50 SEO Tools To Optimize Your Websites in 2021

Building a website is a simple part – being classified in search engine results is a real challenge.

For those who don’t know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the mechanism by which you can boost the frequency and quantity of traffic on your website, easily help search engines discover your content, and rank higher in search engine results.

SEO has so many dimensions that it is difficult to manage all procedures and specifications manually. That’s why there’s a big demand for SEO resources that work like a Swiss Army knife in the SEO world.

Which SEO Tool is the best one?

Online marketers, writers, and small business owners frequently wonder about the best SEO method to meet their needs. This question has a complex answer to it.

First of all, you need to realize that every SEO tool works in a different way. Very few tools provide exactly the same set of features, and you need to search around a bit to find the right match.

Second, there may be some online SEO tools that serve the same function, the functionality that they will provide will be different, and thus the format of the reports that these tools produce will vary from the reports produced by other SEO tools.

Many people ignore the fundamental necessity for high SERP rankings – a stable SEO-optimized hosting solution. Popular options include managed cloud hosting solutions that take away all the difficulties of managing cloud servers, leaving users free to concentrate on optimizing their websites through SEO software.

To save you the trouble of testing out SEO tools and choosing the top tool for your online marketing processes, I’ve compiled the final list of SEO tools.

1. The GA Google Analytics

Google knows the SEO game from the inside out and has built some of the best SEO resources available. Google Analytics is the industry benchmark platform to keep a close eye on website traffic. You can use Google Analytics to:

  • Find out how many people are actually visiting your website.
  • Check out where they came from
  • Check the total number of users and page views of your blog.

2. SEO Ahrefs Tool

Ahrefs is a very popular SEO tool that provides detailed details on backlinks to your websites. The paid edition contains comprehensive reports, but the free version is good enough to be included in the list of the best online SEO resources that can be used. In particular, Ahrefs offers details on:

  • Top 100 backlinks to the website
  • Most common anchor text
  • URL ratings and domain ratings

3. Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

Google Search Console is one of the best SEO resources for finding (and, in many cases, digging down) web-related problems. Ask any SEO expert, and they will inform you that this tool is a must-have tool, as it provides detailed reports on SEO-related website health and the status of your websites. In particular, Google Search Console is the perfect solution for:

  • Detecting whether your site has been compromised with malware
  • Verifying the ownership of your website

4. SEMrush

Listed among the best SEO tools on the market, SEMrush provides stunning SEO features that help you boost the search engine rankings of your websites. Experts recommend the use of SEMrush for:

  • Extract insights into the tactics used by your rivals
  • Conduct an in-depth study of the backlinks
  • Finding out the promotional tactics of rivals

5. MozBar

Moz is one of the highly valued SEO tools that help you find valuable details about your domain and website. It is the recommended method to keep track of the Page and Domain Authority websites of both your and your competitors. The Premium edition also provides tips for keyword complexity and page optimization.

You can use MozBar to:

  • Checking the rank, page authority, and domain authority of your websites
  • Seeking (and highlighting) keywords on a page

6. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a Chrome extension that can help you conduct keyword studies, competitive analysis, and SEO rankings. With the GrowthBar, you can view data points on every website directly from the results page of the search engine. This helps you to quickly analyze the success of your rivals and see which growth channels, keywords, backlinks, and advertisements are working for them. The price is $39/month.

  • Top Keywords and Backlinks: this allows you to see the paid and organic keywords that are driving the most traffic on a specific website, as well as a list of the most authoritative backlinks pointing to the site.
  • Keyword Difficulty Score: this helps you to easily determine how difficult it would be to rate a given keyword based on the strength of the URLs rating domain authorities on page one.
  • Word Count: click to see the number of words on every page directly from the SERP.
  • Facebook advertising: click to see if the site is running Facebook ads to see what they look like.
  • Keyword Suggestions: this is a list of similar keywords that you may want to rank along with their Search volume & CPCs.

7. Sitebulb:

Sitebulb is a desktop crawling application that is often the expert choice for detailed website audits and reporting. It’s a Chrome-based tool that produces reliable reports and visualizations from reports created on your website. It is the ideal tool for SEO companies that manage a long list of client websites and ranking challenges. You will use this method to:

  • Include up to 500,000 URLs in audit and review websites.
  • Get info on the efficiency bottlenecks and SEO issues.
  • Delivery of white-labeled reports on the SEO audits website of clients

8. Wincher’s Rank Tracker

Wincher Rank Tracker is a fantastic tool that lets you keep track of your Google rankings. Focusing on user interface and convenience, you won’t find a better monitoring experience anywhere. It provides a 14-day free trial with full access and paid plans starting at €10 per month, making it one of the cheapest options available. You will use this method to:

  • Get regular updates on your own and Google rankings for your rival.
  • Track any number of keywords
  • Receive e-mail updates and reports on important changes

9. Small tools for SEO

SmallSEOTools is a website that provides a comprehensive set of free SEO tools, image editing, text writing, keyword search, and more. You will use this website to:

  • Check the Domain Authority and Page Authority of any website
  • Determine the number of backlinks on any website
  • Search for and evaluate keywords

10. SEOquake

SEOquake can be very helpful if you’re searching for context information about a website. It’s the perfect method for comparing domains and URLs. You should do it with SEOquake:

  • Get all the information about the internal and external links on the website.
  • Easily compare domains and URLs for more details.
  • Get real-time and correct results.

11. PikToCharts

This is the perfect method for making awesome infographics in a short time without any hassle. In certain instances, you don’t have to think about asking the designer to create infographics for your SEO efforts. PikToChart is a powerful tool that lets you:

  • Choose from a hundred models.
  • Add pictures, animated icons, videos to your charts.

12. SpyFu

SpyFu is a wonderful online SEO tool that offers a comprehensive and real-time image of the latest search engine rankings for your website (s). Another significant advantage of using SpyFu is the identification of keyword competitors. In particular, this method can help:

  • Check out the SEO rankings of your website.
  • Track your paid rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Get information on your competitor’s rankings, ad variants, etc.

13. PlagTracker

Plagiarism is something you don’t want to see in the content of your website. Copied content often contributes to a poor search engine rating. PlagTracker lets you identify plagiarism in all content on your website so that you can improve the “uniqueness” of your content for better SERP rankings. You may use PlagTracker to:

  • Test the content of your website for plagiarism
  • Check that your rivals are engaged in plagiarism
  • Find out whether your authors are stealing content from other websites.

14. Xenu’s Sleuth Link

If you want better SEO rankings for your websites, you need to get rid of broken links. This is what Xenu‘s Link Sleuth will do for you. The tool monitors your entire website and highlights broken links. In particular, this e-tool helps you:

  • Check your website for broken links
  • Job on the SSL website
  • Displays an updated list of broken URLs, which can be reviewed again on request.

15. Botify

If you want to conduct proper SEO auditing, Botify is the ideal tool for your needs. The speed evaluation of the website is a significant feature of this SEO method. You will use this method to::

  • See how fast your site loads
  • Find HTML errors on your web
  • Get detailed information about the CTR and keyword rankings

16. Varvy SEO Tools

Google has set strict quality guidelines for SEO, and any website that wishes to ace a ranking game should comply with these guidelines. So, you need something that will warn you if you’re going in the wrong direction. Ok, thanks, Varvy is here. You will use this specific method to:

  • Check if your site is meeting the guidelines of the Google Webmaster.
  • Share information about how your site works
  • Get recommendations on how to boost the web rankings.

17. The Reaction Engine

The Reaction Engine is a top-level SEO tool that analyzes the SEO performance of a given URL. Not only this, but it can also provide valuable details to boost the SEO rating of the URL. The tool is also useful for the following:

  • Quickly evaluate your website without a registered account.
  • Get the right suggestions to boost the overall SEO rankings.
  • Discovering technical issues in the layout of the website

18. Alexa

Alexa is a strong SEO tool created by Amazon. This method helps you better understand your audience. The key features include:

  • Accurate digital marketing based on results
  • Competitive website research, target user analysis, and SEO analysis;
  • Understanding the profile of the backlink of the website

19. Keyword Density Analysis Tool

Keywords lay in the heart of SEO. “Density” is a significant factor that search engines consider to be an important ranking signal. Keyword Density Analysis Tool lets you better evaluate the density of keywords and discover useful details about individual keywords. In addition, the tool also includes:

  • Provides organizational descriptions of the keyword
  • It helps you find the keyword density for a given URL
  • Support find the keywords used by your rivals.

20. SEO Crawler’s

SEO Crawler SEO tool lets you find site errors that have a negative effect on search engine rankings. In addition to this, it provides wonderful features to benefit you:

  • Track the rating of your search engine
  • Understand the rivals in a much better way;
  • Track your backlink profile to help you improve your rankings

21. SimilarWeb:

SimilarWeb is one of the best online SEO resources you can use to discover details about your websites, including traffic. Many SEO practitioners are using this method to:

  • Find correct traffic data on the website
  • Formulate effective SEO strategies;
  • Find out more about the tourists

22. Visme’s

Visme is an all-in-one content development platform that lets users create, among many other things, educational, insightful, and beautiful infographics. Infographics are a great way to boost link building, which SEO, and will help you create a strong brand presence. With Visme, you have access to:

  • Hundreds of models that can be personalized
  • Thousands of elements of architecture
  • Simple, drag and drop interface
  • Various download formats for sharing with your audience

23. CopyScape 

CopyScape is a helpful SEO tool that can help you identify duplicate content on your web. This tool will also help you find out if anyone has copied your content. You may also use this tool to:

  • Verify that a content piece is copied
  • Know if anyone copies your content and publishes it on the Internet on their behalf.
  • Improving SEO rankings and the popularity of your web

24. Enable your Web Explorer

Open Web Explorer is a top SEO tool that allows you to easily search your backlink profile as well as the domain authority of almost any site. You will use this method to:

  • Check all inbound links on the web
  • Get detailed details about the backlinks of your rival
  • Check the domain authority, page authority, and spam scores of any site.

25. Delete the’em

If you’re concerned about anchoring text diversity, this tool will help you out. Remove’em is a powerful tool that discovers problems on the website and provides tips for fixing these issues and increasing search engine rankings. Other features shall include:

  • In-depth and correct study of anchor text
  • Monitoring of backlink website
  • Suggestions to stop Google fines

26. Webmaster Tools from Bing

In the meantime, the Bing Webmaster Tool isn’t as good as the Good Webmaster Tool. It’s still a valuable tool if you want to rate Bing well. It offers some wonderful features, including:

  • The in-depth study on keywords
  • Optimized website features for better Bing rankings
  • Visitor analysis and traffic analysis

27. SEO Hero

SEO Hero is another great tool on this list of SEO tools that have helped millions of people develop powerful content strategies. The ‘Suggestions’ is an important aspect of SEO Hero, providing content topics and subtopics. The tool will help you:

  • Discover key terms and keywords that you need to add to your content
  • Build the right content strategy for a better SEO ranking
  • Find keywords that will help you leverage traffic on your website.

28. Site Analyzers

SiteAnalyzer produces detailed reports aimed at identifying problems that could impede the success of your websites. The best part of this tool is that it provides a free 14-day trial. You will use this method to:

  • Find the right keyword for your subjects
  • Check your current place in the search engine
  • Generate a list of dofollows and no-follow backlinks to a site

29. DeepCrawl’s

If you’re looking for a tool that offers in-depth reports on the status of your website’s crawl, DeepCrawl is the perfect solution. Not only does it crawl millions of web pages, but it also offers details on the websites of rivals. It’s supporting you:

  • Customize your creeps
  • Keep track of the success of your site.
  • Develop assignments for your workers

30. FirstSiteGuide Search Tool

The FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool lets you discover valuable details about your website or blog. It offers some impressive features that can help you boost your overall SEO score. You will use this method to:

  • Conduct a competitive analysis
  • Keep track of how your site is classified in search engines.
  • Boost your search engine ranking in a simple way

31. DevTools Chrome

Chrome DevTools is a built-in Google Chrome webpage debugging method. It’s still a strong SEO tool used by millions of people. You will use this method to:

  • Debug the speed issues of your page
  • Improve the output of your web page
  • Let your website load faster by diagnosing your problems.

32. Words of Merge

MergeWords is one of the best SEO software that allows you to combine keywords with each other. Not only that, but you can combine up to three sets of keywords. This tool allows you to:

  • Merge words in a very short and simple way
  • Come up with a number of keyword variations
  • Register your domain, use Google AdWords, and more.


BROWSEO lets you understand how your website is viewed by Google. It helps you to access your web pages without any disruptions caused by various types. It allows you to:

  • Highlight the pages that are important for SEO
  • Find out if Googlebot can see essential content correctly on your web
  • Evaluate and discover the composition of the page

34. Generator of Robots.txt

The Robots.txt Generator tool lets you create a functioning and well-formatted robots.txt file. This file is important because it lets Search Engines crawl your website in a much better way. You will use this method to:

  • Generate the robot.txt file in seconds.
  • Build a well-formatted robot.txt file that is error-free.
  • Build a custom file for robot.txt

35. Keyword-Eye

KeywordEye is yet another wonderful SEO tool that offers detailed information about your target keywords. This SEO tool has helped a lot of people boost their website search engine rankings. You may use this SEO method to:

  • Find out what the customers are looking for.
  • Get information on the keywords used by your rivals
  • You rate your website on Google’s first list.

36. ClickMeter This

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you with marketing, then ClickMeter is the perfect choice for you. This tool lets you track and compare all your marketing links. In other words, you’re going to have all your marketing links in one location. You will use this method to:

  • Build a tracking link in seconds
  • Generate useful reports such as a list of links and search results
  • Analyze all the data to find out how the marketing strategies are going.

37. GeoRanker’s

GeoRanker is an excellent platform for managing SEO-related activities on a regular basis. This method is perfect for finding the local quotes on your websites. You will use this method to:

  • Check the ranking of the website via the local rank checker and tracker feature
  • Get feedback to analyze SEO competitor techniques

38. Penguin Methods

Having traffic on the websites may be a severe challenge if the website is affected by Google’s algorithm changes. The Penguin Tool has an important purpose: it lets you figure out if Google’s changes have an effect on your blog. In addition, you can use this method to:

  • Get a timeline for all updates to the Google algorithm.
  • Compare the overall Google ranking of your website to your competitors.

39. All in a single SEO pack

The All in One SEO pack is one of the best SEO tools with an enthusiastic user base. It performs important SEO tasks automatically and optimizes the platform for higher SERP rankings. You will use this method to:

  • Build and maintain XML sitemap
  • Link the website to social media accounts with the aid of Social Metadata.
  • Auto-generate definition tags and more

40. BrightLocal’s

This tool can become your choice to perform local SEO site audits. Due to its specific features, the BrightLocal tool is used and recommended by many SEO experts: this tool allows you to:

  • Find duplicate content online
  • Understand the success of the website in search engines
  • Identify any incorrect quotes from your site

41. DareBoost’s

If your website is loading at a snail rate, the DareBoost tool will help you out. It helps you to discover issues that slow down the speed of page loading. In addition, you can use this method to:

  • Discover the issues related to the slow loading pace of your web
  • Find out how to speed up the website
  • Degree the efficiency of your website at a scale of 0 to 100

42. Pre-Check

Everyone wants their website to be in the top half of Google’s first results list. In the meantime, this could be a challenging job. The Forecheck method will support you in this regard by making things simpler. There are many reasons why SEO is one of the best online resources out there. Forecheck can be used to:

  • Analyze the entire website and produce reliable reports
  • Find out all the problems that keep your posts from heading to Google’s first list.
  • Understand the problems you need to fix first

43. Google Mobile-Friendly Research

If you want to boost your search engine rankings, you need to make sure your site is mobile-optimized. The Google Mobile-Friendly Test is a great SEO tool that benchmarks your website against all common mobile optimization metrics. In addition, this method can be used to:

  • Test the usability of your website with mobile devices
  • Send your website to a Google Mobile Evaluation.
  • Find out about page loading issues that occur during the test.

44. Google PageSpeed Insight

Google PageSpeed Insights is a great SEO tool that has become a benchmark for website performance optimization. Since speed is a major ranking factor, this tool should be an important component of any SEO toolkit. You will use this method to:

  • Find out whether Google finds your site as quick or slow.
  • Get tips that can help you make your site load faster.
  • Use three-speed scales to help you understand things in a much better way.

45. GTmetrix

The GTmetrix is another efficiency tool on our list of SEO tools. This tool lets you load your site to measure the pace of your site. You may use the following tool:

  • Create an accurate picture of page size and speed of page loading.
  • Get the PageSpeed Score and YSlow! Score 

46. HeadMasterSEA

The HeadMasterSEO tool allows you to figure out the issues inside the URLs of your site. This is a significant point because URL related problems (broken links and malformed URLs) have a major effect on SEO rankings. You may use the following tool:

  • Find out if your 301 redirects are correctly set up.
  • Check if the robot.txt files allow Google to properly index your site.
  • Test long list of URLs

47. Hyreflang Tags Generator Tool

The ‘Tag’ is one of the most important elements of the SEO strategy, as incorrect use of tags will seriously harm the SERP rankings of your website. The Hreflang Tags Generator Tool is a fantastic tool you can use to:

  • Develop Hreflang tags in a very simple way
  • Add additional URL language/country edition

48. Kill the duplicates

Copied content is very popular on the Internet, sadly. It might be a little difficult to figure out which site has copied your web content. Luckily, the Kill Duplicate tool is here to do this job for you. It’s a must-have SEO tool, so you can:

  • To search the web for copied content
  • Find copies of your pages
  • Speed up the content check process by checking several URLs at once.

49. Lipperhey’s

Lipperhey is a fantastic SEO tool that is suitable for detecting SEO related issues on various websites. It produces detailed information on the technical problems that bog down your websites and reduce them to SERP rankings. In particular, this method can be used to:

  • Find out all the problems of professional SEO
  • Conduct an overview of SEO content
  • Get a score-based report to help you understand how much your site needs to change.

50. Maps Broker

‘XML Sitemaps’ is an important aspect of your web, and you don’t want to have any problems with it. Map Broker is a top-of-the-line SEO platform that simplifies sitemap management processes for your website. You will use this method to:

  • Validate sitemap
  • Check that the links in your sitemap are working
  • Find out about sitemap problems.

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