How To Partner With Affiliate Marketers To Dominate Your Niche?

How To Partner With Affiliate Marketers To Dominate Your Niche? - Marketing - Lorelei Web

Owners of e-commerce businesses and affiliate marketers do not appear to be a suitable match. They are, in reality, larger rivals on search engines. However, there is a way for these two very different business models to coexist and work together and grow.

What Exactly Is An Affiliate Marketer?

While e-commerce websites offer tangible goods and are responsible for customer support, shipping, and the product’s overall product, affiliate marketers do not.

Affiliate marketers build a website around a specific niche and offer useful content on products. As a result, customers who go online to research before making a purchase may make a more informed purchase decision.

How To Partner With Affiliate Marketers To Dominate Your Niche? - Marketing - Lorelei Web

The affiliate marketer will be a member of an affiliate program, most likely with Amazon. When the website promotes a specific product, there will be a link from that product to Amazon. When a reader clicks the link to read more or check the price, the reader is directed to the Amazon product listing, and if the user purchases, the affiliate marketer is compensated with a tiny commission. That is how they make a living.

It may appear to be simple, but capturing the lion’s share of search traffic is hard.

A smart affiliate marketer would conduct a comprehensive study on people’s terms when searching for something on the search. For example, assume a person is searching to purchase a 3D printer; they will most likely use search words such as “best 3D printer for under $1000” or something similar. A term like that indicates buying intent, and many websites will do everything they can to rank on page one of Google and Bing in order to attract that reader.

Is Your Company a Competitor or an Ally?

E-commerce store entrepreneurs use the same method to attract potential clients. On Google, there are only ten organic results per page, and with hundreds of websites all vying for those coveted slots, competition is strong. According to an old search engine optimization (SEO) joke: “Where does an affiliate marketer bury a corpse? On Google’s second page.” They realize that if you aren’t on page one, you won’t be found.

When I was in this situation before, I concluded that joining them if you can’t fight them. So I thought out a method to work with these competing websites to all make more money.

Where Can I Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Websites to Work With?

How To Partner With Affiliate Marketers To Dominate Your Niche? - Marketing - Lorelei Web

I proceeded to Google and looked for the buyer-intent terms I knew my potential consumers would use to search for information. And the findings on page one confirmed my suspicions. I held one position, but high-performing affiliate websites held the majority of the other spots.

I went to each of the websites to see which were affiliate sites and which were simply passionate bloggers. Affiliate sites link to Amazon and provide a disclaimer saying that a commission is paid on Amazon transactions. Unaffiliated blogs rarely link to anything. I made contact with both types.

I set up an affiliate network on my e-commerce website so that I, too, could have other sites bring me traffic in exchange for a commission on sales. To make it worthwhile, I set my terms more attractive than Amazon’s.

I then contacted the affiliate websites and presented my program and benefits in an attempt to recruit them.

I also contacted the bloggers and demonstrated how they could monetize their content by simply linking to my store whenever appropriate.

If I had tried to compete with those other websites, I would have had to fight to keep my one spot on Google’s page one. Instead, I now command a small army of websites. Together, we dominate page one, occupying most of the positions and increasing the amount of real estate on Google’s first page, resulting in a significant rise in traffic and sales.

How To Partner With Affiliate Marketers To Dominate Your Niche? - Marketing - Lorelei Web

Visitors may arrive at another website and then end up at my store. I make the sale, and the affiliate website makes a commission. Alternatively, if a reader gets straight on my store and reads about the products but is concerned about bias because I am selling it, they would usually check one of the other results on page one and then seek a second opinion from a website that will direct them back to the store.

It’s a win-win situation. Working together might sometimes get you a lot more than competing for the same result.

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