How to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

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For a hotel to be sustainable, it must attract new guests, as (although they are important) repeat visitors are not going to do the job by themselves. Unfortunately, the hospitality and accommodation marketplaces are more crowded than ever before with hotels of all sizes boasting cheap rates, and new vacation property rentals popping up all the time.

This could mean that your business goes unnoticed, and slashing prices and offering special deals is rarely a long-term solution. This guide outlines how hotels (and other hospitality businesses) can adjust their marketing strategy in order to attract more guests to maximize their revenue.

Show every guest they are valued

Personalization is not a new concept in marketing, but when it comes to hotels, it takes on a whole new significance. Hotel guests do not like to feel like they are just another booking, so take steps to ensure that every stage of the customer experience reinforces their value. From their initial booking, to reserving a table for dinner, using the facilities, sleeping well, enjoying breakfast, and then checking out—show them that you care. 

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CRM for hotels (customer relationship management systems) enable you to build relationships with your customers based on real feedback and regular communication, which in turn, encourages loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals. The more guests enjoy their stay, the more likely they are to recommend your hotel to friends, family, and to their social media followers. 

Keep your story at the heart of your brand

When promoting your hotel, you need to tell a unique story that captures the imagination. Marketing should include images or videos that enable prospective customers to step into your world. Think about what makes your hotel different from the rest. The building may have a history, or your family might have been running it for generations. Whatever your unique selling point may be, put this in the center of your marketing campaign. 

Make your content shareable

When you write blogs, create videos, or post on social media, think about their “shareability.” Would you feel compelled to share the content with others because it is interesting, unique, funny, or beautiful? Make sure all your content is promoted on social media with an embedded link that enables people to share it. Click here for more on making content shareable. 

Be helpful 

It is important to highlight the practical benefits of staying at your hotel in terms of price and proximity to local attractions, but you do not have to stop there. You can offer a range of benefits to guests, which will lift their experience to the next level. For example, you could offer a guidebook to the local area, a cookbook of local dishes, or a gift that will help the guest to think of your hotel positively. 

Offer a virtual tour

The use of a 360-degree interactive video tour, which enables guests to look around a property before they visit, is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy with hotel brands. This is a great way to pique their interest and immerse them in the experience you are offering. Consumers know that photos can be deceiving, and the more comfortable they are with your premises, the more likely they will be to make a booking. 

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