Four Reasons to Invest in Bespoke Web Design

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The Internet has changed all aspects of our lives so much so it’s almost impossible to imagine a world without it. From how we work to how we shop and communicate, the web has become an integral part of our day-to-day activities

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These days, the Internet has evolved to the point it’s possible for anyone to start up their own website using any of the huge range of available online tools. However, while these services are undoubtedly cheaper than using a web design company, there are still many compelling reasons to choose bespoke website design over just a template. 

A truly original design

Professional web design companies like have considerable experience in designing and producing websites and will be able to guide you through every stage of the process of building a new website. Moreover, they will hold an initial consultation with you to properly plan and design a site built entirely to your needs.  

To create a genuinely original website takes time and dedication. Rather than shoe-horning your company into a pre-built template, a bespoke approach offers a ground-up design and build process tailored specifically to your needs. 

On-going support through the lifetime of your site

While most of the larger template companies offer some level of support, the truth is that if things go wrong, you’ll likely be left and high dry. Programming errors can and do crop up in all projects (even with pre-made templates) and, unless you have previous programming experience, you will need to call on the support of a third-party developer to fix them. 

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Building a relationship with a design company will mean you have 24/7/365 support options should the worst happen. Moreover, because the company will have built the site from scratch, they will have a thorough understanding of its code, making isolating problems much easier. 

A site tailored to your specific content

A skilled web design company will also consider your specific content, to find ways to make it work better online. For example, you might have specific documents or brochures which you want to supply direct to clients – or maybe you’ve got a product video you’d like to showcase. Working with a design company, you’ll be able to stipulate exactly where these features appear on your site.

Improved site security

Online security is a big problem and having a lack of programming knowledge can leave you wide open to viruses or scams. Security is a particular consideration if you intend to take online payments from clients, and you really can’t risk compromising your users’ personal details. 

Most web design companies also offer dedicated hosting on machines owned by them – meaning you will have the same year-round protection should something go wrong. Security can also become a significant problem if your site gets hacked. Without a security team behind you, you may find your site starts distributing viruses to users coming to your site (very common with website attacks) or starts spreading viruses to other company sites hosted on the same server. 

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