services. Real estate agents and interior designers highly need photography services. So, look for a profession in the field to work with. 

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If you know of a unique house design, these real estate professionals would love to get pictures and post them on their websites. They will give you a chance to create your package. That could be a contract, a rate sheet, or anything else that can ensure a smooth working process. 

Having that in mind, the next thing is networking to identify potential clients. Some places to find them include Facebook, Meero, or Moreover, there are also more opportunities at design-related events and conferences. 

Sell on Stock Photography Websites 

There are stock photography sites that allow you to sell your creative work, such as Flickr. Take the opportunity to submit your work at various stock photography sites. Add keywords that allow the clients to find your work easily.

Most companies and businesses will need stock photos. So, having the amazing images they need will make them buy. It could be a process of making money by selling photos from time to time. 

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